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Sarah Palin Boob Tube Themes – 28


This is one of those great television theme songs from the 1970’s when they still had lyrics. Those of you that remember Happy Days are sure to also remember its spinoff, Laverne and Shirley.

Please click on the song link below so as to have much more fun singing along.

Laverne and Shirley theme song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_ZmimJGmrUQ


(sung to the TV theme song “Laverne and Shirley”)

One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight
She heels, she grovels, Exxon Oil Incorporated
She went and blew it

Any foolish chance, she’ll take it
Give her any rule, she’ll break it
If you’re not on her team, screw you
Her way or no way

She’s a political hack now
Just like her pal, Johnny Mac now
And Russia’s always within view
“Drill Baby Drill”  Yay!

When she’s talking it’s a lie
Won’t admit that oil’s exhaustible
Palin once rode the short bus
And we all knew it

Dresses like a curbside ho’ now
Daughter Bristol can’t say “no” now
She’s Joe the Plumber’s dream come true
And she wants it her way, not our way
Take it or just screw you
And she wants it her way, not our way
And there’s the First Dude too
They have no clue

Let’s Be Blunt: Sarah Palin Is A Hypocritical Moron !!!

Hong Kong's hottest selling t-shirt.

Hong Kong's hottest selling t-shirt.

Enough is enough. Sarah Palin is a hypocritical moron. Is she so stupid or dare we say, insane that she does not realize that people have electronic recording devices in this day and age?

Does she not remember way back during her failed presidential campaign when she commented about Barack Obama apologizing and/or making negative comments about the United States while he was traveling in Europe? Remember all that talk about how it was OK to criticize this nation’s administration while on home soil but never while abroad. Was she spoon-fed those lines because apparently she has forgotten them now.

This week while delivering a ghostwritten speech in Hong Kong, the feeble-minded Palin decided to criticize the Obama administration’s policies while on communist soil. We can understand how the educationally challenged Palin may have misunderstood the meaning of China’s Red State status, but shouldn’t one of her many babysitters (oops, I mean handlers) have pointed out the difference between China and Utah? Then again, it wouldn’t surprise us at all if Palin chose to surround herself with a staff that is as brain-dead as she is.

As we understand it, Sarah Palin the erstwhile patriot referred to Barack Obama’s intended domestic policies as “nebulous and utopian sounding.” Way to stick up for your nation you conehead. She want on to say that Obama’s policies help only large corporations while, “Of course the little guys are left out then. We’re left holding the bag, all the moms and pops all over America.” Way to support your government you treasonous idiot.

Now that we have that out of our system, shall we proceed to today’s anti-Palin song parody?

In honor of the troops, please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the parody.

Everybody’s Talkin’ song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=e8HL4WRp_Qk


(sung to the Harry Nilsson version of the song “Everybody’s Talkin’”)

Sarah Palin’s talkin’ at me
Can’t understand a word she’s saying
She has a really troubled mind

People stopping, staring
Standing in their places
Palin’s just blinking both her eye

Her brain is where the sun ain’t shining
Thinking is a strain
Like dead fish, she’s “goin’ with the flow”
Palin is just a bag of wind
Craving attention, please
She’s hoping that her supporters throw a bone

(musical interlude)

It’s no wonder that she’s been hiding
She might be insane
As for Prozac, she could use a dose
If she gives up then we all win
She could then strip-tease
And she could use that dancing pole as her throne

Sarah Palin’s talkin’ at me
Can’t hear a word she’s saying
Only the echoes of her whines

I just hope she’ll leave in double time

Oh, I just hope she le-ee-ee-eaves

I just hope she’ll leave in double time