The Self-Induced Implosion Of Sarah Palin

Every once in a while a blog author has an idea for a posting but realizes that somebody else has already made the point in a much more succinct, pointed and interesting way than the blogger could have achieved. Such is the case today. Lynnrockets intended to add a chapter to the seemingly endless anthology of Sarah Palin’s journey into irrelevance. He then discovered this gem written by Steve Chapman and published in the Chicago Tribune as “Sarah Palin’s self destruction”. Please read, enjoy and visit the home of the article here.

“Back when boxer Evander Holyfield was in his prime, SportsCenter had a humorous spot in which he was informed that an ESPN anchor had ranked him “the 50th best heavyweight.” Holyfield, shocked, asked: “In the world?” No. “In Georgia.”

That sounds like Sarah Palin’s new plight. She’s running fifth in the 2012 presidential polls, and that’s just among Republicans. Sixty percent of Americans view her “very unfavorably.” She’s getting close to being politically radioactive.

How could such a star burn out so fast? Two reasons: She started out with a lot to learn about national and international affairs, and she didn’t bother. And she’s got a mean streak.

Listening to Palin talk about anything complex brings to mind when the Miss Teen USA contestant was asked about American ignorance of geography — stringing empty phrases together in a vain attempt to sound knowledgeable.

Worse was Palin’s reaction to criticism of her inflammatory rhetoric after the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, when she accused detractors of “blood libel.” It was clear then that Palin is drunk on her own anger, self-regard and sense of victimization.

Those are not the qualities we look for in a president. And even if we did, Palin would find Charlie Sheen tough to beat.”

I honestly admit that I could not have written a better summary of the decline and fall of the Palin Empire. Great work, Mr. Chapman. Bravo!

Please take at a look at my WRKO Boston talk radio-based blog also, too. It can be found here: Kevin’s Blog-A Liberal Dose of Reality.

Remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Lady Madonna song link:


(sung to The Beatles song “Lady Madonna”)

Hey, Primadonna, children at your feet
You and John McCain went down in defeat
Poor Sarah honey’s, capital is spent
When she spoke nobody knew what she meant

Some might say your family are all fruitcakes
Tenure in Alaska is now done
Kids of your’s sure missed a lot of school days
Campaigning’s fun

Hey, Primadonna, we are not impressed
An ex-head of state so sluttily dressed
Duh, duh, duh, duh…
Duh, duh, duh, duh…
Obama won

Hey Primadonna, beehive on your head
Has it sunk in yet that your future is dead?

When you speak your words are never-ending
Voters feel that you are really dumb
Your next job will likely be bartending
You are a bum

Hey Primadonna, you can’t take the heat
You were punked by the liberal elite

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  1. Excellent post and thanks for weighing in and giving us a song to accompany the implosion … which I hope is soon, and final.

  2. The Great Escape

    Radioactive implosion for someone who would do any homework or want a full time job. For a grifter, Palin did very well. Even her slutty daughter made out like a bandit!

    And why would Palin want to suck up to unsavory characters like the Koch Brothers? She’s rich, bitches!

  3. hey, I just discovered your blog and it looks quite nice. The world always needs another Palin nixing blog!
    Here is my take on the Palin Fake Pregnancy Rumor

    and here is one more you may like. With a little corrective photo shopping … ta da!
    Bristol Palin: Just another Sad Statistic

    Have a great evening and do good works!

  4. Great work on this song, lynnrockets. I meant to say so this morning.

  5. I love the song, because it summarizes exactly why Palin is flaming out. She is being largely ignored, but has lately said more asinine things in order to be “relevant.” Just the same, she has played a significant role in adding to the toxicity of political dialogue, which will outlast the duration of her time on the national scene.

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