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The Parallel Universe Of Sarah Palin Supporters

We thought that it might be interesting to see how Sarah Palin supporters (i.e. nutcases) reacted to the bloodbath that was Sunday night’s 60 Minutes expose´ on the failed Vice Presidential nominee. Accordingly, please find below, an assortment of comments posted on the Conservatives4Palin blog. It will not be necessary for us to provide any in depth commentary, only the occasional anecdotal note because the spelling, grammar and content of these comments are entertaining on their own. Please enjoy:

the though of schmidt and cooper staring lovingly into each others eyes is too much for me to bear.

go back to sleep panchita, its a nightmare

(Huh, ???)

The reason for this interview isn’t the ’08 election.  It was just another plum of a chance to make Sarah look bad, since the dems HAVE to take her out as the unofficial leader of conservatives in this country (and a few others, for that matter).

So, A) Either McCain asked Schmidt to zip it and was ignored or B) McCain said nothing and Schmidt just reverted to form.  I’m going with “B.”  If McCain had any real regard for Sarah he would have demanded that this garbage stop.  And, if Schmidt had any respect for McLame, he would’ve listened.  Makes you wonder if he wants to continue in the same line of work or he knows that all potential clients feel the same way he does and his behavior is condoned.

(I never realized that Steve Schmidt was a Democrat. Who knew?)

Steve Schmidt is a pondscum loser who should be glad sarah treated him nicely cause if i was sarah i’d show him my boot that lackey

(When did Sarah treat him nicely? Not in her fictional book.)

Palin is rising so the LSM will do whatever it takes to bring her down. I have four words to describe this interview.

Same Shmit Different Day!

(Umm, that would be”Schmidt”)

i will be interested to see how much attention schmidt comments get at this point.  the rift between him and the governor are well known and palin covers many of this in her book-  there is no real news on palin to discuss.  i expect that we will not hear anymore on this book from Palin unless it contians some personal “revelations” about the state of the Palin marrieage or the kids that she feels  need to be corrected. certainly right now the info on Reid and the Clintons and Elzabeth Edwards are getting the most buzz.

(Love the spelling)

Uffida I enjoyed you post on the book, I wrote a bit about it on thepalination, i am not as good as most of you, but i think i got the facts in the post…as I told you last night I hit my head pretty hard there is a soft spot there now my doctor want to look at it to make sure it not a blood clot..go see about that later this afternoon.

(That soft spot might explain your incoherent comment.)

All the trials and tribulations for Sarah have been God’s Plan.  He knows it makes her stronger and us, too.

Sarah’s book debunks all of what Schmidt is saying.  She barely mentions his name.  If he was part of “Headquarters” she pretty much found a way to expose his idiocy and disingenuousness without naming him.  Judging by the way he is acting now I think she stuck in the knife and gave it a little twist.
If you recall in her book the chapter when she first meets everyone at the AZ ranch, she lets us know that she knew that she was in for a wild ride.  Since we knew the outcome she let us in on what her thought processes were.  This was totally familiar territory for her as she ecounterd the same thing in all of her dealings with polititians.  And the final nail for Schmidt and his merry band of infantiles is that she didn’t include an index.  They had to read the whole book.  Look how long it has taken them to respond, again.

(If it was “God’s plan” to have Palin chosen as the VP nominee, was it “God’s practical joke” to have her fail so miserably?)

Look, CBS knows it will never, ever get Sarah Palin on 60 Minutes, so they will trash her.

By the way, who let the troll in? Nuke the bastard.

(Of course Palin will never appear on 60 Minutes. She will never appear on any true news program with unscripted questions.)

The know Sarah is a player and they must destroy her (or try) at all cost!

(Frankenstein must be destroyed!)

If it’s any consequence, the extended playoff game between Arizona and Green Bay probably took away many viewers from CBS’s audience.

(At least some people won’t learn the truth.)


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In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yVekysgeLXQ&feature=related


(sung to the Beatles song “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band”)

About twenty years ago or so,
Sarah Palin married Todd her beau
They’ve been trying to enhance her style
With rimless glasses and a great big smile
So may I introduce to you
The folks you’ve known for all these years,
Sarah Palin’s crazy brain-dead clan.

We’re Sarah Palin’s crazy brain-dead clan,
The folks that you’ve all come to know
We’re Sarah Palin’s crazy brain-dead clan,
You wouldn’t want to be our foe.

Sarah Palin’s crazy, Sarah Palin’s crazy,
Sarah Palin’s crazy brain-dead clan.

There’s Bristol and there’s Levi
Good Ole Mike Wooten too
And don’t forget our pal Wayne Ross,
We’d love to take him home with us,
We’d love to take him home.

We don’t really want to end this song,
But Todd’s sister just fired up the bong
And the travel agent’s on the phone,
Seems Sarah’s flying off to Rome

So let us bid adieu, to you
And we’ll see you in about two years
We’re Sarah Palin’s Crazy Brain-Dead Clan.