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When Is Rudy “9/11” Giuliani Lying? When His Mouth Is Open!!!

“Mr. 9/11” has crawled out from under his rock and found his way back to prime-time television. The last time we saw or heard from Rudy Giuliani was when he gave a speech while dropping out of the 2008 Presidential race. He went into the Republican Party primaries as the heavy favorite to win the G.O.P. nomination, but something funny happened on the way to Minneapolis. He was deemed “stupid” by the nation’s Republican voters. Alas, Rudy Giuliani’s Presidential dreams were extinguished like a smoldering bag of dog poop on your front stoop.

But, as the saying goes, “you can throw away the poop but not the stink”. Actually, we are not sure if that is truly a saying, but if it isn’t, it should be. In any event, Rudy “9/11” Giuliani was a guest on Larry King Live on January 6, 2010. The topic of his conversation? What else, the Underwear Bomber and why the Obama administration wants to set him free. Giuliani repeated so many other right-wing pundits (comedians?) by declaring that Barack Obama waited far too long to react to the botched bombing and that as a result, we will “convince our enemies we are not ready.” He went on to say, “All this is ten days too late. This is something you react to immediately. Not after your vacation. The president of the United States, when there is a potential massive attack on the country, should have been on top of it immediately.”

Of course it goes without saying that Giuliani had his facts wrong. CNN reports that President Obama first addressed the issue from his vacation spot in Hawaii three days after the attempted attack, calling for a complete review of the incident and the country’s airline security policies. He then gave a public assessment of those reviews in a statement Tuesday, saying they had uncovered that “U.S. intelligence had uncovered numerous “red flags” prior to the attack.”

Next, Giuliani criticized the administrations decision to try the bomber as a criminal in the Federal District Court system. He said, “The minute you [don’t designate him an enemy combatant], you cut off the ability to question him. “I don’t know the inside story. He was talking until he went out and got him a lawyer. You want to talk to this guy for a month. You want to keep him for a month or two get to get you a the intelligence he is going give you.”

Hmmm, where shall we begin to point out Giuliani’s hypocracy and the use of a double standard? Should we remind him that the nation watched in shocked amazement when George W. Bush was informed on television that our nation was under attack on September 11, 2001 and he nonetheless continued to sit in a classroom full of elementary school students for a full 20 minutes rather than to leave so as to become fully apprised of the situation? Inasmuch as the brunt of those attacks took place in Giuliani’s own city, where was his outrage then? Perhaps someone should remind Giuliani that when Richard Reid, the Al Qaeda linked “Shoe Bomber”, attempted to blow up a plane shortly after the 9/11 attacks, President Bush did not directly address the foiled plot for six days. Where were Bush and Dick Cheney at the time? Why, on vacation of course. So let’s see, Obama issued his first public statement 3 days after the event and Bush responded 6 days after the event. Did Giuliani find fault with Bush at the time? Nope.

Giuliani should also be reminded that the Bush administration prosecuted  Richard Reid, criminally in the First District Federal Court in Boston, Massachusetts where he provided information, was convicted and he is now serving a life term in a maximum-security prison. It seems that the federal court system worked just fine in the case of the “Shoe Bomber”. Why wasn’t Giuliani railing with dissatisfaction then? The answer; because like Dick Cheney, Newt Gingrich and so many other Republican politicians, he is a short sighted hypocrite of the first order.

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That’s Amore song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69O4PXzAQ5Y


(sung to the Dean Martin song “That’s Amoré”)

In New York Town on the air-waves
Rudy does have a lot to say

He just sits there and lies but to him we are wise
He appears in prime-time and repeats his tired lines
He was king ding-a-ling-a-ling, ding-a-ling-a-ling
And a wife cheating fella
He can’t see his stupidity, his stupidity
He’s blind like Helen Keller

As he speaks watch the drool, that Rudy is a fool
All his friends on Wall Street think that he can’t be beat
Lord above
He is a cliché machine all of the time he is
Scheming, signore
Scuzza me, but you see, he’s from the G.O.P.

(He just sits there and lies but to him we are wise
Giuliani) Giuliani!!!
(He appears in prime time and repeats his tired lines
Giuliani) Giuliani!!!
(He was king ding-a-ling-a-ling, ding-a-ling-a-ling
And a wife cheating fella) Go to Hell, cheating fella
He can’t see his stupidity, his stupidity
He’s blind like Helen Keller) Sorry fella

Rudy’s angry and cruel and stubborn like a mule
GiulianI!!! (Giuliani)
He is doomed to repeat Presidential defeat
Sure enough
He tells us of his dreams but his words have no
Meaning, signore
Scuzza me, Rudy G., but we hardly knew ye
Cuz you’re boring (so boring)
See, we’re snoring