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Scott Brown Falls Into Trap For The Unwary

Massachusetts’ nudist Republican Senator Scott Brown has been exposed yet again.

He has now fallen into a trap from which few (if any) Republicans have ever escaped in the Bay State. He has foolishly declared to the Massachusetts population that he is socially conservative. That is a big “NO NO” in the bluest of blue states which was the first in the union to legalize gay marriage and implement near-universal health care with personal mandates. Even former GOP Governor Mitt Romney realized that he could be elected while being fiscally conservative so long as his social liberalism was not called into question. Indeed, while Governor of Massachusetts, Romney declared that “I think people recognize that I’m not a partisan Republican, that I’m someone who is moderate, and my views are progressive.” Romney also endorsed abortion rights while holding office in the Bay State when he said, “I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country.”

Scott Brown should have studied the Mitt Romney Massachusetts playbook more carefully. He may have avoided the problems he brought upon himself yesterday. Everyone is now familiar with the controversy which arose last week when the Obama administration announced initially that it would force all employers (with the exception of churches and houses of worship) to provide health insurance coverage to employees which included free contraception coverage. Some religious denominations (most notably the Catholic Church) and all Republicans denounced the measure because they believed that it forced religions which proselytized against contraception to undermine their own message. In an effort to appease those concerns, the administration then modified the regulation to provide that religiously affiliated employers could continue to offer health plans without contraception coverage, but the private-sector insurers themselves must offer individual no-cost contraception coverage to those employees who specifically ask for it.

Congressional Republicans who realized that they had just been outmaneuvered by Obama then over-reacted. They decided the best way to reject the White House compromise is to go after access to contraception itself. The new Republican policy aims to allow all private-sector employers (not just the religiously affiliated) to deny any health services that businesses might find morally objectionable. As The Maddow Blog explains, “Do you work for a grocery store owner who opposes contraception? You’re out of luck. How about an accounting firm that doesn’t like HIV tests? Too bad. Are you an employee at a factory that finds cervical cancer screenings offensive? Good luck to you.”

This new policy objective has caused a rift within the Republican Party. Moderate Republicans are beginning to express their opposition. Indeed, GOP Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine have gone so far as to endorse the White House policy and publicly reject the Republican counter-proposal. What about Scott Brown?

We turn to The Maddow Blog once again for enlightenment. The blog reports that The Washington Post‘s “Greg Sargent connected with Brown’s office yesterday and learned the senator opposes the White House compromise and backs his party’s countermeasure. In other words, Scott Brown believes that any and all employers should be able to deny contraception and other forms of a preventative care to female employees.

Ouch! Brown’s position is certain to cause a backlash from voters (especially females) in liberal Massachusetts. You can bet the farm that his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren will endorse the women’s rights-friendly White House policy and call attention to Brown’s opposition at every opportunity. Scott Brown may have stumbled into a trap that even Houdini could not escape in Massachusetts.

Here’s hoping that such is the case.

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Bad, Bad Leroy Brown song link:


(sung to the Jim Croce song “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”)

Well its nuthin’ like Chicago
We’re talkin’ ‘bout Boston Town
And if you like men bare
You’re gonna love it there
With Senator Scottie Brown

Now Scottie’s talkin’ double
He loved the Mass. health reform law
He voted for it like the flip-flopping Guvnor
Yet now he has declared war

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Now Scottie he’s a rambler
And he likes to strip his clothes
And he shows the world his private things
Most everywhere he goes
His senate seat is just a rental
Leased by the Tea Party crew
He better have some fun cuz he’s soon to be done
Massachusetts is too damn Blue

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Well Friday ‘bout a week ago
Scottie was not nice
He just shouted near and far
About all the horrors
Of health care and the price
Well he blasted dear Obama
That’s when Brown’s trouble began
Scottie Brown learned a lesson
‘Bout messin’ with the likes of a smarter man

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

You see, Scott Brown needs enlightening
He don’t give a damn ‘bout the poor
Scottie Brown’s big mouth should be muzzled
As he’s voted off of the floor

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Yeah, on the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 80

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their way through the political universe this past week but may have escaped your attention. Please ponder and maybe chuckle a bit before enjoying a wonderful day during this unofficial first-weekend of summer!

BREAKING NEWS: This week’s episode of “You Gotta Love It” features The St. Paul Pioneer Press. Tim Pawlenty‘s hometown newspaper printed the the former Minnesota Governor’s announcement to run as a Republican presidential candidate on its obituary page.

THIS JUST IN: Wisconsin state officials have scheduled the first recall elections of state Republican lawmakers for July 12. That day, voters will decide whether to recall three GOP lawmakers who supported Gov. Scott Walker’s bill to curb the collective bargaining rights of state workers.

BREAKING NEWS:  The next time that some Teapublican tells you that President Barack Obama has thrown Israel under the bus for suggesting a two state solution “based on” 1967 borders “with mutually agreed swaps”, please remind them to stifle their outrage inasmuch as President George W. Bush suggested the same thing in 2005. Where was all the shock then?

THIS JUST IN: Quote of the week: “In 2009 I had the sense if she made it to the White House and I had stayed silent, I could never forgive myself,” – Author and former Sarah Palin staffer Frank Bailey commenting to the Associated Press.

BREAKING NEWS:  Remember back during the 1988 presidential election season when Republicans seized upon furloughed criminal and recidivist Willie Horton as a means to attack Democratic nominee, Michael Dukakis? Well it looks like 2012 Republican presidential candidate Tim Pawlenty now has his own Willie Horton to worry about. You see, two years ago Pawlenty pardoned and wiped clean the criminal record of Jeremy Geifer, who had been convicted for having sex with a 14 year old girl. Well, it turns out that Geifer sought to have his record cleared so that his wife could open a day care center. Turns out, Geifer has now been accused of molesting his own daughter.

THIS JUST IN:  This week’s episode of “Don’t Mess With The Medicare” features Republican candidate Jane Corwin and Tea Party candidate Jack Davis. In the heavily Republican New York 26th District, those candidates lost to Democrat Kathy Hochul as the result of their unqualified support for Republican Paul Ryan’s plan to dismantle the popular Medicare program. Going forward, it will be interesting to see how many Republican candidates attempt to distance themselves from their party’s plan. It is a “lose/lose” situation for the GOP because those politicians who run from the plan will disrupt party unity while those that continue to support it will face voter backlash. This will be fun to watch.

BREAKING NEWS:  It was nice to see the US Senate hold a vote on Republican Paul Ryan‘s Medicare Destruction Act. The final vote was 57-40 against passage of the bill, mostly along party lines. Republicans who joined the majority Democrats in opposing the measure were Scott Brown of Massachusetts, Lisa Murkowski of Alaska, Rand Paul of Kentucky, and Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine. Those GOP members that supported bill will now probably face massive voter backlash. Yipee!

THIS JUST IN:  For the sake of being, dare I say “fair and balanced”, we should note that not all vulgar hate speech comes from the right. Last week progressive talk radio and MSNBC television host Ed Schultz was rightfully suspended for referring to moonbat-crazy conservative radio host Laura Ingraham as a “right wing slut”. Schultz did the right by issuing an almost immediate apology but the fact remains that that type of language is hateful.

BREAKING NEWS:  Fox News Comment of the week. Headline: “CAIR: Bin laden More Like ‘Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist'”. Reader Comment:  “CAIR is another enemy within. All Americans need to take action against mus lims. Do not do business with them, do not hire them, do not allow them respect or equality. It is up to the people to rid ourselves of this social cancer.”

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Fox On The Run song link:


(sung to the Sweet song “Fox On The Run”)

Why is that network insane
No one there has a brain
So easy to abhor
Each day they add a new pretty face
But they’re losing in the gene pool race
They speak like sidewalk whores

Fox on the run
They scream and everybody starts a-running
Beck, Britt Hume and big Bill O’Reilly
Fox is on the run
F-foxy, Fox is on the run. They’ll fade away.

Koo-Koo, that is the Fox network brand
As “fair and balanced” as DisneyLand
So easy to ignore
News, that is so God damned lame
Should hide their heads in shame
And show their hosts the door

Fox on the run
They scream and everybody starts a-running
Beck, Britt Hume and big Bill O’Reilly
Fox is on the run
F-foxy, Fox is on the run. They’ll fade away.

(musical interlude)

F-foxy, Fox is on the run
They scream and think that we’re having fun
Take a run and hide yourself away
Fox is on the run
F-foxy, Fox is on the run. They’ll fade away.

Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 43

Just a few newsworthy events and comments thereon that have been making their way through the political universe this past week. Please ponder and maybe chuckle a bit before enjoying a wondeful day.

BREAKING NEWS: Newly elected nudist Republican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts has pissed-off Tea-Baggers and Republicans nationwide once again by breaking with the G.O.P.  and siding with Democrats by voting in favor of the Financial Reform Bill. The Obama administration can now claim another important legislative victory and this time it can boast of bi-partisan support. Maine’s Republican Senators, Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins joined Brown in supporting the bill. Brown, Snowe and Collins defy their party and side with the Democrats so often on controversial legislation that it is only a matter of time before all three pull an Arlen Specter and switch parties.

THIS JUST IN: Senator David “Diapers” Vitter (R-LA) has stepped in it yet again. during an appearance on Rush Radio 99.5 in New Orleans Friday morning, During which the radio hosts joked about a high school photo of MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow, Vitter said that she only looked like a woman “a long time ago.” This childish remark follows almost immediately on the heels of Vitter’s statement last week which revealed him as a “Birther”. It was also revealed just a few weeks ago that after one of his staffers had pled guilty to attacking a woman with a knife, Vitter failed to terminate the staffer’s employment, and failed to even re-assign the man from his position as legislative assistant for women’s issues. Of course all of these blunders pale in comparison to the revelation a few years ago that Vitter solicited prostitutes while wearing baby diapers. In short, David Vitter is a train wreck.

BREAKING NEWS: This week’s episode of “Let’s call A Spade A Spade” features Tea Party Express spokesman, Mark Williams. Williams was so upset at the NAACP’s call for the Tea Party to denounce racism amongst its members, that he penned a letter allegedly from NAACP president Benjamin Jealous to the late President Abraham Lincoln and posted it in his blog (it has now been removed). “Dear Mr. Lincoln,” the blog post read, “We [National Association for the Advancement of] Colored People have taken a vote and decided that we don’t cotton to that whole emancipation thing. Freedom means having to work for real, think for ourselves, and take consequences along with the rewards. That is just far too much to ask of us [National Association for the Advancement of] Colored People and we demand that it stop!” Williams made several modifications to his blog post after its initial posting, including removing references to bailouts as “big money welfare” that should handed “directly to us coloreds” and Tea Party demands for lower taxes preventing black Americans from getting “a wide-screen TV in every room.” So much for the Tea Party’s claim that it does not condone racism.

THIS JUST IN: I just received my invitation to the Bristol Palin/Levi Johnston wedding. The theme of the wedding is “Shotgun”. The ceremony will be performed at Our Lady of the Blessed Travesty Church in Wasilla, Alaska with the reception to follow at Mama Bear’s Buffet (BYOB).

BREAKING NEWS: This week’s episode of “What the Beck Is He Talking About?” features none other than Fox News joke Glenn Beck. In a stunning revelation of the fact that the Bible thumping alcoholic knows absolutely nothing about Christianity, Beck said this on his show last week,

This is kind of complex, because Jesus did identify with the victims. But Jesus was not a victim. He was a conqueror…Jesus conquered death. He wasn’t victimized. He chose to give his life….If he was a victim, and this theology was true, then Jesus would’ve come back from the dead and made the Jews pay for what they did. That’s an abomination.

Would someone please remind the chancellor of Glenn Beck University that the Romans crucified Jesus and not the Jews.

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The Fool On The Hill song link:


(sung to the Beatles song, “The Fool On The Hill”)

Day after day
He gives us a chill
Glenn Beck is crying again
Let’s watch his eyes start to fill

And nobody wants to know him
They can see that he’s just a fool
And he has not one good answer
Beck’s the fool who knows nil

Nita Dunn took him down
And Glenn’s face grew bright red
As his head spins around

Glenn’s head today,
Filled up with sound
Beck’s head hears a thousand voices
Screaming nonsense so loud

Everybody wants to jeer him
For the weeping that he does fake
Yet Glenn never seems to notice
Beck’s the fool who knows nil

He’s a dim-witted clown
In need of some strong meds
Beck’s off to crazy-town

(musical interlude)

And nobody seems to like him
It looks like he’s back on the booze
Or maybe he’s back drug dealing
Beck’s the fool who knows nil

He’s beginning to drown
And his sponsors have fled
Soon he’ll be not around

Oh, round, an’ round, an’ round, an’ round, an’ round
Nobody listens to him
They know that he’s a fool
They don’t like him
The fool who knows nil

He’s beginning to drown
And his sponsors have fled
Soon he’ll be not around

Oh, round, an’ round, an’ round, an’ round
Oh …

Let It Snowe, Let It Snowe, Let it Snowe !!!

Olympia Snowe (R) Maine and her twin sister.

The Twelve Days of Christmas Song Parodies continues…

With regard to health care reform legislation, the Democrats have once again called the Republican’s bluff. For months the Republicans have been feigning to be the champions of the Medicare program by warning the American public that passage of the Democratic health care reform bill and public option will cause rationing of Medicare services to the elderly. Sarah Palin went so far as to create the myth of so-called “death panels”. The mere thought that Republicans are portraying themselves as the defenders of the Medicare program is laughable. Everyone knows that it was the Republican Party that vociferously opposed the creation of the Medicare program in the first place and has continued to attempt to de-fund the program for the last four decades. Despite this new and revised supportive position regarding a government entitlement program by the Republicans, the Democrats have just raised the stakes and dared the G.O.P. to put its money where its mouth is.

Many news sources reported Tuesday evening that the Senate Democrats have developed a plan wherein they would scuttle the controversial “public option” in favor of an alternative plan that would also assure that millions of Americans receive more comprehensive health coverage at a lower cost than is available through the private insurance industry. The alternative plan? Well, the Democrats have elected to side with the Republicans in their full support for Medicare. In fact, they will drop the hated “public option” in return for simply lowering the qualifying age for Medicare enrollment from 65 to 55. The Republicans should be elated. The Democrats have finally admitted to the sanctity and virtues of the Medicare program to the extent that they want to make its benefits available to millions more. If the Medicare program is as valuable as the Republicans have been telling us of late, shouldn’t they be in favor of reforming health care by means of expanding this wonderful program?

“Not so fast”, say the Republicans. “We do not support more government involvement in health care”. But weren’t the Republicans just fighting against less government benefits going to the elderly as the result of medical service cuts that they said the Democratic plan mandated? So what is the Republican position? Do they even know what it is? Certainly the most sane and progressive Republican in the bunch, Maine’s Olympia Snowe, will be in favor of expanding Medicare. After all, she is the only Republican that voted alongside the Democrats on health insurance reform this term. What, she too is against the new proposal? She said this?

My deep concern is about the breadth and scale of this legislation, taking it in a more expansionistic approach for government’s role rather than reverse

Politico reports that Snowe would not say she is opposed to the proposed compromise as long as it includes the Medicare and Medicaid expansions. But she said she expressed concerns  about the Medicare “buy in,” which would allow people between 55 and 64 to purchase coverage in the popular insurance program for the elderly. She said, “It just adds a potential for exponential uncertainties with respect to the Medicare program.” Really Olympia, Just what “uncertainties”? By allowing millions of presently uninsured upper middle aged people to pay premiums so as to buy into Medicare at an earlier age would add funds to the Medicare system and insure many more people without the creation of a new and separate governmental agency. If Olympia Snowe cannot see the necessity for either the public option or an expanded Medicare enrollment, then she should no longer be courted by the Democrats as the sole sane and reasonable Republican.

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Let It Snow song link:


(sung to the Christmas song “Let It Snow”)

Oh, that Olympia is frightful,
Her health care position, spiteful
She’s in the “Party of No”
Let it Snowe! Let it Snowe! Let it Snowe!

It’s health care reform she’s stopping
The sick uninsured are dropping
But she loves the status quo
Let it Snowe! Let it Snowe! Let it Snowe!

She refuses to do what’s right
Even though she knows we need reform
She continues to fuss and fight
Her goal is to misinform

People are slowly dying
Insurance to dear for buying
We can blame Olympia Snowe
Let it Snowe! Let it Snowe! Let it Snowe!

(musical interlude)

“Public Option” would be just right
She would know if she were more informed
It would solve our insurance plight
And soon would be known as the norm

Why won’t she just stop denying
The insurance lobby’s lying
But they’re paying her lots of dough
Let it Snowe! Let it Snowe! Let it Snowe!

Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 15


BREAKING NEWS:  Arizona Republican Congressman, Jeff Flake told CNN‘s Wolf Blitzer last week that the reason that he disappeared and spent a week on a deserted Pacific island last summer was because, “I’ve kind of felt like a pansy, I guess.” Let’s think this through, he felt like a pansy since leaving his ranch for Congress and to change his self perception he ran away from life and other people to spend a week on a tropical island? Sounds like a very macho plan. Running away is the Republican macho thing to do. How appropriate that his name is “Flake.”

THIS JUST IN:  Rush Limbaugh’s bid to become the owner of the NFL’s St. Louis Rams has abruptly ended now that the main figure of the ownership group, Dave Checketts (who also owns the NHL’s St. Louis Blues) has banished Limbaugh from the group. Now that Limbaugh has the blues, perhaps he should seek an ownership interest in Checkett’s hockey franchise.

BREAKING NEWS:  Now that Maine Republican Senator Olympia Snowe has broken ranks with her party by voting in favor of the Senate Finance Committee version of the health care reform bill, how long will it take for Republicans and conservatives to start saying that , “she was never really a Republican anyway”? Let’s hope that the castigation starts soon so that Snowe may perhaps take the Specter route and switch parties. The Democrats will then enlarge their majority without waiting for the next election.

THIS JUST IN:  Gallup’s most recent poll regarding the popularity of well known politicians reveals that Alaska’s former quitting ex-governor Sarah Palin’s popularity has sunk to a new low of 40%. That figure is well below the magical 50 % believed to be required to launch a successful campaign. Here’s to you, Sarah, you’ve come a long way, baby.

BREAKING NEWS:  In preparation for his Playgirl Magazine photo-shoot, former, future Sarah Palin son-in-law, Levi Johnston is dieting on moose meat. I know that there is a joke in there somewhere, but I just cannot think of one at the moment.

THIS JUST IN:  Meghan McCain (daughter of failed Republican presidential nominee, John McCain) was out with the girls on Twitter last week and made quite an impression.

BREAKING NEWS:  Reverend Al Sharpton is preparing to file a defamation of character lawsuit against comedian Rush Limbaugh. In an op-ed published in Saturday’s Wall Street Journal Limbaugh writes Sharpton “played a leading role in the 1991 Crown Heights riot (he called neighborhood Jews ‘diamond merchants’) and 1995 Freddie’s Fashion Mart riot.” Sharpton disagrees and plans to challenge Limbaugh in court. Regardless of the merits of the case, the deposition testimony should be riveting.

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Y-M-C-A song link:


(sung to the Village People song “Y-M-C-A”)

Sarah, there’s no need to feel down
I said, Sarah, just because you’re a clown
I said, Sarah, a smile isn’t a frown
There’s no need to be unhappy.

Sarah, you lost a race with McCain
I said, Sarah, you flushed him right down the drain
And you messed up all of your interviews
But you’re still on the nightly news

We’ll all laugh at you in 2-0-1-2
We’ll all laugh at you in 2-0-1-2

We’ll have such a good time when you fall on your face,
And we’ll revel in your disgrace…

We’ll all laugh at you in 2-0-1-2
We’ll all laugh at you in 2-0-1-2

You will have SarahPac, and a new running mate
To help spread Politics of Hate…

Sarah, are you listening to me?
I said, Sarah, you’ll have to go on TV
I said, Sarah, I’m sure we’ll laugh till we pee
And you’ve got to know this one thing!

You make a big ass of yourself
Every time that you open your mouth
You give ammo, to our friend Tina Fey
She just repeats the things you say…

We’ll all laugh at you in 2-0-1-2
We’ll all laugh at you in 2-0-1-2

You’ll get all of the votes from the states that are red
But, the G.O.P. is now dead…

We’ll all laugh at you in 2-0-1-2
We’ll all laugh at you in 2-0-1-2

You can wink and then blink, and twit everyone,
But, you’ll need a fork cuz you’re done…

Sarah, you’ll have a case of the blues
I said, Sarah, has no grasp of world views
But that’s OK, cuz she amuses us,
As we throw her under the bus…

That’s when she will realize that,
Her future, is modeling for “Arctic Cat”
Maybe she’ll host a reality show
If they pay her with enough dough.

We’ll all laugh at her in 2-0-1-2
We’ll all laugh at her in 2-0-1-2

She can wink and then blink, and twit everyone,
But, she’ll need a fork cuz she’s done…

We’ll all laugh at her in 2-0-1-2
Sarah, Sarah you’ll wear a big frown
Sarah, Sarah to us you are a clown

We’ll all laugh at her in 2-0-1-2
Sarah, Sarah you’ll have a case of the blues
Sarah, Sarah I said, why don’t you just go vamoos.

Senator Schilling? Umm, Thanks, But No Thanks

Red Sox pitcher Kurt Schilling with Bush (is that Teddy Roosevelt in the crowd?)

Red Sox pitcher Kurt Schilling with Bush (is that Teddy Roosevelt in the crowd?)

Let me begin by saying that I am a proud member of Red Sox Nation. That being said however, I also believe that former pitcher and future Hall of Fame inductee, Kurt Schilling is a whack job of the highest order. I will forever be indebted to Mr. Schilling for all that he did on the baseball diamond. He was one of, if not the most, instrumental player in the Sox’ remarkable four game sweep of The Evil Empire (a/k/a New York Yankees) after having been down by three games. Take that, pinstripers! He then carried on his masterful pitching in the 2004 World Series sweep of the St. Louis Cardinals to bring the first championship to Boston since trading Babe Ruth in 1918. We will always remember the “bloody sock.”

Nonetheless, it is Schilling’s politics that cause me to doubt his sanity. He has decided to make Massachusetts his lifetime home despite the fact that he is a Republican. He campaigned for both George W. Bush and John McCain. OK, so he has guts. He is also delusional, however. This week he has floated the idea that he may run for the recently deceased Ted Kennedy’s senatorial seat. Dream on, Kurt. You do not have a chance at winning that election. First of all, Schilling cannot run as a Republican because he is presently registered as “unenrolled” and he has missed the deadline to re-register as a Republican. Secondly, and more importantly, however, he is likely to compete against a field of Bay State political heavyweights such as Joe Kennedy (yes, that Joe Kennedy), Marty Meehan (former member of House of Representatives and current Chancellor of the University of Massachusetts at Lowell), Martha Coakley (Massachusetts Attorney General) and potentially, Vickie Kennedy (Ted’s Widow). He simply does not have the pedigree to compete with these contenders especially if he is not a Democrat. All I can say to you, Kurt is “I knew Ted Kennedy and you’re no Ted Kennedy.” Stick to your right wing blogging.

Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the parody.

I Get A Kick Out Of You song link:


(sung to the Frank Sinatra song “I Get A Kick Out Of You”)

My state, thank God is not red, it is blue
We’re truly progressive, liberal yes it’s true
The only exception I know is the case
A few reps from the G.O.P., boy the Statehouse must be so lonely
Re-pub-licans now clearly see
They have been outpaced

I don’t care much for McCain
Giuliani doesn’t appeal to me
Jindal is without a damn clue
And Sarah Palin, “also, too”

Collins and Snowe they’re from Maine
It would be rich if they both made the switch
“Vacation-land” would be totally blue
Republicans would be so few

I get a kick every time the Grand Ole Party implodes before me
I get a kick cuz it’s clear to see, they obviously simply bore me

I don’t care much for McCain
Mike Huckabee doesn’t do much for me
Mitt Romney commands the flip-flopping crew
So I get a kick
Oh, it gives me a boot
I get a kick that we’re blue