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A Tale Of Two Governors: DP (Deval Patrick) and SP (Sarah Palin)

Sine the late summer of 2008, Americans have been subjected to a near constant barrage of all things, Sarah Palin. On an almost daily basis, we have been bombarded with her indecipherable diatribes elicited via Fox News, Facebook or Twitter. We have also been exposed to her ridiculous catch-phrases such as “Drill Baby, Drill”, “the lamestream media”, “death panels”, “mama grizzlies” and “Don’t retreat. RELOAD”. All the while, the ex-quitting, former half-term Governor of Alaska has contributed zero specific policy suggestions or provided any credible evidence that her radically conservative tax-cutting and unregulated free-market capitalism rhetoric would have any positive effect on the nation as a whole or its economy.

In contrast, we have Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick. Indeed not only has Patrick served his entire first term, but upon his re-election last November, he said that he fully intends to complete his full second term in office. Despite being a close personal friend of President Barack Obama, Patrick has unselfishly flown under the radar of the media spotlight and governed his state quietly to a position of leadership in job creation, employment, health care and education. During his Governorship, Massachusetts has either led the nation or been amongst the top 5 five states in employment, job creation, student achievement in both national testing and graduation at the high school and college levels and in ensuring that 98% of its residents have full health care insurance coverage. He achieved all of that while also balancing his state’s budget and without stripping public unions and employees of their bargained-for rights.

As we have said so many times in the past however, a video clip is worth a thousand a words, so let watch both Sarah Palin and Deval Patrick in action.

Now let’s watch Deval Patrick from just this past week. Lynnrockets apologizes for not having the video appear directly in this post, but simply click on the link below to watch the clip in a new window.

Deval Patrick and his leadership style are just a breath of fresh air.


Lynnrockets will be in the fair city of Montreal for the next several days enjoying some R & R with a few longtime hockey buddies. The timing could not be better as the Boston Bruins are facing-off against the Montreal Canadiens in the first round of the NHL Playoffs. Problem is, the Canadiens defeated the Bruins by a score of 1-0 last night in Boston. The Boston loss has denied the Bruins home ice advantage and denied Lynnrockets of trash-talking privileges at least until Saturday night. Here is hoping things turn around quickly in the hockey department. In the meantime, please bear (get it?) with us if posting is a little spotty next week. Luckily, we have the best house/dog sitter on the planet.

Please take at a look at my WRKO Boston talk radio-based blog also, too. It can be found here: Kevin’s Blog-A Liberal Dose of Reality.

Remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

My Way song link:


(sung to Frank Sinatra’s “My Way”)

And now, the end is near;
To all of you, I’m glad I met ya’
Alaskans, let’s make it clear,
Did I fool you?, Oh yeah, “ya betcha!”

You’ve met Todd, the “First Dude”,
His snowmachine is in the driveway.
Is he drunk? My God, he’s blitzed,
The D.U.I. way.

Regrets, I’ve had a few;
More than most, I will remember.
My lipstick and my hair-do
But most of all, 4th of November.

Each day since then has been
Another never-ending whine and cry day,
And I’ve been told by Newt Gingrich,
To hit the highway.

Yes, there were times, that now you know
I failed to declare “per diem” dough.
What’s this about “stimulus funds”?
Let’s just cling to, our God and guns.
Oh, I just winked and then I blinked;
And did it my way.

Nicknames, I’ve had a few
There’s “Caribou” and “Barracuda”
Now I’m known as “Sarah Who?”
Cuz Tina Fey is so much cuter.

To think I’m a has been;
And I can’t see – beyond next Friday
Woe, oh woe is me,
I won’t have my day.

For what is a gal, what has she got?
When her career, has gone to pot.
How to appear on nightly news;
When she’s inept at interviews.
She’s still exposed despite those clothes
Please hit the highway!

Yes, hit the highway.

Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 48

Just a few newsworthy events and comments thereon that have been making their way through the political universe this past week. Please ponder and maybe chuckle a bit before enjoying a wonderful day, but be careful of those eggs!

BREAKING NEWS: John “I’m a Maverick, I’m not a Maverick” McCain apparently missed the memo that Republican candidates are not to align themselves with failed President George W. Bush during the upcoming election season. After President Obama finally extricated the U.S. from the ill conceived Iraq War,  John McCain said,

“Last American combat troops leave Iraq. I think President George W. Bush deserves some credit for victory.”

To paraphrase Ann Richards at the 1988 Democratic National convention, “Poor John. He can’t help it. He was born with his foot in his mouth!”

THIS JUST IN: This week’s episode of “Conservative Republicans Who Actually Have A Clue” features Ted Olson, former George W. Bush solicitor general. He is also the attorney behind the case against California’s gay marriage ban, and husband of a woman who died aboard the plane that crashed into the Pentagon on 9/11. Last week he said that President Obama was right about his analysis of the “Ground Zero Mosque” as a constitutional right protected by the First Amendment.

“I do believe that people of all religions have a right to build edifices, or structures, or places of religious worship or study where the community allows them to do it under zoning laws and that sort of thing, and that we don’t want to turn an act of hate against us by extremists into an act of intolerance for people of religious faith. And I don’t think it should be a political issue. It shouldn’t be a Republican or Democratic issue, either. I believe Gov. Christie from New Jersey said it well, that this should not be in that political, partisan marketplace.”

BREAKING NEWS: Nevada’s Republican candidate for U.S. Senate, Sharron Angle is a crazy, disturbed religious zealot. This member of Sarah Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies” in 1992 campaigned against a high school football team donning black jerseys on the religious grounds that black as a color was thoroughly evil, invoking the supernatural and especially the devil . ‘Nuff said.

THIS JUST IN: This week’s episode of “The Conservative Supreme Court Finally Gets One Right” stars Orly Taitz. The famed dentist/realtor/lawyer/Birther’s  $20,000 fine for filing frivolous lawsuits attempting to establish that President Barack Obama was not born in the U.S. was just upheld by the Supreme Court. Can we finally put the Birthers out to pasture?

BREAKING NEWS: In case you missed it, Newscorp, the parent company of Fox News donated $ 1 million to the Republican Governors Association. In comparison, it gave $ 48,000.00 to Democrats. Now if that is not “Fair and Balanced”, then what is?

THIS JUST IN: This week’s episode of ” Do Unto Others…” features the ironically named Dove World Church — whose pastor, Terry Jones, has written a book called “Islam Is Of The Devil,” which is also emblazoned on a sign outside the institution. The radically conservative church is planning to host “International Burn A Quran Day” on September 11th in Gainesville, Florida. How is that for tolerance? Gee, I wonder what their position is concerning the planned New York City mosque?

BREAKING NEWS: Americans United For Change has gone on the attack against conservative Republicans John Boehner (pronounced BO-ner), Paul Ryan and moonbat crazy Michele Bachmann. They have released a video ad which exposes the trio’s plan to privatize Social Security. The privatization of Social security is plain stupid on many counts. First of all, how are retired working class individuals supposed to suddenly gain the investment skills required to fund their retirements at a point in their lives when their mental acuity is slowing? Secondly, how do you think most people’s Social Security accounts would have fared as the result of the recent stock crashes? we could go on and on, but let’s watch the ad…

THIS JUST IN: This week’s episode of “Did I Just Defend My Enemy?” co-stars Sarah Palin and Laura Schlessinger. Last week Sarah Palin defended the now disgraced and unemployed Dr. Laura after the radio host was forced to abandon her show as the result of broadcasting the “n-word” 11 times in 5 minutes. Palin lauded Schlessinger and applauded her conduct. But did the former half-term ex-quitting governor of Alaska know that Dr. Laura said this about her in 2008?

“I’m stunned — couldn’t the Republican Party find one competent female with adult children to run for Vice President with McCain? I realize his advisers probably didn’t want a “mature” woman, as the Democrats keep harping on his age. But really, what kind of role model is a woman whose fifth child was recently born with a serious issue, Down syndrome, and then goes back to the job of governor within days of the birth?”

Ouch! That should have left a mark. I guess Palin is just too stupid to conduct any research.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Big Shot song link:


(sung to the Billy Joel song “Big Shot”)

Well, you went off campaigning with ol’ John McCain
With your new G.O.P. purchased clothes
You had that beehive hairstyle on your head
And high heels for your toes
Ooh,, and when you woke up in the mornin’
With your bub-ble burst
And tears pouring out of your eyes
We know “Thanks But No Thanks” was just
Another one of your lies

Because you had to be a big shot, didn’t cha
You had to open up your mouth
You had to be a big shot, didn’t cha
Now your smile’s become a pout
You talked a lot of Reverend Wright
But all you did was scream and shout
You showed us that you’re way too uptight
You tried to be a big shot that night (Ooh oh)

And no one was impressed with your wolf hide dress
Just because you shot the wolves from a plane
And nobody could have really cared less
That you can see the Ukraine
But now you just don’t remember
The dumb things you said
And I’m damn sure you don’t want to know
I’ll give you one hint, Barbie
I think you got plumbed by Joe!

Yes, yes, you had to be a big shot, didn’t cha
You had the SarahPac girls wowed
Your nose was running pig-snot, oh ya
Hockey mom without a doubt
Your interviews were such a sad sight
You’re so much fun to be around
You had to have the front page, bold type
Upstaging McCain most every night, (Ooh oh)

Oh Oh whoa whoa oh, Oh Oh whoa who-oo-oo-oo-ah,
Oh Oh Oh whoa whoa oh, Oh Oh whoa.

Well, it’s no big sin to stick your two cents in
If you’re talking to someone that’s grown
But you’re attacking Levi
Because he was on the Tyra Banks Show
No, no, no, no, no, no

You had to be a big shot, didn’t cha
You had to badmouth that young boy
You had to be a big shot, didn’t cha
Just because you were annoyed
You had to have the last word, that’s right
You know what everything’s about
But still we know that Levi spent nights
Sleeping at your house within your sight, Oh oh

Oh Oh whoa whoa oh, Oh Oh whoa
Big shot…Big shot… Big shot…Mmmm…Big shot…Whoa whoa
Big shot…

Palin’s “Mama Grizzlies” On Endangered Species List

As the rock group Queen once said, “another one bites the dust”. As of yesterday, another one of the Sarah Palin endorsed “Mama Grizzlies” was shot dead by the voting public. Former Georgia Secretary of State Karen Handel conceded the Republican gubernatorial primary runoff Wednesday to the Mike Huckabee and Newt Gingrich endorsed Nathan Dean. Prior thereto, both CeCe Heil (House, Tennessee) and Cecile Bledsoe (House, Arkansas) were each  defeated in their elections despite the Sarah Palin mark of approval. And as of today, the following Palin endorsed conservative female candidates are trailing in the polls: Star Parker (House, California) and Ann Marie Buerkle (House, New York). Sarah Palin’s star making power is now officially on life support.

Palin seems to believe that the majority of the American public agrees with her uber-conservative ideology. For instance, just last week during her cojones speech, she misinterpreted the results of the Missouri “Proposition C” referendum vote. In that vote, Missouri Republican Party primary voters passed a purely symbolic referendum allowing state residents to opt out of mandatory health insurance as imposed by the recently enacted Health Care Reform Law. Palin said, “The Show Me State showed Obamacare the door yesterday”, but she failed to mention that virtually only Republicans voted that day or that the Missouri vote was meaningless because federal law trumps state measures on issues of commerce.  She fails to understand that it is only the fringe group Tea-Baggers and far far right of the Republican Party that endorse her views. Moreover, those two groups together only constitute a minority of the voting population.

As her hand chosen candidates continue to lose elections, Sarah Palin might finally get the clue that mainstream American voters do not agree with her on the issues. Let’s hope that this reality eludes her however. After all, we do not want Sarah Palin to realize that she is unelectable and therefore choose not to seek the Presidency in 2012. If that were to happen, who would we laugh at during debates?

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Another Day song link:


(sung to the Paul McCartney song “Another Day”)

Ev’ry day she wakes up yawning and with messy hair
Reads the morning papers just to see if she is mentioned there
It’s just a Palin day
Listen to her squawking, right there on Fox News
Crib notes in the pocket of her raincoat
It’s just a Palin day
At the compound where the Palins live out by the lake
Sarah wonders if the fence she built was just a big mistake
It’s just a Palin day

Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day
Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day

So sad, so sad
Sarah Palin is mad
All she speaks of is heaven and hell
And the “death panel” lies that she always tells
Oy vey, she’s all tanned up
She’s so dumb, by the way, where are her kids today?
So sad
Sarah Palin’s so sad

She’s incensed that her poll numbers are in a nose-dive
She needs Glenn Beck at Fox to keep her election hopes alive
It’s just a Palin day

Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day
Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day

So sad, so sad
Sarah Palin is sad
All alone her life must be like hell
Till those Tea-Bagger freaks come and break the spell
Oy vey, they ham it up
They all come and they stay but they leave the next day
They’re mad
They and Sarah are mad

Ev’ry day she exits like a bat from out her lair
Takes a swipe at liberals with lies manufactured from thin air
A Sarah Palin day
She just keeps on talking, hasn’t got a clue
Wanting everyone to know her name though
A Sarah Palin day

Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day
Du du du du du du, It’s just a Palin day


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