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Even Liberals Sometimes Get Duped – D’oh!

We all love to laugh at Fox News hosts, right wing radio pundits and conservative politicians when they fall for a prank. Case in point: when Sarah Palin took that embarrassing phone call from a Canadian disc jockey posing as French President, Nicolas Sarkozy. Yet to be fair, we progressives must admit that it happens to our folks every once in awhile also, too.

Last night it was MSNBC‘s Rachel Maddow that was duped. reports that she called attention to a story on the website Christwire that was advocating for Sarah Palin to lead an American invasion into Egypt. Admittedly, that story does not sound all that far fetched when one considers some of Palin’s past prescriptions such as fixing the BP oil leak by means of Norwegian dykes. Nonetheless, you would expect just a little fact checking from the usually meticulous Maddow team. Had they done so, they would have learned that Christwire is a satirical site.

Shortly after the broadcast, Maddow’s folks did in fact catch the mistake. Maddow issued a Twitter tweet which read,

“The bad news about a free and open internet? Sometimes you get had by brilliant satirists. Christwire: 1 TRMS: 0”

Here is the embarrassing broadcast:

We love you Rachel, but please do not let this happen again. Your standards are too high to be lumped in with the likes of Beck, Hannity and Limbaugh. Strike one, but she is still at the plate.

By the way Rachel, the following is Egyptian President, Hosni Mubarak in more popular days!

UPDATE:  Still snowing like crazy in Boston!