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A Happy St. Patrick’s Day To All You Rocketeers!!!

Crowds Panic As Flood Threatens Ireland!

Just a little Irish humor on this most wonderful of Holy Days.

In Boston we take our St. Patrick’s Day celebrations very seriously. This “most Irish of all American cities” celebrated with a paid holiday for all City of Boston municipal employees and Massachusetts state employees. You see, Boston political offices and the city payroll were dominated by the Irish for the past 150 years or so and those folks wanted a day-off to celebrate the Patron Saint of Ireland’s special day in a big way. Problem was, that whole “separation of church and state” thing. Not to be dissuaded however, the Irish did a little bit of historical research and sure and begorra they discovered that March 17th was the day in 1776 that British forces evacuated the city following the Siege of Boston. This was great news because they could now pass a law commemorating “Evacuation Day” as a legitimate paid holiday. As a nod to the true intent of their action however, the signatures on the bill were in green ink.

All good things however, must come to an end. In 2010, the state legislature debated eliminating Evacuation Day as an official holiday, citing the expense of giving state and local workers paid days off. The state’s FY2011 budget requires all state and municipal offices in Suffolk County be open on both days.

Lynnrockets however, is self employed and consequently the day shall be free for imbibing!

Until I return tomorrow, please enjoy some fine non-traditional Irish music and maybe a Guinness or two as well…