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Palin To Arizona To US Senate… Hmmm

Julie Driscoll of has written a very interesting piece.

She speculates that Sarah Palin may have recently purchased a new home in Arizona. By the way, what is it with the Palins and Arizona? First, Sarah Palin ran on the same presidential ticket as an Arizona senator. Next, her sniper-sighted advertisement was associated with the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Not too long thereafter, we were told that former unwed teen mother Bristol Palin had purchased a home in Arizona where she would live while pursuing her college degree at Arizona State University. That whole story proved to be a false alarm of course, when Bristol announced last month that she was moving to Los Angeles to share an apartment with two men while filming (what else but) a reality television series. Now it’s Sarah Palin to Arizona? What gives?

The house in question is described as an “8,000-square-foot, dark-brown stucco home with a guard gate that can keep unwanted visitors away. It has six bedrooms, five bathrooms, a six-car garage, a swimming pool and spa, and a full basement with a home theater, billiards room and wine cellar. Safari Investments LLC paid $1.695 million cash for the home in a deal that appears designed to cloak the identity of a high-profile buyer.” Driscoll says that the “high profile buyer” is rumored to be none other than the former ex-quitting half-term governor of Alaska.

Reason for the change of locale? Driscoll opines that it is so Sarah Palin can run for the US Senate seat being vacated by fellow liar and Republican John Kyl. Kyl you might remember, is the guy who lied on the Senate floor when he said that that 90% of Planned Parenthood services were abortion-related, when in fact, the actual number is 3%. Palin of course, lies about everything from saying “Thanks, but no thanks” to that bridge to nowhere, to suggesting to Katie Couric that she was involved in trade missions with Russia, to proclaiming that the Democratic Party health care reform law included “death panels”. Hence, an Arizona senate seat is the perfect place for a liar.

So what will it be? A run for the presidency? A run for an Arizona senate seat? Or neither? Please do tell, Sarah. Enquiring minds want to know.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Born To Run song link:


(sung to the Bruce Springsteen song “Born To Run”)

In the day she sweats it out on the streets, she’s a runner-up beauty pageant queen
At night she tears her hair out in worry atop Todd’s snow-machine
Hate filled rages at the five and dime
High heeled, misdirected and sporting a sixties beehive, Whoa
Wasilla town hopes she never comes back
She’s a dumb quack, a political hack
Sarah speaketh with a forked tongue
But tramps like her, baby they were born to run
(yes she will run)

Sarah’s got thin skin but she’ll run again
She can’t find work on television
SarahPAC will cater to her whims
Their dedicated to her mission
Together they will dish out crap
She’ll run till she drops, maybe from a heart attack, Whoa
All her friends, she’ll continue to hire
‘cause baby she wants to be the next “Decider”
But her wagon has lost all its wheels
She behaves like a little child girl, a pitbull refusing to heel
(full of baloney)

(Twitter break)

She’s filled with malice right down to the bones buried in her backyard
She casts no reflection in brand new mirrors
Like a vampire caught off guard
Her unfeeling heart, rises cold and dark
A dominatrix with an iron fist
She’s gonna try to befriend thee in the deep dark night
With a wink and a blown kiss, Huhh

(Facebook break)

(one two three four…)

She’s got a bunch of Fox News zeroes that fuel her hopes and drive
Sarah Palin likes you if you are white and have no use for gay pride
Every Wednesday she will give an address
That will reveal all the madness in her soul, Whoa
Someday girl, we don’t know when, you’ll learn that you’re a disgrace
Something we already know, her career will be done
But till then just like puss, Sarah will return to run

Oh, Sarah just like puss, baby we hope that you run

Please believe me, all of us baby, sure hope that you will run

Sunday Mid-Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 67

Just a few newsworthy events (and comments thereon) that have been making their way through the political universe this past week. Please ponder and maybe chuckle a bit before enjoying a wonderful day!

BREAKING NEWS: The family of Christina Taylor Green, the nine-year-old girl killed when a gunman opened fire on Rep. Gabrielle Giffords at a “Congress on Your Corner” event, has donated some of her organs, and they are already saving another child’s life. Some of her organs were transplanted to a little girl from Boston.

THIS JUST IN: Speaking of transplants, it has been reported that former Vice President and Torturer in Chief, Dick Cheney may require a heart transplant. Is anyone else out there surprised to learn that he had one in the first place?

BREAKING NEWS:  Joe Lieberman, the sometimes Democrat, sometimes Republican Senator from Connecticut has announced that he will retire at the end of his term. At least this way his dismissal from the Senate will be on his own terms and not those of the Connecticut voters. Hey Joe, don’t let the door hit you in one of your two faces on the way out!

THIS JUST IN: North Dakota’s Blue-Dog Democratic Senator Kent Conrad has also announced that he will not seek re-election. Conrad was one of the Democrats who helped sink the public option during the health care reform debates. Hey Kent, please take note of what we had to say to fellow traitor Joe Lieberman just above!

BREAKING NEWS: Speaking of health care reform, the state of Vermont may be moving towards a single payer system. The Bennington Banner reports that Vermont’s congressional delegation joined Governor Peter Shumlin Tuesday to announce legislation that would allow states to seek federal health care waivers in 2014, and the flexibility to craft their own state-level health care plans. Landmark health care reform legislation signed into law last year by President Barack Obama provides states the option of seeking a federal waiver to opt out of some requirements of the bill as long as certain standards are maintained. That provision was sought by U.S. Sen. Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent. Shumlin, a Democrat sworn in to office earlier this month, promised during the campaign that he would seek a single-payer health care system for the state. Let’s hear it for the progressive state of Vermont!

THIS JUST IN: The polar opposite of Vermont of course, is the backward state of Alabama. Speaking on Martin Luther King Jr. Day in the very church where Dr. King once pastored, new Alabama Governor Robert Bentley gave a speech in which he said that those who have not accepted Jesus Christ as their savior are not his “brothers.” How is that for an all inclusive Republican umbrella?

BREAKING NEWS: The Reagan boys may be bickering as to whether or not their father, Ronald Reagan had lost his mind while in office, but former CBS reporter Leslie Stahl knows the truth. In the book she published in 2000, Reporting Live, Stahl recounts a disturbing encounter she had with Reagan in the summer of 1986. Stahl was finishing up a stint as CBS News’ White House correspondent, and she was awarded the customary farewell audience with the president. She wrote,

“…Reagan didn’t seem to know who I was. He gave me a distant look with those milky eyes and shook my hand weakly. Oh, my, he’s gonzo, I thought. I have to go out on the lawn tonight and tell my countrymen that the president of the United States is a doddering space cadet. My heart began to hammer with the import…I was aware of the delicacy with which I would have to write my script. But I was quite sure of my diagnosis.”

THIS JUST IN: We are happy to report that both Glenn Beck and Sean Hannity had their nationally syndicated radio shows dropped from WPHT in Philadelphia, which is the second radio station to drop both of the conservative commentators. A few weeks ago Beck was dropped from station WOR in New York, and Hannity was dropped from KSL Radio in Utah. Speculation is that poor ratings and an industry-wide advertiser desire to distance itself from the rhetoric spouted by hate radio may have been the catalyst for the cancellations.

BREAKING NEWS: The most recent Washington Post/ABC poll reveals that 52% of Americans now hold unfavorable views of the Tea Party which is a new high. Only 35% like the Tea Baggers which is the same percentage that hold favorable views of Saudi Arabia. Shockingly, more Americans favor Russia (47%) and socialism (36%) over the Tea Party.

THIS JUST IN: Lynnrockets is by no means a fan of Howard Stern, but he uttered one of the more memorable lines about Sarah Palin this week. No, we are not referring to his expletive-laced diatribe against the Queen of Quit. We liked this one simple sentence: “This woman is a vomit.” Short and to the point.


Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody which features the whole bunch of conservatives.

California Dreamin’ song link:


(sung to the Mamas & The Papas song “California Dreamin’”)

All their shirts are brown
(All their shirts are brown)
And their hair is grey
(And their hair is grey)
Listen to them talk
(Listen to them talk)
As they loudly pray
(As they loudly pray)
Scandal is their norm
(Scandal is their norm)
They have one every day
(They have one every day)
Conservative dreamin’
(Conservative dreamin’)
And politics of hate

Members of John Birch
Some won’t admit they’re gay
But when they get down on their knees
(Get down on their knees)
That’s when they like to play
(When they like to play)
These slimy creatures should be told
(Creatures should be told)
Membership’s gone away
(Members gone away)
Conservative dreamin’
(Conservative dreamin’)
Has led them all astray

(musical interlude)

Glenn Beck is a clown
(Glenn Beck is a clown)
What does Limbaugh weigh?
(What does Limbaugh weigh?)
Palin cannot talk
(Palin cannot talk)
She’s no Tina Fey
(She’s no Tina Fey)
Somebody should tell her
(Somebody should tell her)
To just go away
(To just go away)
Conservative dreamin’
(Conservative dreamin’)
Has become so cliché
(Conservative dreamin’)
Has lost all its cache´
(Conservative dreamin’)
Drives voters all away

Sarah Palin Stars In “Bad Will Hunting” (Rated: Predictable)

Coming in January to theatres throughout Nevada, Sarah Palin stars in”Bad Will Hunting”. Yes it is true. Fresh off of her sniper-sight symbol laden political ad aimed at recently shot Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and immediately following her soul-searching, “I Was The True Victim Of The Tucson Shooting Massacre” speech, Sarah Palin will appear at the Safari Club International’s annual hunter’s convention.

Not to be dissuaded in any way from advocating gun violence against defenseless animals, Sarah Palin has elected to come out with guns blazing as the keynote speaker at the event that is expected to draw thousands. It is obvious that the former ex-quitting half-term governor of Alaska cares little about the fact that appearing at the convention will once again connect her directly with gun-play and violence at a time when this nation is still grieving the tragic events of January 8th. On the contrary, the Queen of Quit refuses to “retreat”. Instead, she will “RELOAD” by means of telling tall tales about “her past hunting experiences and how politics affect the current state of hunting and fishing.”

Perhaps she will explain why she looked like she had never held a gun in her life and was unable to load her rifle without assistance on the recently broadcast episode of her un-reality television show, before she finally shot a caribou after numerous misfires. Maybe she will reminisce about that time during her 2008 campaign when she had to be coached that the butt of the gun should be against her shoulder before firing. She might even enthrall the audience with a technical description of how her staff computer geeks were able to get those sniper-sights, “surveyor symbols”… to turn the color red whenever one of her targeted candidates lost an election. The possibilities are endless.

All kidding aside however, wouldn’t you think that Sarah Palin might make some attempt to distance herself from the gun culture so soon after the Tucson tragedy which she is so inexorably connected by means of her rifle-sight ad and gun-firing rhetoric? Just when most of the nation agrees that a “cooling-off” period is in order, Sarah Palin elects to double-down on her connection with the gun-toters of America. And don’t let Sarah or her supporters fool you. She is not appearing in Nevada merely to speak about the virtues (whatever those may be) of the apolitical sport of hunting. Oh no, she is there to talk about how “politics affect” the past-time. Now hold on one second while I slip on my Palinese decoder ring. Ah, there we go. Now I can decipher her Sarah-speak. In no uncertain terms, Sarah Palin will tell her audience that the Democrats are out to take away their guns and their bullets and they will be able to hunt no more.

Is anybody out there willing to wager that she will deliver a different message?


On Monday, the media-shy Sarah Palin slithered into the friendly confines of the Fox News network to be interviewed by her BFF, Sean Hannity. The televised love-fest was an obvious attempt by both Palin and her Fox News employers to rehabilitate the reputations of both the speaking-challenged Palin and the propagandist network. The attempt failed on both counts. First, Palin gaffed by saying that she removed her sniper-sight laden map on the day of the Tucson massacre because, “it was going to cause much heartburn” (emphasis supplied). The alleged journalism major apparently did not realize that the saying is, “to cause much heart-ache“. As for the Fox network and Hannity, they proved once again that they will never ask a tough question or follow-up to a Republican or a conservative. The entire interview was more akin to an infomercial than news coverage. Thankfully for all of us bloggers that love to expose the idiocy of Sarah Palin, she announced that she, “is not going to shut up”. Thank goodness. Now we will be able to maintain our diet of never-ending word salad.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

It’s Still Rock And Roll To Me link:


(sung to the Billy Joel song “It’s Still Rock and Roll To Me ”)

What’s the matter with the clothes she’s wearing?
I believe they’re made from wolf hide
Maybe she should buy a new pair of glasses
She’s lookin’ just a bit pie-eyed
Just when you think Sarah’s sounding kinda murky,
She gives an interview while someone kills a turkey
Everybody’s talkin’ ‘bout polar bears
Funny, but it’s still lock and load for she

What’s the matter with the Queen of Conniving?
And her sniper-sight bullseye smile?
She associates with right-wing liars
As she travels for mile after mile
First she gave a speech in Minneapolis
Next she was headed right out to Indianapolis
Next day, Green Bay, then it’s off to LA
It’s still lock and load for she

Oh, it doesn’t matter what they say in the papers
‘Cause it’s always been the same damn scene.
She has to leave the state,
‘Cause the politics of hate dictate a nasty travel routine…
And ya know she’s raking in the green.

Her supporters all wear pink eye-blinders
And they love Sarah’s song and dance
They don’t care that she is brain-dead and crazy
And they just love it when she rants
They love it when Sarah winks and blinks her big peepers
She’s their idol and they love her, Jeepers-Creepers!
Defense funds, end runs, new guns for everyone
It’s still lock and load for she

What’s the matter with the company she’s keepin’?
Don’t she know that they’re out of touch?
Like Sarah, they lack a strong education
Can’t accuse them of knowin’ much
That seems to be OK with the G.O.P.
Who needs college when you have a G.E.D.
It’s the new cool, no school, milky eyes and mouth drool
And Sarah is the big Queen bee
Everybody’s talkin’ bout the new party
Funny, but it’s still the same G.O.P.

Despicable Tea!

Just when you thought that members of the Tea Party could not possibly make bigger fools out of themselves than they already have, along comes Tucson (Arizona) Tea Party co-founder Trent Humphries. At this point you might be wondering just how any Tea Bagger could upstage the penchant for dressing like George Washington while in public, or be more out of order than bringing loaded weapons to public rallies, or fail to understand that Medicare is a form of socialized medicine. Well, Humphries has managed to do it.

Please sit down and brace yourselves, because Humphries believes that Gabrielle Giffords has herself to blame for getting shot in the head last Saturday. He said the Arizona representative should not have attended her constituent meeting “in full view of the public” if she had security concerns. Humphries stated that if Giffords was truly concerned about the cross-hair symbols placed over her district by Sarah Palin in a political ad, then she should have done more to protect herself. He believes that Giffords’ warning that “there’s consequences to that action (i.e sniper symbols)” were words spoken simply for political gain. Here are Humphries’ exact words:

“It’s political gamesmanship,” he told the Guardian. “The real case is that she [Giffords] had no security whatsoever at this event. So if she lived under a constant fear of being targeted, if she lived under this constant fear of this rhetoric and hatred that was seething, why would she attend an event in full view of the public with no security whatsoever?”

“For all the stuff they accuse [Palin] of, that gun poster has not done a tenth of the damage to the political discourse as what we’re hearing right now.”

Yikes, talk about blaming the victim! The Tea Party and its misguided leadership should be called to account for this atrocious behavior. At the very least, Trent Humphries should be expelled from his office and stripped of his Tea Party membership. Anything less than that will simply confirm that the Tea-Baggers have no soul or conscience.


Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

It’s My Party song link:


(sung to the Lesley Gore song “It’s My Party”)

It’s our tea party, and we’ll cry if we want to
Lie if we want to, die if we want to
You would cry too if you were in our zoo

Nobody knows just what planet we’re from
We have all lost our minds
But we will follow the plan
And misspell all of our signs

It’s our tea party, and we’ll cry if we want to
Lie if we want to, die if we want to
You would cry too if you looked like we do

Playin’ the race card because we’re all white
Swastikas define our style
When Glenn Beck’s eyes get teary
That just makes all of us smile

It’s our tea party, and we’ll cry if we want to
Lie if we want to, die if we want to
You would cry too if you were in our zoo

(misspelled sign making break)

Our Sarah Palin behaves just like a whore
She’s a mean ding-a-ling
She tells us nothing but lies
We believe everything

It’s our tea party, and we’ll cry if we want to
Lie if we want to, die if we want to
You would cry too if you looked like we do

Oh, It’s our tea party, and we’ll cry if we want to
Lie if we want to, die if we want to
You would cry too if you were in our zoo

Oh, It’s our tea party, and we’ll cry if we want to
Lie if we want to, die if we want to…

Boston Station Calls Out Palin Camp Lies And Spanks NYT For Failure To Report

WGBH is a non-commercial television and radio broadcast service located in Boston, Massachusetts. WGBH is a member station of the Public Broadcasting Service, and produces more than two-thirds of PBS’s national primetime programming. Programs produced for PBS include Masterpiece, NOVA, Frontline, American Experience, The Victory Garden and This Old House. WGBH is also well-known for having co-produced numerous period dramas and has collaborated for years with British production companies.

The television station also airs a program broadcast locally in Boston known as “Beat The Press.” It’s website describes the program as follows:

Beat the Press takes a sharp look at how the media, new and old, covers and analyzes the big issues of the week. Created in 1998 by award winning television news producer and host Emily Rooney, Beat the Press is a lively and sometimes sassy look at both the business of media and its journalistic purpose. A four time winner of the National Press Club’s prestigious Arthur Rowse Award for Press Criticism, BTP has become one of the most popular programs on local public television, bringing viewers behind the scenes and into the process of news gathering from television, radio and newspapers, to the vast world of new media including websites, blogs, twitters and more.”

On Monday, January 10th the program’s website featured an article which criticized The New York Times for failing to call out a Sarah Palin spokeswoman on what has all the appearances of a flat-out lie. The article follows below, but please do yourselves a favor and check out the wonderful website with accompanying videos, here.

Times Lets Palin Aide Lie About Gunsight Map

The New York Times today fails to call a Sarah Palin spokeswoman on what has all the appearances of a flat-out lie.

In a story on the political fallout of the weekend carnage in Tucson that claimed the lives of six people and left U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords gravely injured, Times reporters Jeff Zeleny and Jim Rutenberg tell us that Palin adviser Rebecca Mansour denied that those were gunsights on Palin’s infamous map identifying House Democrats she had targeted for defeat. Zeleny and Rutenberg write of Mansour’s appearance on a conservative radio talk show:

Ms. Mansour said that the cross hairs, in fact, were not meant to be an allusion to guns, and agreed with her interviewer’s reference to them as “surveyors symbols.” Aides to Ms. Palin did not respond to interview requests on Sunday.

Yet we already knew otherwise on Sunday, as a Talking Points Memo reader dug up a tweet purportedly written by Palin herself referring to the map symbols in explicitly gun-oriented terms. Palin or her designated tweeter wrote:

Remember months ago “bullseye” icon used 2 target the 20 Obamacare-lovin’ incumbent seats? We won 18 of 20 (90% success rate;T’aint bad)

And let’s not forget that those symbols turned red whenever one of the targeted Democrats went down — just like surveyors symbols, eh?

Few people are blaming Palin for the actions of Jared Lee Loughner, who has been charged with the Saturday shootings. Loughner appears to have been motivated by mental illness rather than politics. Still, Palin’s map was mind-blowingly irresponsible, as Giffords herself said some months ago. This should mark the end of Palin’s public career as anything other than a sideshow freak, much as Ann Coulter all but disappeared after she mocked 9/11 widows. Are the media really going to let Palin and her minions get away with this?

Traditional journalism is incredibly uncomfortable when given proof that someone is flat-out lying. But that’s no excuse for the Times’ ignoring the fact that there was already proof Mansour was lying — or, at best, was incredibly uninformed about her boss’ intentions.

Isn’t it refreshing to see at least one unit of the mainstream media take-on another when it sees that the full story is not being reported? Keep up the good work WGBH and “Beat the Press”!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody which is inspired by the Palin camp’s penchant for lying.

Fins song link:

Note: a fib is a lie


(sung to the Jimmy Buffett song “Fins”)

She came down from Mat-Su Valley
She signed some books while on her plane
Hoping to incite a riot
Sarah Palin sure loves her fame

The Mama Grizzly is in motion
And all she does is snarl and bark
This re-al-it-y TV star
Lies through morning, noon and dark

Can’t you feel ‘em circlin’, Sarah
As you move from town to town?
You tell fibs to the left, fibs to the right
You’re a scheming, lying clown
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
You tell fibs to the left, fibs to the right
And soon you’ll be going down

She’s saving up all of her money
Wants to head down south in May
Maybe hold out her hand to her Tea-Bagging fans
Way down Arizona way

TV money was good this season
Now it’s time to go “reload”
Endless supply of big whopping lies
“Death Panels” paved her road with gold

Can’t you feel ‘em circlin’, Sarah
As you move from town to town?
You tell fibs to the left, fibs to the right
You’re a scheming, lying clown

(Fox News break)

Intellect that’s meager
Sarah Palin is just a dolt
She’s been on a learning diet
And that’s a Lynnrockets’ quote

She has a box just like Pandora
She spews evil cross the land
Just behind the reek from here big white teeth
She forms lies universally panned

Can’t you feel ‘em circlin’, Sarah
As you move from town to town?
She tells fibs to the left, fibs to the right
She’s a scheming, lying clown
She tells fibs to the left, fibs to the right
And Sarah Palin’s going down

“Blood Libel”: Another Example of Palin’s Violent And Insensitive Rhetoric

"I'm the real victim of the Arizona shootings"

Wow, I just watched Sarah Palin’s “I Am The Real Victim Of The Arizona Shootings Speech” and I quickly realized something. The former ex-quitting half-term governor of Alaska is simply incapable of making a statement without resorting to some sort of violent and insensitive rhetoric.

Clearly, the primary intention of Sarah Palin’s Facebook posted, FDR-emulating fireside chat was to deny any connection between her bullet-laden rhetoric and sniper-sight symbolism and the recent Arizona murders. In attempting to do so, she not only placed blame upon media members and government officials that have called for a scaling-back of the ever increasing right-wing inspired calls for “revolution”, “2nd Amendment remedies” and “Bullets, not ballots”, but she also portrayed herself as the real victim of the Arizona atrocity. Problem is, Sarah Palin was incapable of making her point without resorting once again to the very same type of violent and insensitive rhetoric for which she has recently come under fire.

After making only brief reference to the victims of the shooting and failing to mention Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ ongoing fight for life, Palin said,

“But, especially within hours of a tragedy unfolding, journalists and pundits should not manufacture a blood libel that serves only to incite the very hatred and violence they purport to condemn. That is reprehensible.”

“Blood libel” Sarah? Really, is that the best term you and your team of ghost-writers could come-up with over the last 3 days while you hunkered down in silence? Didn’t anybody in the Palin “brain-trust” dissuade you from not only recklessly using the word “blood” in an inflammatory statement made in the aftermath of a blood-laden tragedy, but also combining it with the word “libel” so as to invoke a very anti-semitic slur? After attending 5 colleges in 6 years which culminated in an alleged degree in journalism, Sarah Palin should have learned somewhere that “blood libel” is a false claim that religious minorities, usually Jews, murder Christian children to use their blood in religious rituals. This was a particularly insensitive term to use in that Gabrielle Giffords is Jewish and 9 year-old Christina Taylor-Green was killed in the attack. Somehow, “Team Palin” always seems to say the wrong thing at the wrong time, so we should not be surprised that she has done it yet again.

The overwhelming tone of Sarah Palin’s statement seemed to be that she considers herself to be one of the main victims of the violent shooting. It is obvious that when she said, “We are better than the mindless finger-pointing we endured in the wake of the tragedy”, she was referring to the finger-pointing which she personally endured as the result of targeting Gabrielle Giffords with sniper-sight symbols. Again, Sarah Palin believes that she too is a victim of this tragedy. Not a single life-threatening bullet grazed her, but her feelings were hurt. Oh, poor, poor piful Sarah!

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Poor, Poor Pitiful Me song link:


(sung to the Linda Ronstadt version of the song “Poor, Poor Pitiful Me”)

Although I’ve left some blood in my tracks
You know I’m still “mavericky”
Twenty lay shot on the floor
Poor, poor Sarah P.

Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor Sarah P
The left-wing won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe, woe is me

Well, I targeted Gabrielle real good
I was naming names
Then someone worked her over good
Now they say that I’m to blame
My intentions were misunderstood
I hope the doctors now can mend her
I put her in some danger, Lord
Now they’ve run me through the blender

Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor Sarah P.
The left-wing won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe, woe is me

(Reloading break)

Well, all this “blood libel” has consumed me
This poor “Grizzly Mama”
My White House hopes are tumblin’ down
Unless I target Obama!

Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor Sarah P.
The left-wing won’t let me be
Lord have mercy on me
Woe, woe is me

Poor, poor, poor me
Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor, poor me
Poor, poor pitiful me
Poor, poor, poor me
Poor, poor pitiful me

Has Palin Ever Been This Silent For This Long?

Cat got her tongue?

Oh where, oh where is Sarah Palin?

Come out, come out wherever you are!

We have not heard a word from the former ex-quitting half-term governor of Alaska since she issued her Facebook statement of “sincere condolences” last Saturday following the tragic massacre in Tucson, Arizona. Despite the fact that Palin has come under widespread and intense public scrutiny as the result of her perceived symbolic “call to arms” via her public advertisement which placed a sniper’s rifle-sight image over victim Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ congressional district and mentioned her by name, Palin has uncharacteristically remained silent. Sure, she sent that self-serving private email to her fellow hate-speaker Glenn Beck which he promptly read on the hate-spewing Fox News network. However, “I hate violence. I hate war” is not exactly a coherent retort of any kind. Why is Sarah Palin so tongue tied?

Where are the defensive (and to many, “offensive”) Twitter tweets and Facebook retorts that always immediately materialize after Sarah Palin is criticized? When David Letterman told an offensive joke about her daughter, Palin’s response was instantaneous. When her lie about “death panels” was exposed, Palin quickly doubled down on her mentioning of the fabrication. When Arnold Schwarzenegger needled her about being able to see Russia from his plane, she hastily criticized his governing abilities. And, when a number of literate citizens pointed out that “refudiate” is not a word, she promptly compared herself to William Shakespeare. Any casual viewer of her TLC un-reality television show has noticed that Palin cannot keep her hands off her Blackberry for more than 5 consecutive minutes. So, the 64 thousand dollar question is, where is Sarah Palin’s response when she has been so broadly criticized for having fostered  a toxic environment of hate that may be partially responsible for the attempted assassination of a public official that she “targeted”? Lynnrockets would concur that Sarah Palin’s silence is generally golden, but something is askew.

This is not to say that others have not spoken on behalf of Sarah Palin. Her defenders have appeared in the “lamestream” (as they always used to call it when they ignored it) media and on countless websites and blogs where they have made every attempt to portray Palin as the actual victim of this tragedy. Some have even gone so far as to absurdly suggest that the deadly shooting was carried out by liberals in an attempt to cast blame on Palin and other members of the radical far-right. One Palin-devoted blog, C4P (Conservatives For Palin) has a contributor named Nicole Coulter who told this summer, “We would literally walk across hot broken glass for this woman… She’s our family, and you protect your family; it’s like the mafia.” You can say that again!

The closest member of the Palin clan to publicly comment on the Giffords/Palin connection is Rebecca Mansour. She is a Palin staffer who is active in Palin’s SarahPAC political action committee website. Coincidentally (or not), it was the SarahPAC website (as well as Sarah Palin’s Facebook page) which displayed the controversial sniper-sight symbols. Mansour provides much of the narrative material which appears on the SarahPAC site and it has been alleged that she also ghost-writes many of Palin’s Twitter tweets and Facebook posts. As for the Tucson murders, Mansour said on conservative Tammy Bruce’s radio program last weekend that any attempt to connect the tragedy to Sarah Palin is “obscene” and “appalling”. She went on to say,We never ever, ever intended it to be gun sites.” When radio host Bruce then suggested, “It’s surveyor’s symbols”, Mansour agreed. She responded, “We never imagined, it never occurred to us that anybody would consider it violent.” Rather, she said, that it was simply “crosshairs that you would see on a map. There is “nothing irresponsible about our graphic.


Is Mansour so naive as to think that nobody noticed Sarah Palin’s “don’t retreat, instead- RELOAD!” exclamation which appeared on both her Facebook page and the SarahPAC website shortly after the gun-sight graphic was posted and linked directly back to the cross-hair laden map? Did Mansour also think that nobody noticed Palin’s admission that the symbols were bullseyes when she tweeted on November 4, 2010 as follows:

Additionally, if there was “nothing irresponsible’ about the graphic, then why was it suddenly scrubbed from the website on the very day of the murders? Perhaps some very real ghosts began haunting Palin and her ghost-writer after the killings.

Again we ask, when will Sarah Palin come out of hiding and say something on her own behalf?

Paging Sarah Palin! Paging Sarah Palin!

SPECIAL NOTE: Today is Lynnrockets’ birthday. I do not mention this because of some narcissistic tendency, but only because the numeric date (1/11/11) is noteworthy and I am generally unlikely to be associated with anything that is noteworthy. Consequently, the drink will flow tonight (or the earth will end or something!).

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s reader-requested song parody which describes Sarah Palin’s ghost-written books.

Ghost Riders In The Sky song link:


(sung to the Frankie Laine song  “Ghost Riders In The Sky”)

Yippie I ay, Yippie I oh
The Ghost-Writers in the sky

Alaska’s dope was whining ‘bout Obama one fine day,
Her patience sure was tested by that actress Tina Fey
When all at once a thousand words in her mind’s eye she saw
A sure fire way to spread her lies and keep her fans in awe

Yippie I oh, Yippie I ay
Her words they would buy

So Palin found a buyer and she signed a big book deal
Her brain-power was tiny so her writing lacked appeal
A bolt of fear went through her as poor Sarah realized
Book writing is so friggin’ hard…but she had to spread her lies

Yippie I oh, Yippie I ay
Ghost-Writer she must find

Her face was gaunt, her eyes were blurred, her blouse was soaked with sweat
She needed a ghost-writer now, so she called Lynn Vincent
She recited made-up stories going back to junior high
The tall tales of a big fat liar… written by a paid ally

Yippie I oh, Yippie I ay
The Ghost-Writer on the sly

The critics were not impressed, they said her book was lame
Her fans were not dissuaded, they all bought it just the same
Sarah went on a book-signing tour, took her fans for a ride
She charged them money for her words…and those fools all complied

Yippie I oh, Yippie I ay
(Yippie I oh, Yippie I ay)
The Ghost-Writers in the sky
Yippie I oh, Yippie I ay
Yippie I oh, Yippie I ay
Yippie I oh, Yippie I ay

Sarah Palin Has Blood In Her Sights And On Her Hands (Re-post from 3/30/10)

Lynnrockets has decided to forgo the usual “Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea)” weekly news recap today so as to re-post a blog entry we placed here back on March 30, 2010. The article focused upon Sarah Palin and how her words and symbolism might someday lead to tragic violence. Unfortunately, that prediction may have come true yesterday. This re-post is not intended in any way to give a “pat on the back” to Lynnrockets’ ability to forecast future events. Rather, it is put here to serve as an example of the fact that even back nearly a year ago it was obvious to anyone paying attention, that Palin’s ( and others’ on the radical far-right) use of violence inciting words and symbols was escalating to the boiling point.

The blogosphere and the mainstream media (with the striking exception of Fox News) have nearly all made mention of the Gabrielle Giffords tragedy and Sarah Palin’s targeted and symbolic call to “reload” and “take a stand” against her last March. Again, with the exception of Fox News, they have all made reference to the eight-hundred pound gorilla in the room which is Palin’s despicable “cross-hair” laden call to arms against Giffords (and 19 other Democrats) which she placed on her website. Palin continued to prominently display that horrific inducement to violence well after the November mid-term elections (at which they were allegedly aimed). For what reason would she do that? It was not until after the damage was done yesterday afternoon that Sarah Palin scrubbed her target board from her website. Was that an implicit admission that even she now realizes the danger it posed?

Fox News of course took a different tact. If any of you “took one for the team” and watched the Fox coverage of the event, you noticed how the hosts and their many guest “experts” (excepting Gerlaldo Rivera) avoided any reference to the Palin ad or the ever-escalating right-wing hate speak that preceded yesterday’s murders. Inasmuch as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck are employees of Fox News, the network made every effort to avoid mention of their names although nearly every other outlet of the mainstream media saw the connection in light of Pima County (Arizona) Sheriff Clarence Dupnik’s widely broadcast condemnation of “vitriolic rhetoric” on radio and television. This was “news” that the “fair and balanced” network willfully chose to ignore in an attempt to distance itself from any connection to the atrocity. In layman’s terms, Fox News was engaged in a blatant cover-up. Want more evidence of this? Then watch how this Fox News host quickly went to a commercial break less than one second after a mourner at a vigil unexpectedly mentioned the name “Sarah Palin”.

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‘Nuff said. The re-post follows:

Let’s be blunt. Sarah Palin is a bad person. She claims to be a pro-lifer, but in reality she has no respect for life. During her short lived and aborted stint as Governor of Alaska, Palin made every effort to keep such animals as the polar bear and the Beluga whale off of the endangered species list. Think about that for a moment. This sad excuse for a human being exhausted every effort to expedite the extinction of entire species of God’s creatures. She also personally violated most every hunter’s code of conduct by encouraging the shooting of wolves from helicopters. She was even insensitive enough to continue filming an interview after it was brought to her attention that a turkey was being beheaded in the background.

It is not just the lives of animals that Sarah Palin has little care for however. She is also very unconcerned about the existence of human life. Why else would she do everything in her power, including fabricating a lie about “death panels”, in an attempt to prevent the passage of the health care reform bill? Palin is aware of the fact that 45,000 Americans die each year because they have no means to access health insurance. She is also aware that more than 30 million citizens of this great nation of ours are uninsured. Yet, she opposed a law that would enable the uninsured to obtain medical services which might save their lives.

Thankfully Sarah Palin’s opposition to health care reform was not shared by the American people or the majority of Congress. Health care reform became law last week for the good of the nation but to the consternation of pouting Palin. Now Sarah Palin is out for revenge. She intends to make her point by inciting her brain-dead Tea-Bagger followers to violence against Democratic Party members of Congress that voted in favor of the health care reform bill.

Her first action was to unleash a violent call to arms via her SarahPAC website. Palin literally targeted 20 House Democrats that voted for health care reform. She named each one of them and placed a symbolic rifle-sight illustration over each of their districts on a map of the United States. As if that symbolism were not gruesome enough, Palin then issued a call to arms to her followers by means of the following ominous words emblazoned on the website: “It’s Time To Take A Stand”.

If one of her nutjob followers takes her incitement to the extreme. Sarah Palin will have more blood on her hands and a lot to answer for.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody. Please enjoy!

Hit Me With Your Best Shot song link:


(sung to the Pat Benatar song “Hit me With Your Best Shot”)

Well she’s a real tough cookie in the mean G.O.P.
A bitch without a heart; that is Sarah P.
She hates Dems and she’s gonna prove it
Just like the Duke, she’s gonna come out shootin’

Hit ‘em with your best shot!
Let’s start to shoot Dems with our best shot!
Hit ‘em with your best shot!
Fire away!

A slimy, lying moron, this “Mama Bear”
She plays the game but she don’t play fair
Blamed her loss on John McCain
Then she flushed him right down the drain

Hit ‘em with your best shot!
Let’s start to shoot Dems with our best shot!
Hit ‘em with your best shot!
Fire away!

(re-loading break)

A political rookie with a poor history
She can see Russia from her balcony
Palin just took another gun from her rifle case
She’s gonna shoot a Democrat in the face

Hit ‘em with your best shot!
Let’s start to shoot Dems with our best shot!
Hit ‘em with your best shot!
Fire away!

Hit ‘em with your best shot!
Let’s start to shoot Dems with our best shot!
Hit ‘em with your best shot!
Fire away!

Is Fox News And Tea Party Hatred to Blame For This Atrocity?

This is truly breaking (heart-breaking) news. CNN has just reported that at least 12 people were shot at a Tucson, Arizona grocery store on Saturday, and Democratic U.S. Rep. Gabrielle Giffords was among them. The network reports that, “Giffords, 40, was holding a constituent meeting at the grocery store when the shooting occurred, according to a schedule posted on her website.” The Tuscon Citizen newspaper reports that Giffords was shot in the head.

Giffords won her third term in a closely contested race against a Tea Party-sponsored candidate and was one of three Democratic legislators who reported vandalism at their offices following the March vote on health care reform.

It is obviously too early to place blame for this atrocity until we learn more about the assailant. Nevertheless, if it is determined that the shooter targeted the Democratic Representative for political reasons,  Fox News hosts such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck may be morally culpable for fostering an atmosphere encouraging revolution-like actions against the Democratic Party controlled government. Is it any wonder that at some point violence might be triggered by Palin’s inappropriate rhetoric such as “Don’t Retreat. Reload”, or her infamous website ad which targeted certain Democrats (including Giffords) for electoral defeat by means of placing gun-sight symbols over their judicial districts on a U.S. map? Has Glenn Beck’s near constant comparison of the Obama administration to communists, socialists or even Hitler fostered an atmosphere of sober and reasoned political discourse? Of course not. These far-right conservative radicals have stopped just short of actually calling for violence against government officials. On a daily basis they remind the easily influenced Tea Party members of the glory of our nation’s armed revolution. Indeed, during the most recent election cycle Tea Party candidate Sharron Angle went so far as to say that the public should bring down an out-of-control Congress with “Second Amendment remedies.”

The far-right media and politicians refused to castigate those people that attended Tea Party rallies armed with guns. They turned the truth upside down when they defended the Tea Partier that assaulted and stepped on the head of a defenseless woman at a Rand Paul event. Every time some far-right conservative takes their bait and like a hungry dog devouring raw meat, starts talking about “taking back the government” and stocking up on guns and ammunition, the likes of Beck, Palin, Limbaugh, Malkin, Coulter and Hannity defend these crackpots by claiming that they are simply expressing their frustration. Their thinly veiled encouragement of violence either threatened or actual is despicable.

I hope from the bottom of my heart that today’s shooting was the work of a person with a severe mental disability who picked a random target and not a person motivated by what seems to be an ever-increasing level of political hatred. The mentally disabled person works alone while the politically motivated person is likely only one of many that may resort to lethal violence. It is time for the hate-spreading far-right media and politicians to realize this and tone down their rhetoric and tacit encouragement of violence.

No song parody today. I see no humor in this tragic event. My prayers are with Ms. Giffords and the other innocent shooting victims.