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Lynnrockets’ Bad News Announcement

Shite! It is with deep sorrow that Lynnrockets must announce that his all time favorite crooner has died. Yes, Eduard Khil will not be coming down to breakfast tomorrow. The legendary performer, known as Russia’s “Voice”, has died in St. Petersburg, reports RIA Novosti. The singer was 77 and he died as the result of complications associated with a stroke.

I thought it was bad when John Lennon died and ended any speculation of a Beatles’ reunion. This is even worse. There will never be a follow-up single to “Trololo” !

In lieu of flowers, please send your generous donations to the “Bilyaletdinov School of Catchy Song and Performance”, c/o Lynnrockets, 1776 Paul Revere Warns The British Drive, Boston, MA¬† 02101.