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Palins Are Wailin’ And Flailin’ About McGinniss Book

Just one more week before author Joe McGinniss’ long-awaited “The Rogue: Searching For The Real Sarah Palin” hits the bookstores. From what we know about the book already, it is sure to have Sarah Palin, her family and supporters in full damage-control mode. But the real damage will have already been done. McGinniss’ book and Levi Johnston’s tell-all tome (“Deer In The Headlights: My Life In Sarah Palin’s Crosshairs“) will be released the same day and they will provide the uppercut and knockout blow ending any hope of a Palin run for the U.S. Presidency.

We reported on the Johnston book yesterday, so let’s spend today’s post commenting on the Joe McGinniss book. McGinniss is the investigative journalist who infamously moved in next door to the Palins during the summer of 2010 while researching his book. In an effort to shield her family from the ever watchful eye of McGinniss, Palin constructed a ridiculously high spite fence. Not only did the fence impede McGinniss’ sight lines, but it also looked terrible and probably decreased the value of the Palin property. Palin justified the fence by alleging that McGinniss was some sort of perverted peeping tom. In a contemporaneous Facebook entry, she wrote,

Wonder what kind of material he’ll gather while overlooking Piper’s bedroom…

The fence did not prevent McGinniss from gathering his facts however, and they do not paint a pretty portrait of Sarah Palin or her family. The Los Angeles Times reports the book reveals that,

Palin snorted cocaine off an overturned 55-gallon drum during a snowmobile excursion, slept with college (and later NBA) basketball star Glen Rice when she was an unmarried 23-year-old sports reporter (McGinniss talked to Rice for the book and he confirmed the relationship) and had an affair with Brad Hanson, Todd Palin‘s business partner, apparently as payback for her husband’s infidelities.

Also,  “By November 2001,”  he writes, “… Sarah’s domestic life was in tatters.… Time with friends — not that there were many friends — would degenerate into marital squabbles, raised voices, and frequent threats of divorce. A recurring cause of conflict was Sarah’s inability or refusal to act as mother to her children.” Indeed, the LA Times column goes on to say that McGinniss suggests “that Palin’s “hockey mom” image is the most stage-managed sort of lie. “Friends recall,” McGinniss observes, “that when Todd was working on the North Slope, the children literally would have a hard time finding enough to eat. ‘Those kids had to fend for themselves,’ one says. ‘I’d walk into that kitchen and Bristol and Willow would be sitting there with a burnt pot of Kraft mac and cheese on the stove … and Sarah would be up in her bedroom with the door closed saying she didn’t want to be disturbed.'” Ouch! That is sure to leave a mark.

But McGinniss was not finished there. The LA Times says that McGinniss also writes that “when Catherine Taylor, the Palins’ next-door neighbor, squawks about their decision to cut a road across her property, “Todd told her, very plainly, that Sarah was mayor and they could do whatever they wanted, and it would be a mistake for her to try to stop them,” while a man named Dewey Taylor (no relationship to Catherine Taylor) has his truck window shot out after delivering chairs to McGinniss’ house.

The New York Times reports that McGinniss even writes of the theory that Sarah Palin may not be the mother of her youngest son, Trig. He calls into question “the circumstances under which he was born. Mr. McGinniss puts forth a provocative case for doubting Ms. Palin’s account of Trig’s birth, which involved a round trip between Alaska and Texas while she was supposedly in labor.” McGinniss then concludes by writing,

The time has come to strike the tent, no matter how much my book sales might benefit from a Palin presidential campaign in 2012, I sincerely hope that the whole extravaganza, which has been unblushingly underwritten by a mainstream media willing to gamble the nation’s future in exchange for the cheap thrill of watching a clown in high heels on a flying trapeze, is nearing the end of its run.

The Palin response to the book so far? Politico reports that “[i]n a statement to reporters, Todd Palin described the book as “disgusting lies, innuendo, and smears.”‘ The First Dude also said, “This is a man who has been relentlessly stalking my family to the point of moving in right next door to us to harass us and spy on us to satisfy his creepy obsession with my wife.”

We have not yet heard a direct response from Sarah Palin, but feel free to hold your breath. We all know from past experience that the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska is incapable of ignoring criticism. It will only be a matter of minutes before she posts some sort of assault on either Facebook or Twitter. She simply cannot help herself.

In honor of the troops, please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the song parody.

Paperback Writer song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “Paperback Writer”)

Paperback writer (paperback writer)

Dear Todd and Sarah, will you read my book?
It took me months to write while I had a look
All of those things that I could see and hear
I put them in my book and I’m gonna be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

Its a dirty story of a dirty clan
Led by Sarah Palin and her “First Dude” man
I learned so much by reading through their mail
They’re a seedy mob but its fun to be a paperback writer
Paperback writer

Paperback writer (paperback writer)

It’s a thousand pages give or take a few,
It has some photos I took from my scenic view.
I must admit the Palins never do smile
They just sulked around in plain site of this paperback writer,
Paperback writer

I loved all the fighting I could hear at night
It wafted through the fence despite its massive height.
You’ll learn all about them so please have no fear,
They will quiver and quake but I’m gonna be a paperback writer.
Paperback writer

Paperback writer (paperback writer)

Paperback writer – paperback writer
Paperback writer – paperback writer