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Scott Brown Falls Into Trap For The Unwary

Massachusetts’ nudist Republican Senator Scott Brown has been exposed yet again.

He has now fallen into a trap from which few (if any) Republicans have ever escaped in the Bay State. He has foolishly declared to the Massachusetts population that he is socially conservative. That is a big “NO NO” in the bluest of blue states which was the first in the union to legalize gay marriage and implement near-universal health care with personal mandates. Even former GOP Governor Mitt Romney realized that he could be elected while being fiscally conservative so long as his social liberalism was not called into question. Indeed, while Governor of Massachusetts, Romney declared that “I think people recognize that I’m not a partisan Republican, that I’m someone who is moderate, and my views are progressive.” Romney also endorsed abortion rights while holding office in the Bay State when he said, “I believe that abortion should be safe and legal in this country.”

Scott Brown should have studied the Mitt Romney Massachusetts playbook more carefully. He may have avoided the problems he brought upon himself yesterday. Everyone is now familiar with the controversy which arose last week when the Obama administration announced initially that it would force all employers (with the exception of churches and houses of worship) to provide health insurance coverage to employees which included free contraception coverage. Some religious denominations (most notably the Catholic Church) and all Republicans denounced the measure because they believed that it forced religions which proselytized against contraception to undermine their own message. In an effort to appease those concerns, the administration then modified the regulation to provide that religiously affiliated employers could continue to offer health plans without contraception coverage, but the private-sector insurers themselves must offer individual no-cost contraception coverage to those employees who specifically ask for it.

Congressional Republicans who realized that they had just been outmaneuvered by Obama then over-reacted. They decided the best way to reject the White House compromise is to go after access to contraception itself. The new Republican policy aims to allow all private-sector employers (not just the religiously affiliated) to deny any health services that businesses might find morally objectionable. As The Maddow Blog explains, “Do you work for a grocery store owner who opposes contraception? You’re out of luck. How about an accounting firm that doesn’t like HIV tests? Too bad. Are you an employee at a factory that finds cervical cancer screenings offensive? Good luck to you.”

This new policy objective has caused a rift within the Republican Party. Moderate Republicans are beginning to express their opposition. Indeed, GOP Sens. Olympia Snowe and Susan Collins of Maine have gone so far as to endorse the White House policy and publicly reject the Republican counter-proposal. What about Scott Brown?

We turn to The Maddow Blog once again for enlightenment. The blog reports that The Washington Post‘s “Greg Sargent connected with Brown’s office yesterday and learned the senator opposes the White House compromise and backs his party’s countermeasure. In other words, Scott Brown believes that any and all employers should be able to deny contraception and other forms of a preventative care to female employees.

Ouch! Brown’s position is certain to cause a backlash from voters (especially females) in liberal Massachusetts. You can bet the farm that his Democratic challenger Elizabeth Warren will endorse the women’s rights-friendly White House policy and call attention to Brown’s opposition at every opportunity. Scott Brown may have stumbled into a trap that even Houdini could not escape in Massachusetts.

Here’s hoping that such is the case.

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Bad, Bad Leroy Brown song link:


(sung to the Jim Croce song “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”)

Well its nuthin’ like Chicago
We’re talkin’ ‘bout Boston Town
And if you like men bare
You’re gonna love it there
With Senator Scottie Brown

Now Scottie’s talkin’ double
He loved the Mass. health reform law
He voted for it like the flip-flopping Guvnor
Yet now he has declared war

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Now Scottie he’s a rambler
And he likes to strip his clothes
And he shows the world his private things
Most everywhere he goes
His senate seat is just a rental
Leased by the Tea Party crew
He better have some fun cuz he’s soon to be done
Massachusetts is too damn Blue

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Well Friday ‘bout a week ago
Scottie was not nice
He just shouted near and far
About all the horrors
Of health care and the price
Well he blasted dear Obama
That’s when Brown’s trouble began
Scottie Brown learned a lesson
‘Bout messin’ with the likes of a smarter man

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

You see, Scott Brown needs enlightening
He don’t give a damn ‘bout the poor
Scottie Brown’s big mouth should be muzzled
As he’s voted off of the floor

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Yeah, on the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Romney Lies Again: He Favored Mandated Contraception Before He Was Against It!

Mitt Romney, the Flip-Flopper-In-Chief has been exposed yet again.

Romney has jumped on the bandwagon of those who state the the federal government’s regulation which mandates that all employers (with the exception of church’s and houses of worship) provide their employees with health insurance policies which include contraception at no cost to employees, is an “attack on religious liberty”. Problem is, shortly after Romney made that statement it was revealed that while he was Governor of Massachusetts there was a similar law in effect which he reinforced in his RomneyCare health law.

In an attempt to distance himself from the Massachusetts law, Romney came back yesterday and said,

“Actually the legislation in our state that related to providing contraception and sterilization, those kinds of things in insurance, occurred before I was governor. And my effort as governor was to try and remove those things. I was unsuccessful in removing them — my legislature was 85 percent Democrat — but the White House can’t point to my record because this occurred before I became governor and my effort was to get it out of the legislation going forward.”

OK, that sounds reasonable. At least it would if it were true. Unfortunately for Romney it is not true at all.

The Maddow Blog today reveals the real story. To be fair, some of the mandated contraception policy pre-dates Romney’s one term in Massachusetts office. In 2002, then-Gov. Jane Swift (R) signed a measure requiring insurers to cover the cost of contraceptives. Insurance purchased by churches or church-controlled organizations were exempt. Four years later however, Governor Romney signed a statewide health care reform package into law (RomneyCare) that solidified the contraception mandate. While he now claims to have “fought to remove” the mandates, such is not the case at all.

Former Massachusetts Secretary for Human Services Phil Johnston reports as follows:

“Mitt Romney never expressed any concern about the mandate — never mentioned that it would infringe upon religious freedoms. During the four years that Governor Romney served, he was totally silent about that issue. Most notably, his signature issue as Governor, which all of us supported and which we now affectionately refer to as ‘Romneycare’ left the contraception mandate in place.

“So when he says he opposes the contraception mandate and will repeal it, which apparently he’s been saying the past day or two since this issue has become very public, he’s really not being truthful. He had four years to repeal it or to speak out against it in our state and he didn’t do that. And even more tellingly, his own healthcare plan which he signed into law embraced contraception mandates.”

Harvard University professor of public health, John McDonough adds:

“[Romney] did not, in fact, propose eliminating broader mandated benefits protections for Massachusetts consumers. More importantly, the law that he signed a year later in April 2006 also created the Commonwealth Care program as well as other new insurance programs and that included coverage for all of the existing mandated benefits at the time, including contraception coverage.

“The record does match a lot of the claims that are being made on it. There was a pretty consistent level of support for contraceptive coverage and mandated benefits throughout the Romney era when he was governor. I have absolutely zero recollection of any reference at any point, as a candidate or as governor, where he attacked or tried to undermine contraceptive coverage.”

It would appear then, like so many other things, Mitt(wit) Romney was in favor of mandated no-cost contraception before he was against it.


It is now being reported that in response to the debate concerning mandated no-cost contraception, the Barack Obama administration has decided to change the wording but not the effect of the federal regulation. The Boston Globe reports that religious employers will not have to cover birth control for their employees. The administration instead will demand that insurance companies will be the ones directly responsible for providing free contraception. Women will still get guaranteed access to birth control without co-pays or premiums no matter where they work, a provision of Obama’s health care law that he insisted must remain. But religious universities and hospitals that see contraception as an unconscionable violation of their faith can refuse to cover it, and insurance companies will then have to step in to do so. Under the new policy, religious employers will not be required to offer contraception and will not have to refer their employees to places that provide it. If such an employer opts out, the employer’s insurance company must provide birth control for free in a separate arrangement with workers who want it.

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The Beverly Hillbillies Theme song link:


(sung to the theme of “The Beverly Hillbillies”)

Come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named Mitt
A rich profiteer who’s been known to pitch a fit.
Unlike Scott Brown he won’t model in the nude,
He likes to run for office but he doesn’t have a clue.

Knowledge that is,   Hates Polls,    Sanity.

Well the one thing we know is Mitt’s a millionaire,
Pinstriped suits and plastic molded hair.
Inside the beltway is the place he wants to be,
So he strapped his dog on top and drove down to D.C.

Washington that is,   Lobbyists,    Big black cars.

(flip-flop break)

Well now its time to say good-bye to Mitt and all his friends,
He will lose this year’s election and that will be his end
He never will return again cuz of the Tea Party,
They much prefer Santorum and his beastiality.

Man on dog, that is,   Ring a bell?,    Take your pants off.

Don’t come back now, y’hear?

Mitt(wit) Romney Flip-Flops Yet Again!

Republican Presidential candidate Mitt Romney has no convictions and no shame. He has been the perpetrator of more flip-flops than any cook at the International House of Pancakes. Also, it appears that he will be unable to prevent himself from continuing this trend.

The man who has changed his position on abortion (“abortion should be safe and legal” and “I will preserve and protect a woman’s right to choose”/”I am pro-life); immigration (“illegal immigrants should have a chance to obtain citizenship”/”my position is …no special pathway to citizenship”); support of Ronald Reagan (“I was an Independent during the time of Reagan-Bush. I’m not trying to return to Reagan -Bush”/ “Ronald Reagan is my hero”); gun control (I support the Brady gun control law. That’s not going to make me the hero of the NRA” and “I have a gun of my own”/”I’m after the NRA’s endorsement” and “I do not personally own a gun”); climate change (“I think the global warming debate is pretty over and recognize the need associated with providing sources which do not generate the heat that is currently provided by fossil fuels” and “I concur that climate change is beginning to have an effect on our natural resources and that now is the time to take action”/”I have to tell you with regards to global warming that that’s something, which you’re right, the scientists haven’t entirely resolved” and “Republicans should never abandon pro-growth conservative principles in an effort to embrace the ideas of Al Gore”); Don’t Ask Don’t Tell (“the first of a number of steps that will ultimately lead to gays and lesbians to serve openly and honestly in our nation’s military”/”the last 10 years have convinced me that the policy is working and there is no need to change it”); his favorite book (on 4/30/07 he said L. Ron Hubbard’s “Battlefield Earth”/ on 5/1/07 he said “Huckleberry Finn”); a health care law with personal mandates (He signed  the Massachusetts plan with mandates into law/ He opposes the national plan with the very same mandates); and no-tax pledges (in 2006 he referred to them as “Government by gimmickry”/in 2008 he signed a no tax pledge); has now done it again.

This week Romney has flip-flopped his position on contraception. The Maddow Blog reports that “the Obama administration’s decision to require coverage of contraception as preventive care under the Affordable Care Act is, according to the former governor, an ‘attack on religious liberty’.” Romney told voters in Colorado yesterday that “churches and the institutions they run” will “have to provide for their employees, free of charge, contraceptives, morning-after pills — in other words abortive pills and the like — at no cost.”

First of all, Romney’s assertion is just one of his many lies (See “Obama has made the economy worse”, Obama “has not created any new jobs”, “Obama’s massive defense cuts” {the defense budget has increased each year under Obama}, and when he said in a debate that Mitt is his first name). As the Maddow Blog makes clear, “The administration’s policy already exempts churches and other houses of worship and “doesn’t require any individual or employer to violate a religious belief — it simply ensures that their employees with different beliefs have the same access to birth control as all other women.”

Romney is not only lying, however. He is also flip-flopping once again because Obama’s policy is also one that Romney once supported. You see, while Romney yesterday condemned the idea of requiring religious institutions to provide emergency contraception, he once supported such a stance when he was Governor of Massachusetts. While Governor he signed into law a bill which required all Massachusetts hospitals, including Catholic hospitals, to provide emergency contraception. The Maddow Blog includes this quote from C.J. Doyle, Executive Director of the Catholic Action League of Massachusetts,

“He is very consistent at working both sides of the street on the same issue at the same time. His record on this issue has been one of very cynical and tactical manipulation.”

So there you have it. Add contraception to the very long list of Mitt(wit) Romney’s flip-flops.

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Flipper theme song link:


(sung to the TV theme of “Flipper)

They call him Flip-Mitt, Flip-Mitt, his change of mind, frightening,
That Mitt Romney;  No veracity,
And we know Flip-Mitt, just loves to steal his own thunder,
Mind gone asunder; flip-flop does he!

Everyone knows, dear ol’ Mitt Romney
Changes his mind oh, so frequently,
Changes his views to impress his peers,
Says anything to induce cheers

They call him Flip-Mitt, Flip-Mitt, in need of enlightening,
No one you see, is impressed with he,
And we know Flip-Mitt and his cronies must all wonder,
Just how he blunders effortlessly.