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Arizona Gets Becked By Boycotters

Just as Glenn Beck’s racist comments resulted in a massive advertiser boycott of his Fox News program to the extent that the show has virtually no sponsors, The State of Arizona is now facing a boycott of its own. In addition to the five pending lawsuits against the state’s recently enacted racial profiling law which may, on their own, prevent the law from ever being utilized, many municipalities have officially enacted boycotts against Arizona. This ever growing list of cities has each passed ordinances which prohibit city employees from traveling to Arizona and the municipalities have also prohibited any city contracts with Arizona businesses. Here is the list of boycotting cities to date:

-Seattle, Washington
-El Paso, Texas
-Austin, Texas
-Boston, Massachusetts
-St. Paul, Minnesota
-Boulder, Colorado
-San Diego, California
-West Hollywood, California
-San Francisco, California
-Los Angeles, California
-Oakland, California

Keep up the good work, fair cities!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Arizona song link:


(sung to the Mark Lindsay song “Arizona”)

I sure do long for San Francisco
This Arizona day
They just pulled over ol’ Pedro and Cisco
Racism has its way
Police don’t believe in brotherhood or neighborhood
If your skin is brown, you’re prey
And Jan Brewer we all laugh at her
As she initiates the neo-Nazi ways

Arizona – take off your racist shades
Arizona – have another look at the world
My, my
Arizona – don’t follow John McCain
Arizona – hey, put down that Kool-Aid

Mmmm try as you might, you’ll never solve your problems by deporting a child
Coat them in red paint as you place them in shackled restraints
Arizona – you’ve made the evening news
Arizona – You’ll have pure white highways

Lock them both up, Pedro and Cisco
Make them sit there and wait
As the wheels of justice turn so slow
Just stare at them with hate
And you can tell them that brotherhood and neighborhood
Is the Arizonan way
But you and they know it’s an untrue fable
To justify locking them away

Arizona – now you resemble Hades
Arizona – you’ll soon be cut off from the world
My, my
Arizona – don’t follow John McCain
Arizona – wake up and use your brain

Hey, Arizona – discard your racist views
Arizona – you’ll soon be cut off from the world
My, my
Arizona – next will it be the Jews?
Arizona – wake up and use your brain

Come on, hey, Arizona – cast off your racist ways.