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Sunday Morning Coffee (or Tea) – 71

Just a few newsworthy items (and comments thereon) that have been making their way through the political universe this past week. Please ponder and maybe chuckle a bit before enjoying a wonderful day!

BREAKING NEWS: Lynnrockets was glad to hear that somebody else agrees that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie (R) is like a caricature of some sort of “Sopranos“-like television politician. Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley (D) criticized Christie’s confrontational and headline-grabbing governing style, calling it a “stand-up routine”. He also accused Christie of being “abusive towards public employees.” Furthermore, he called Christie a hypocrite over his tough budget talk for skipping a $3 billion payment into the state’s pension fund and allowing New Jersey property taxes to increase. Be careful Governor O’Malley because Christie may send “Paulie Walnuts” after you!

THIS JUST IN: This week’s episode of “Republicans Eating Their Own” features Tea-Baggers and conservative Republican Rep. Joe Barton. The Texas Republican is remembered most as being the out-of-order loudmouth who shouted “You lie!” on the House floor as President Obama was explaining that the health care reform law did not cover illegal immigrants. He also dismissed the $20 billion BP victims’ escrow fund as a “shakedown” on the part of the Obama administration. You would think that this whack-job would be a darling of the Tea Party, what with their warped sense of politics. Yet, this week at the Tea Party Patriots sponsored American Policy Summit, Barton was booed by the faithful. Apparently acknowledging public debate over a possible government shutdown, Barton told the audience about the legislative action – called a continuing resolution – recently passed in the House that temporarily funds the government in lieu of an actual budget. The measure would fund the government for the rest of fiscal year 2011, which ends September 30, and cuts $61 billion from current spending levels. The Tea-Bagger response? Wild shouts of “Boo, boo!, More, more!”. The uncouth Barton and the misguided Tea-Baggers deserve each other.

BREAKING NEWS: This week’s episode of “Not Everybody Learns From History” stars Newt Gingrich. In an editorial published today in the Washington Post, the disgraced former Republican House Speaker and serial wife-cheater writes of a possible government shutdown caused by Republicans, “Those who claim that the shutdown was politically disastrous for Republicans ignore the fact that our House seat losses in 1996 were in the single digits.” Someone should remind Gingrich that during the last government shutdown at the end of 1995 – a three-week event that has since been attributed to rocketing President Bill Clinton back into political favor among the electorate after a bruising midterm election defeat for the Democrats in 1994 – Republicans ultimately compromised with a newly-energized Clinton after the public backlash suggested the GOP was taking a huge political hit. The shutdown also precipitated Gingrich’s ultimate embarrassing resignation from Congress. Here’s hoping history repeats itself once again.

THIS JUST IN: GOP operative Roger Stone, who is currently an informal adviser to Donald Trump said this week that Trump is likely to take a page out of other recent billionaire political aspirant’s playbooks and cut himself a check to the tune of $200 million to finance a run for the presidency. In light of the fact that Trump has filed for bankruptcy protection on at least four occasions, it is surprising that he has $200 million. Just what a country with an ailing economy needs, a President who has gone bankrupt multiple times.

BREAKING NEWS: The New York Times reported last week that after Judith Regan was fired by HarperCollins in 2006, she claimed that a senior executive at its parent company, News Corporation, had encouraged her to lie two years earlier to federal investigators who were vetting Bernard B. Kerik for the job of homeland security secretary. The News Corporation executive, whom she did not name, wanted to protect Rudolph Giuliani and conceal Regan’s affair with Kerik, she said. It has now been revealed that the person urging her to lie was none other than Roger E. Ailes, the powerful chairman of Fox News and a longtime friend of Mr. Giuliani. Anyone surprised?

THIS JUST IN: This week’s episode of “Your Tea Party At Work” features the Montana Tea-Baggers. The AP reports that, “with each new bill they file, newly elected Tea Party lawmakers are offering Montanans a vision of the future. Their state would be a place where officials can ignore U.S. laws, force FBI agents to get a sheriff’s OK before arresting anyone, ban abortions, limit sex education in schools and create armed citizen militias.” How’s that for change you can believe in?

BREAKING NEWS: You may have missed it, but last Wednesday somebody over at Fox News spoke the truth. Host Shepard Smith said that there is no longer a budget crisis in Wisconsin and that the battle in the state is all about politics and union-busting. Specifically he said, “to pretend this is about a fiscal crisis in the state of Wisconsin is malarkey.” What are the chances that Smith is rewarded for his candor by receiving a pink slip this week?

THIS JUST IN: Speaking of Wisconsin, Republican Governor Scott Walker attempted to divide the unions by proposing to restrict the collective bargaining rights of some unions but not others. His labor-busting bill will exempt the police and fire unions who endorsed his candidacy. His divide-and-conquer plan has unexpectedly failed. Blogger Ryan Harvey reported, “Hundreds of cops have just marched into the Wisconsin state capitol building to protest the anti-Union bill, to massive applause. They now join up to 600 people who are inside. Police have just announced to the crowds inside the occupied State Capitol of Wisconsin: ‘We have been ordered by the legislature to kick you all out at 4:00 today. But we know what’s right from wrong. We will not be kicking anyone out, in fact, we will be sleeping here with you!”‘. OK Walker, what is Plan B?

BREAKING NEWS: We are still waiting for Massachusetts Senator Scott Brown to either identify the child sex offender that he claims molested him at a summer camp or to admit that he embellished the story to sell books. Despite the fact that law enforcement agencies have requested that Brown identify the sexual deviant, Brown has refused to do so. In the meantime, Brown’s inaction allows a child molester to remain on the loose and free to strike again. This story is not going away.

THIS JUST IN: It would not be a complete weekly news wrap-up without a Sarah Palin story. Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver called Sarah Palin a “Froot Loop” for criticising the Obama administration’s healthy eating initiatives, and said getting healthy foods to kids is a civil rights issue. Apparently the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska and failed reality television personality is now being targeted by other reality television stars. You just have to love it!

BREAKING NEWS: Speaking of “Froot Loops”, did anyone see Joe Scarborough question Glenn Beck‘s sanity this week? His criticism of the Fox News host was simply scathing. Scarborough said, “This guy is losing it before our eyes. He’s bad for the conservative movement. He’s bad for the Republican Party. He’s bad for Fox News…even guys over at Fox News have to start thinking, this can’t last. He’s out of control.” But as we always say, a picture is worth a thousand words, so let’s go to the tape…

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Last Train To Clarksville song link:


(sung to the Monkees song “Last Train To Clarksville”)

Take the last train to Nutsville
Beck will meet you at the station
You can be there by four-thirty
Cuz Fox made your reservation
The Beck Show, oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!

Glenn lost his mind without warning
And it won’t be back again
Glenn Beck’s facing stormy weather
And it’s causing quite a strain
So, he must go, oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no
He might have a lobotomy on his dome.
Take the last train to Nutsville
Glenn Beck is their famous patient
If he’s not crying he’ll blow some kisses
But don’t attempt conversation
Oh… oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!

Take the last train to Nutsville
That’s where Glenn Beck now calls home
We can’t hear him making noisy
Conversation all alone
He’s feelin’ low. Oh, no, no, no!
Oh, no, no, no!
And I don’t think that Glenn’s ever coming home.

Take the last train to Nutsville
Take the last train to Nutsville
(repeat and fade)

Sarah Palin Joins “Palin-Free February” Movement

Palin reacts when Piper informs her that McCain will not endorse her

Last month, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wrote that he would not report anything about Sarah Palin for the month of February. He admitted that he has “a Sarah Palin problem” as is evidenced by his “42 columns since Sen. John McCain picked her as his vice-presidential running mate” and the  “dozens more blog posts, Web chats, and TV and radio appearances” in which he has mentioned her. He believes that the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska is too trivial a figure to report on so frequently and therefore he has begun his boycott of all things Palin through February 28, 2011. Milbank has also called upon other members of the media to join his month-long pledge. Many have done so. Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off has not because, frankly speaking, Sarah Palin is too good a source of ridicule to ignore.

Surprisingly, it appears that Sarah Palin may have also taken the pledge. As of today’s post, it has now been nine (9) days since Palin has tweeted on Twitter. What-up with that? Palin has never gone this long before without vomiting out some sort of indecipherable word-salad about something in the news. It cannot be that she is unable find something to say something stupid about. After all, during this period we have had the Egyptian uprising, the Super Bowl and husband Todd’s sore back and cramped muscles, all making headlines nationwide.

Moreover, everybody knows that Sarah Palin cannot go more than a few days before tweeting a sarcastic response to some actual or perceived criticism of her by anyone. And she has received a lot of criticism in the last week or so. In an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network over the weekend, Palin said the unrest in Egypt was Obama’s 3 a.m. phone call, a reference to a line then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used during the 2008 election against Obama. Palin said the “call went right to the answering machine.” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) disagrees with Palin however, and claims that she is wrong. CNN reports that Graham said, “I really have no fault with the president, Obama, the way he’s handled this process. I disagree with Governor Palin over this particular issue.” How can the Queen of Quit possibly fail to respond to “them there fightin’ words?” Additionally, the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation (to raise funds for military families and at-risk youth) announced Tuesday that it is canceling a May fundraising appearance by Palin  due to “an onslaught of negative feedback”. How dare they? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time for Palin to tweet about how the Foundation has caved to those on the left and censored her right to free speech?

Palin has also just lost her two biggest fans. Last week, former running-mate John McCain announced that he would not endorse her (or anyone else) for the 2012 presidency. Then yesterday, Bill Kristol, the influential Weekly Standard editor, gave up on her. Kristol has undeniably been Palin’s most prominent supporter for the last few years. Yet, while appearing as a guest on MSNBC‘s “Morning Joe” program Kristol said,

I have a high regard for Sarah Palin, but I will say I’ve been disappointed since she resigned as governor,” Kristol said on “Morning Joe.” “I thought she had a real chance to take the lead on a few policy issues, do a little more in terms of framing the policy agenda. I don’t think she’s done that. But she’s a shrewd woman and I wouldn’t underestimate her.

Sarah Palin’s tweeted response to McCain and Kristol? Nothing. Nada. Not one single misspelled or made-up word. This can only mean that Sarah Palin also, too has joined the “Palin-Free February” movement. Good for her. Let’s hope she extends it into March.


It has just come to the attention of Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off that Sarah Palin has not only pledged not to tweet about herself in February, but she has pledged not to write or sign anything of any kind whatsoever for an unspecified duration. Evidence of this was revealed yesterday by USA Today when it reported that her application to trademark the name “Sarah Palin” has been rejected by the federal government because the former Alaska governor did not sign the form. Palin’s writing ban will not prohibit her from releasing new books because those have each been “ghost-written”.  It remains to be determined however, whether Palin’s ban on writing will extend to palm-written crib notes to herself. Stay tuned.

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I’m A Believer song link:


(sung to the Monkees song “I’m A Believer”)

She tells about as much truth as fairy tails
She considers herself “mavericky”
Russia she claims to see
So say’s Sarah P.
She and Bristol were both pregnant teens

Nose grows on her face, cuz she’s a deceiver
Not a trace, of truth in her lines
Lord above, she’s a deceiver
Couldn’t believe her if I tried

She walked out the door cuz she’s a quittin’ thing
Palin up and caved when things got hot
She never stopped lyin’
Sarah sounds insane
Even though there’s sunshine, she says rain

When I see her face, I see a deceiver
Not a trace of truth in her lines
Lord above, she’s a deceiver
Couldn’t believe her if I tried

(Todd’s massage break)

Ohhh, McCain didn’t vet she
When he formed his team
Then Palin went and blew his dreams

When I see her face, I see a deceiver
Not a trace of truth in her lines
Lord above, she’s a deceiver
Couldn’t believe her if I tried

When I see her face, I see a deceiver
Not a trace of truth in her lines
She’s a deceiver
She’s a deceiver
She’s a deceiver

Growing List Of Conservatives/Republicans Deem Sarah Palin “Unelectable”

Lynnrockets maintains that the best gift President Barack Obama and the Democratic Party could receive in the next number of months is the announcement of a Sarah Palin campaign for the presidency. Every single recent national poll reveals that she would be squashed by Obama in a head-to-head match-up. Each of those polls shows her trailing the President by double digits. Those polls also show that most Republican voters believe she is unqualified for the office and they will vote for someone else. These polls expose the fact that although Palin has a rabidly loyal base, that group is a minority even within the Republican Party while most conservatives view her as unelectable.

It is not only the conservative/Republican electorate that deems the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska to be unelectable, but also a growing number of Republican Party insiders and conservative pundits. Indeed, just this past Sunday, George F. Will appeared on ABC‘s “This Week” and said,

“The president’s secret weapon may be the Republican nominating electorate, because there is one person, high in the polls, Sarah Palin, who cannot be elected president because she cannot compete where elections are decided — in the collar counties outside Chicago, Montgomery County outside of Philadelphia — just can’t compete there,”

Will’s remarks follow those of Charles Krauthammer who said in December,

“Her negatives are over 50 percent. She has no chance of winning a general election. Why would you want a candidate who is going to lose against a Democrat who is going to be vulnerable and who is also extremely ideologically ambitious?”

Former George W. Bush White House press staffer Scott Stanzel tweeted,

“Hey @SarahPalinUSA, ever heard the phrase ‘roll with the punches’? Constantly complaining about media = athletes whining about the refs.”

On November 30th, Joe Scarborough said,

“Republicans have a problem. The most-talked-about figure in the GOP is a reality show star who cannot be elected…[T]his is one Republican who would prefer that the former half-term governor promote her reality shows and hawk her books without demeaning the reputations of Presidents Reagan and Bush…[I]f Republicans want to embrace Palin as a cultural icon whose anti-intellectualism fulfills a base political need, then have at it. I suppose it’s cheaper than therapy. But if the party of Ronald Reagan, Paul Ryan and Marco Rubio wants to return to the White House anytime soon, it’s time that Republican leaders started standing up and speaking the truth to Palin.”

Three weeks ago Senator Kit Bond (R-MO) said,

“I have reservations about anyone who quits as governor halfway through the term.”

Former New Jersey Gov. Christine Todd Whitman (R) told CNN that,

“I mean, she was a governor. But the fact that she left office before even completing her first term is — that’s just not an attitude that I think is necessarily in the best interest of your constituents — rather what’s in your best interests.”

And even the alleged mastermind of the Republican Party, Karl Rove said of Palin late last October,

“With all due candor, appearing on your own reality show on the Discovery Channel, I am not certain how that fits in the American calculus of ‘that helps me see you in the Oval Office.”

Ouch, all of those comments have a left a mark upon Sarah Palin’s political visage which is not likely to heal anytime soon. Isn’t it captivating to watch conservatives eat their own?

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Unforgettable song link:


(sung to the Nat King Cole song “Unforgettable”)

That’s what you are
This TV star

Thank the Lord above that Sarah P.
Has no political destiny
Never before
Has someone been more…

In every way
And forever more
That’s how she’ll stay

Thank you Sarah, it’s incredible
That someone so disreputable
Is just so damn
Unelectable, too

(book-signing break)

That’s what they say
Palin’s not adored
Like Tina Fey

That’s why Palin, it’s incredible
That you are so unforgettable
But it is so
Damn regrettable, too

Palin Laments, “Say It Ain’t So, Joe”!

"Damn You, Joe Scarborough!"

Who says that nobody listens to Sarah Palin? For months now the cliché-loving, former ex-quitting, half-term Governor of Alaska has been whining about anonymous sources who have chastised her in the “lamestream media”. She has challenged them to “man-up” and put their names to their denunciations. She has implored her unknown assailants to strip themselves of their veils of secrecy and face her “mano-a-mano”. Well Sarah, as the Good Book says, “ask and you shall receive”. Remember however, to “be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it”. Yesterday, MSNBC‘s Joe Scarborough accepted your challenge and “told the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth”.

The television talk show host and former conservative Republican congressman from Florida publicly aired his thoughts about Sarah Palin. It was not pretty. In a blistering rebuke of the potential 2012 GOP candidate for President of the United States, Joe Scarborough left nothing on the table. In an interview with he said,

“What man or mouse with a fully functioning human brain and a résumé as thin as Palin’s would flirt with a presidential run? It makes the political biography of Barack Obama look more like Winston Churchill’s.”

Scarborough then addressed Palin’s recent characterization of former President George H.W. Bush and former First Lady Barbara Bush as out-of-touch “blue bloods”. He said,

“Perhaps her anger was understandable. After all, these disconnected “blue bloods” had nothing in their backgrounds that could ever make them understand “real America” like a former governor from Alaska who quit in the middle of her first term and then got rich. I suppose Palin’s harsh dismissal of this great man is more understandable after one reads her biography and realizes that, like Bush, she accomplished a great deal in her early 20s. Who wouldn’t agree that finishing third in the Miss Alaska beauty contest is every bit as treacherous as risking your life in military combat?”

Scarborough also described Sarah Palin’s potential quest for the Presidency as a “dopey dream”.

How will Palin react? The Vegas bookmakers have it at even odds that her first retort will be via either Facebook or Twitter. Perhaps she will dust-off her old one-liner from her disastrous 2008 Vice Presidential Debate wherein she so cleverly said to Biden, “Say it ain’t so, Joe”!


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“Scarborough Fair” song link:


(sung to the Simon and Garfunkel song “Scarborough Fair”)

Now we’re talkin’, Joe Scarborough’s fair.
He was sage and thoughtful this time.
Of Sarah P., he laid the facts bare.
Electing her should be deemed a crime.

Scarborough dragged Palin right through the dirt.
(She is shallow and shrill bordering on obscene)
Sarah’s rage will explode this time.
(World –view is narrow, ignorance unbound)
She twits and tweets like a dumb jerk.
(Empress sans clothes just sneerin’ and poutin’)
Joe Scarborough nailed her this time.
(Sarah Palin will give him a call)

Joe says that Palin’s a mouse, not a man.
(A thin résumé, a failed beauty queen)
On the stage, she thinks she’s just fine.
(Watch her wave to all of her peers)
Truth be told, her script’s on her hands.
(Palin dreams and prays she’s “The Next One”)
Joe Scarborough thinks she is slime.

Her Twitter tweets are a fickle bellwether.
(Her anger blazing like rabid wild stallions)
Facebook rage will come in due time.
(Sarah will order her soldiers to kill)
But the seething mol can’t keep it together.
(Few will fight for a cause long forgotten)
Joe Scarborough beat her this time.

Now we’re talkin’, Joe Scarborough’s fair.
He was sage and thoughtful this time.
Of Sarah P., he laid the facts bare.
Electing her should be deemed a crime.

Sarah Palin And Her Devil Dogs (Update)

Lynnrockets will continue with some Halloween song parodies this spooky week. Have fun. Now, let’s get to it…

Sometimes we bloggers have to leave it to the professionals to sum things up in a truly enlightening way. Such is the case today for Lynnrockets. Please enjoy some excerpts from an article by Diane Roberts of the UK Guardian which “tells it like it is” regarding Sarah Palin, the “Mama Grizzlies” and the Tea Party. When you are finished, please read the whole article here.

“Former governor Sarah Palin says she’s a feminist, “Mama Grizzly”. She supports female candidates such as Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, endorsing them, stumping for them, helping them to raise money. Along with Congresswoman Michele Bachmann, Fox News regulars Liz Cheney and Ann Coulter, Sarah Palin gathers Tea Party women under the big bearskin tent of “conservative feminism”.

Precisely what “conservative feminism” embraces is not clear – it sounds like an oxymoron in the vein of ”jumbo shrimp” or “creation science”. Clearly, “conservative feminism” doesn’t mean support for working mothers: Bachmann voted against a bill that would allow up to four weeks’ maternity leave for federal employees. It doesn’t mean equal pay for equal work: Palin opposed the Lilly Ledbetter Act on the grounds it would be “a boon for trial lawyers”.

Equal opportunity doesn’t seem to matter much to them: Christine O’Donnell has said that she thinks women impede the combat readiness of the American military. For all that conservatives such as Tammy Bruce insist the right is more “tolerant” than the left, the likes of Palin, O’Donnell and Angle regularly slam “the gay agenda”. Though they snarl about protecting their “cubs”, they want to repeal the healthcare act, which protects children with pre-existing conditions from being denied insurance. And it sure doesn’t mean safeguarding a woman’s right to control her own body – they are so anti-abortion that they believe that a victim of rape should be forced to carry the child to term.

The reactionary end of the Republican party seems to be as dumb as a bag of hammers and proud of it. Jim DeMint, the senator from South Carolina and Tea Party godfather, wondered out loud if maybe gay men and single women who dare to have sex shouldn’t be barred from teaching in public schools. At a recent Delaware senate candidates’ debate, Christine O’Donnell was incredulous that the doctrine of separation of church and state was to be found in first amendment to the US constitution.

Most Tea Partiers don’t hold with evolution and don’t ”believe” in climate change, either. A recent New York Times story quoted various rightwingers calling it a “lie” and a “hoax”. One man said he “based his view on the preaching of Rush Limbaugh and the teaching of scripture”.

You’d have thought we had enough of arrogant stupidity in the Bush years. These people are not pro-woman. They say they want to take the country back; evidently, they mean back to when abortion was illegal, to when contraception was hard to get hold of, to a world of rigid gender roles and women being judged on how they look, back to when men were men and women were ladies.

The she-bears and their fellow travellers don’t do sisterhood. ”Conservative feminism” has nothing to do with empowering women in general, and everything to do with empowering these women in particular. They’ve ripped language away from meaning: they say they are pro-woman, but their policies are decidedly anti. As George Orwell taught us, war is not peace, and ignorance is not strength.”

Great article wouldn’t you say? Lynnrockets believes Ms. Roberts put it best when she says, “The Tea Party brand of ‘conservative feminism’ is a fraud. These people are not pro-women but reactionary – and really dumb.”

So, now that we have shown that even those “across the pond” believe that Sarah Palin and her ilk have the devil in their hearts, let’s have a song.


Fox News‘ Joe Scarborough seems to echo the UK Guardian. On his program “Morning Joe” this morning, Scarborough intoned that if only Sarah Palin hadn’t promoted the likes of Sharron Angle and Christine O’Donnell, Republicans would be on the verge of winning the Senate majority.  That was Joe Scarborough’s thesis on Morning Joe today, culminating in Scarborough saying that he hopes Sarah Palin “is proud of herself” for having killed the GOP’s chances. He also tried to ward off those oh-so-predictable Palinbot attacks by saying, “right-wing freaks, don’t email me going “you’re a RINO.”

Wow, is their one semi-sane voice on Fox?

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Devil In Her Heart song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “Devil In Her Heart”)

She’s got the devil in her heart
But the rednecks fantasize
That Palin is a sleazy tart
But her politics just chill me

Her smirking glances
Vocal dances
She’s a lipstick wearing pig
She’s just so flirty
Politics dirty
She’s a wicked entity

She’s got the devil in her heart
And some tricks are up her sleeve
Palin’s a dime store work of art
A web of lies she will weave

I’ll bet she leaves that Alaskan winter snow
She’ll board a bus to be with Plumber Joe
Palin is quirky
Her future’s murky
Like the G.O.P.’s

She’s got the devil in her heart
I know, know, know Palin will deceive
Next she’ll be working at K-Mart
Cuz today she is naïve

Sarah’s stance is to raise finances
From her writing debut
She’s just as perky
As fresh killed turkey
As we witnessed on TV

She’s got the devil in her heart
I know, know, know  and I do believe
She fell right off the donkey cart
Sarah should be on sick leave

She’s got the devil in her heart
And she’s no angel we can see
She’s got the devil in her heart
No, she’s no angel we can see