I would like to introduce myself as your navigational pilot as we traverse the limitless, mysterious, confusing and most especially, humorous expanse of the political universe. Please be forewarned that most of the satire, humor and vitriolic content of this blog will be knowingly and purposely aimed and directed at the conservative right-wing members of the Grand Old Party and those members of the media that support them. In other words, if you do not like the thought of the likes of Sarah Palin, Bobby Jindal, Rush Limbaugh and Ann Coulter being barbecued before your eyes, then now is the time to leave and never return. On the other hand, if that is the sort of stuff that grinds your beans, then put on your tinfoil helmet, strap yourself in and enjoy the flight.

Some of you might recognize my song parodies from the comment sections of other like-minded blogs and even on the comment pages of many national newspaper websites. It was the feedback from those contributions (primarily from themudflats.net) which prompted me to launch this blog. Whenever possible, I will attempt to post a link (audio or video) that will help readers to either reacquaint themselves or familiarize themselves with the actual tune of each song parody. I hope that my contributions will amuse you and I encourage all readers to comment in the same vein (or in a serious manner if that tickles your fancy). Mind you, I’m new at this, so now is the time to abuse the comment board with all kinds of off-topic contributions until I can figure out some reasonable comment posting rules. Please limit the profanity, however, as I would like the blog to appeal to a wide audience. For the time being, comments will be deleted if they do not pass the Lynnrockets Stink Test (to be defined at a later time).

Artwork and photographs displayed on this site are the property of the artists who created them. All material is offered for a limited time, but works can be removed sooner by Artist request.

We can be contacted at: vendors13@comcast.net

Let’s feel free to Blast-Off on the topic of our choice.

  1. Ralph Furley

    Why do they call it peanut butter if it doesn’t contain any butter?

  2. Ralph Furley

    That is a good one, but I do have to ask, “Why do we drive on the parkway and park in the driveway?”

  3. I just discovered thru your blog an Anti-Palin blog. I LOVE YOU!!!
    I will included it on mine!!!

  4. don’t know if you’ve done this song yet, but what about “2000 miles” by the Pretenders? ‘specially if she comes down here into the lower 48 and starts mucking around. (please, Alaska needs to put a leash on her)

    thanks. And you are scary good!

  5. Love your site and I to am Pro-Woman and Anti-Palin!! Let’s hop this heifer runs in 2012!! LMAO We need the humor and the press on her *** on her “lacking of experience to be president because she has more experience in being a punk *** quitter”!! LMAO

  6. Love your site and I too am Pro-Woman and Anti-Palin!! Let’s hop this heifer runs in 2012!! LMAO We need the humor and the press on her *** on her “lacking of experience to be president because she has more experience in being a punk *** quitter”!! LMAO

  7. Request for songs by The Police and The Beat (English). Thanks!

  8. FYI, check email. All of Monday OK.

  9. I just found this one for your palin quotes post and I apologize if it’s already there but I did read earlier today and didn’t see it and haven’t had time to go thru all again (whew, Palin breathless type rant there I so just had 🙂

    At any rate, here it is:

    “My concern has been the atrocities there in Darfur and the relevance to me with that issue as we spoke about Africa and some of the countries there that were kind of the people succumbing to the dictators and the corruption of some collapsed governments on the continent, the relevance was Alaska’s investment in Darfur with some of our permanent fund dollars.”

  10. The Wasilla Wordsmith strikes again with that run on sentence/paragraph above.

  11. As a libertarian, I don’t even find your blog entertaining. I though liberals at least stood up for social liberty…

  12. Palin greatest hits youtube on TPM for additional evidence that she is too dense for ______. (fill in the blank)

  13. More inspiration:
    Who could have predicted creative Hollywood types would have come up with THIS. She poked the wrong hornet’s nest.

    Also, too, would like to request Elvis’ Are You Lonely Tonight in honor of the tabloid cover ex governor.

    Thanks in advance.

  14. Lonely = Lonesome

    Also, Johnny Cash Ring of Fire in honor of Lake Lucille, too.


  15. Roxie from the Chicago soundtrack for $P when she comes back from her plastic surgery. You’ll crack up from the lyrics that are there, plus be able to add your Midas touch.

  16. Here’s more inspiration and you NEED to see the photo http://fromtheleft.wordpress.com/2009/08/20/tom-ridge-pushed-to-up-security-alert-on-eve-of-president-bushs-re-election/:
    Tom Ridge: Pressured to Up Security Alert on Eve of President Bush’s Re-election

    Thursday, August 20, 2009

    Tom Ridge, the first Director of the 9/11-inspired Department of Homeland Security, has written a stunning tell-all autobiography titled, The Test of Our Times: America Under Siege…and How We Can Be Safe Again, available September 1st.

    In the book, Ridge says he was never invited to attend National Security Council meetings, was “blindsided” by the FBI in morning Oval Office meetings because the agency withheld critical information from him, his urgings to block Michael Brown from being named head of the emergency agency blamed for the Hurricane Katrina disaster went ignored, and most shocking of all, Ridge says he was pushed to raise the security alert on the eve of President Bush’s re-election, something he saw as politically motivated and worth resigning over.
    When I lived in NYC, I’d get missed-dialed calls to my house from his office when he was Gov of PA. Same with the Gov of CT.

  17. My condolences to you and your state regarding Senator Kennedy. A sad day for all of us.

  18. fromthediagonal

    Sooo, SP is going to show off her asian “hexpertise” in Hong Kong?
    Wonder who will copy the old crooners and sing to her:
    “I’m Gonna Take You On A Slow Boat to China” ?
    Will it be the indomitable Mr. Murdoch?
    Do they still have pirates in the South China Sea?
    One can only hope!
    Oh, never mind… She’ll fly in her own Hot Air Balloon…
    Up, Up and Away! Wheee! Or Not? We shall see…

  19. fromthediagonal

    I feel like a copycatter, dammit!
    Here Is thought I was being inventive when I wrote the
    “slow boat” sentence, and then got back onto your daily note, and there you already were!
    Oh, well, great minds think alike… or some such nonsense!

  20. Request please:
    Could you do a song from the third comment?

  21. They call it a cornhole because corm comes out of it, not the cob.

  22. I’ve now put you on my blogroll. Great work.

    • SHE will either refuse or put so many restrictions on conversation that dinner will never happen.

      • But it’s for the TROOPS! She couldn’t study enough to have a conversation with one of those guests, let alone the group. They wouldn’t be interested in what she reads instead of The Sunday Papers of your post last weekend or so.

  23. Here’s some inspiration from an Immoral Minority commenter:
    sjk from the belly of the plane said…

    first episode of “Slope”, …’If a bear shits in the woods does anybody hear it’…
    5:57 PM
    sjk from the belly of the plane said…

    2nd episode of “Slope”…’Silence of the Turkeys and other assorted mammals’

    3rd Episode, “Unfiltered Progress, sponsors, and sore ankles”.

    4th episode, “Naughty Monkeys and lemonade”.

    5th episode,”I quit. Where’s my money?”
    6:04 PM

    @sjk, 6:04 – you need at least 13 episode ideas to pitch SLOPE. They prefer 22 at the networks–or they used to. Please keep going!!!! 🙂

  24. I am pleased to discover that someone besides me feels compelled to write lyrics about Sarah Palin in HK.

  25. You know I was working on her secret speech but ran out of time.

  26. A democracy is nothing more than mob rule, where fifty-one percent of the people may take away the rights of the other forty-nine.

  27. o by the way,,,,,,,, your buying this fri. night @ CL

  28. Lynnrockets,

    There is a great picture in Vanity Fair (August?). It’s in the article, “It came from Wasilla,” with Sarah standing next to Cindy McCain. Anyway, Leslie Gore’s “It’s My Party” might make a great song to accompany that picture.

  29. Ok, over at the Mudflats, you came up with a great title for a song, Renegade Lemonade.

    So…where’s the song that belongs with the title? Inquiring minds are awaiting your artistic efforts…

  30. OMG, those songs you write are funny. Keep up the good work–you’re on my favorites now!

  31. Lynnrockets, could you check your spam filter? Thanks.

  32. I am definitely interested in crosslisting our blogs respectively on our blogrolls. I think it is a great idea!

  33. shortbuswonderkid

    I love to read Palin bashings. The sad truth is that bashing Sarah Palin is like kicking a defenseless retard. It is scary that she could be a contender for President is 2012. Let’s hope she continues to show how dumb she really is.

  34. Take a look at a post on my blog about the FBI illegaly collecting phone records of Americans, and tell me what you think.

  35. K.M too funny !!!!

  36. Song parody requests in light of all of today’s DELICIOUS news:

    Band On the Run (Beatles)

    Certain Kind of Fool (Eagles)

    The End Of The Innocence (Eagles)

    I could go on and on….who besides me needs a case of champagne?

  37. OK, one more:

    Heartache Tonight

    All you have to do is look at a list of Eagles songs….This is gonna be a GREAT WEEKEND!

  38. I put a post up about Sarah Palin. I would like your imput.


  39. I hope that everything is alright. You haven’t posted anything in a while.


  40. I’ve got an article on my blog showing how the U.S. foreign policy may come back to bite us in the rear. Officials in China want to impose sanctions on us for selling weapons to Taiwan. Check it out.


  41. To Whom It May concern,

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  42. Uncle Moonbat's Nephew

    I love Sara Palin.

    Vote The democrats OUT!

  43. Uncle Moonbat's Nephew

    Oh Great! #50 Is a bible thumpin Moonbat.

  44. I hope you all like the change. All Osama, sorry, I mean Obama is doing is opening the door for the anti-Christ. Wake up and put the Democratic party back to the way it was 50 years ago.. to a Conservative nature.

  45. “Opening the door for the anti-Christ”? Ok then darling, now run along because adults are trying to talk here.

  46. Lynnrockets, I was working for a living paying for your lib food stamps when you were sitting in front of the tube in your papmers watching cartoons.

    • rightwingman? How creative.
      You’re either a poor man who votes against his own interests, or a wealthy man that does not believe in helping the little guy.
      Are you not christian?

  47. My “papmers”? You must have quit school at a young age so as to work because it is evident that you never learned how to spell. By the way, why would you suggest that I would be eligible for the food stamp program as a young child watching cartoons?

  48. liberals seem to thrive on news and real information.
    Cons seems to just spread hate.
    Nuff said.

  49. Ripley in CT

    Ok, I have a semi-annual request, apparently 😉

    After reading about Mrs. Palin’s “issue” with Joe the Neighbor, all I can think of is “Shut up, Sarah”. And when I think of that phrase, I think of “Cheer up Charlie” from the original Willie Wonka movie with Gene Wilder. Charlie’s mother sings it when he’s upset that he can’t seem to find the golden ticket.

    So, if you please, think about this one. I’m not even sure if Youtube has the video of the Cheer up Charlie song! But I can’t stop replaying it in my head with “Shut up Sarah” instead!


  50. I wrote a couple of posts about Sarah Palin and would like your contribution when you get a moment.


  51. Ano Nymous McManus

    You’re killing me! This is hysterical. Need more time to catch up on reading.

  52. Again, I wrote another post about Sarah Palin and would like to hear from you. By the way, Happy Thanksgiving.


  53. Even though your views and my own don’t mesh, I always marvel at the way you are able to write. Here recently I guess that I am having trouble writing not only in my fiction but also on my blog. I want to ask you your input on what I can do differently. I guess that I have trouble putting things in my own words. I can take constructive criticism; I’m easy.


  54. I always like your blog and will continue to read it and point others to it. Especially enjoy your songs which are very clever.

    However I was disappointed that you pretty much dissed Gryphen in front of his readers over at IM saying “please please tone down the self-congratulation a bit” and then saying AGAIN “There is no need for the constant self-congratulation”.

    The way you worded your “thank you” to Gryph for all he’s done made me wonder if you were having a moment of jealousy.

    Lynn, you are too good for that.

    A fan of your blog among others.

    • I meant no disrespect to the guy. I frequent his blog and learn a lot from him. I am grateful for his “inside baseball” approach. I merely intended to give what I thought was a little constructive criticism. This, in my opinion, was no different than when I write a letter to the editor of a newspaper and voice my disagreement or disapproval of an editorial. I thought that is what the comment section of a blog was meant to be. There is nothing interesting or intellectually challenging about a bunch of comments that merely parrot the thoughts and ideas of the author. A free market of thoughts and ideas is the foundation upon what our nation was built on.

  55. Any relation to the Lynns of Long Beach?

  56. Hey, Lynnrockets: You’re a stupid @$$h0le. In your Jan 29 blog about Palin you mention that she “segwayed” into another subject. Newsflash, you stupid piece of $h!t: its “segue,” not “segway.” Take your head out from up your fat @$$.

  57. Hey there! I see things are staying busy for you….

    Don’t know if you’re into the “babygate” saga, but I know you’re into the Lies of Palin. What about a parody of “Billie Jean” , containing the numerous “gates” and their associated lies, along with the chorus containing, “And Trig is not your son” ? Just a thought 😉

    Still loving your blog.

  58. LynnRockets
    I have an idea. How would you like to have a week long debate sometime. We decide on a topic. One of us posts a position on our blog. The other quotes the person on his blog and posts a response. This can continue for about a week and generate a lot of traffic. Email me about it at ventures@politiweb.net.ms

  59. Just ran across your blog and I love it!

    Check out mine at pagun-view.blogspot.com and see if you’d like to link up

  60. You are a communist – deal with it. If you ever read Marx you’d know what an ass you are.

  61. This blog is a joke. Socialist liberal pig… Check out theblaze if you want real news and information.

  62. A few years ago, one of our local residents, Mac Vorce, who is
    also a bicycle enthusiast petitioned for the development of bicycle paths
    and trails. Unfortunately Nora Ephron recently
    passed away, but she left us with some of our most endearing romantic comedies of all time
    — from “When Harry Met Sally” to “Sleepless in Seattle” and “You’ve got Mail. Whether these are taken live – while you are doing a real gig – or whether you have them done on a false stage, will depend on you.

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