Mitt(wit) Romney Has A New Scandal

The USA Today is reporting that Mitt Romney is being very secretive as to the identities  “of the fundraisers helping him collect the millions of dollars he needs to win the White House, even as he promises them special access perks.”

This is an important development because it undermines any claim to campaign transparency by Romney. It also leads to the perception that secret deals will cut for those Wall Street bankers and private equity company executives who are most likely to be Romney’s largest contributors.

The USA Today further reports that,

“Romney is not required by law to disclose the identities of his fundraisers with the exception of those who work as federal lobbyists. Releasing the names of bundlers, however, has been standard in presidential campaigns for more than a decade.

Republican George W. Bush established the pattern in the 2000 election, revealing the names of fundraisers who collected at least $100,000. He repeated the practice in 2004. Arizona Sen. John McCain, the Republican nominee four years ago, had disclosed his fundraisers by this point in the 2008 campaign, releasing a list of 106 bundlers on April 18 of that year.

President Obama has released his fundraiser list every three months during this campaign.”

Campaign-finance watchdogs have pressed for Romney to disclose his bundlers. “Should he be elected, these people will be first in line seeking benefits from the new administration and the public won’t even know who these people are and whether they are being rewarded for their role in getting Romney elected,” said Taylor Lincoln, a research director at Public Citizen.

Here’s hoping the main stream media keeps this issue in the spotlight and continues to press Romney to release names. Here’s also hoping that Romney fails to comply and thereby keeps this scandal alive through election day.

Lynnrockets wishes all of you faithful Rocketeers an enjoyable memorial Day Weekend!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

The Beverly Hillbillies Theme song link:


(sung to the theme of “The Beverly Hillbillies”)

Come and listen to a story ‘bout a man named Mitt
A rich profiteer who’s been known to pitch a fit.
Unlike Scott Brown he won’t model in the nude,
He likes to run for office but he doesn’t have a clue.

Knowledge that is,   Hates Polls,    Sanity.

Well the one thing we know is Mitt’s a millionaire,
Pinstriped suits and plastic molded hair.
Inside the beltway is the place he wants to be,
So he strapped his dog on top and drove down to D.C.

Washington that is,   Lobbyists,    Big black cars.

(flip-flop break)

Well now its time to say good-bye to Mitt and all his friends,
He will lose this year’s election and that will be his end
He never will return again cuz of the Tea Party,
They much prefer Santorum and his beastiality.

Man on dog, that is,   Ring a bell?,    Take your pants off.

Don’t come back now, y’hear?

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  1. The Prince of Darkness. What is he trying to hide? Love the song.

  2. I don’t think a lot of them are Wall Streeters. I think a helliuva lot of them are high ranking Mormons using church funds bent on buying this election for their cult. No way will Willard let that info out, he’d be sunk like the Titanic if he did.

  3. This needs to be done to stop Obama from using powers of Gov’t to bully donors

    • Nice try. None of the other candidates in the last 4 Presidential elections have found it necessary to hide the identities of their donors. You must also be assuming that Obama will win the election, because if he were to lose, he would have no ability to have the govt. bully donors. Also, it is Romney who bullies people (See the gay boys he went to high school with). This is just an example of Romney not being comfortable with who his donors are. He fears letting their names go public because of the backlash.

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