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Scott “Nudist” Brown’s Tomahawk Chop Backfires

For the last month or so, Scott Brown, the Republican Senator from Massachusetts and his private attack dog, the Boston Herald (Republican) have waged a war against his Democratic opponent Elizabeth Warren as the result of her contention that family lore is that she has Native American ancestry. The Brown campaign and the tabloid have made countless accusations and written scores of articles (see here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here) in an attempt to smear the architect of the Consumer Financial Protection Agency. Despite their best efforts, neither Brown nor the rag have been able to show that Warren’s career was in any way advanced by her claim to have Native American ancestry. Indeed, every one of her employers has emphatically stated that they either had no idea of her ancestry or that it had absolutely no effect on their decision to hire her at numerous top level law schools. It now appears that the entire jointly executed smear campaign has actually backfired.

The Boston Globe reports that Elizabeth Warren “has pulled into a virtual tie with US Senator Scott Brown, according to a new Suffolk University/7News poll.” The poll reveals that,

“Warren, the presumptive Democratic nominee, has the support of 47 percent of likely voters in Massachusetts, compared to 48 percent for Brown, a dead heat in a poll with a margin of error of plus or minus 4 percentage points.

That is a significant shift from the last Suffolk poll in February when Warren, a consumer advocate and Harvard Law School professor, trailed Brown, a Wrentham Republican, 49 percent to 40 percent.”

Yes, the poll shows that Elizabeth Warren has actually gained 7 points in the poll while Brown is losing support all since the mud-slinging by Brown and Co. began. The poll was conducted between May 20th and May 22nd and will certainly “help Warren fend off criticism from political insiders who complained that she had bungled her response to the issue by not confronting it more directly.”

Importantly, “Forty-nine percent said they believe Warren is telling the truth about being part Native American, compared to 28 percent who said they believe she is not being honest and 23 percent who said they were not sure.”

Voters do not appear to be punishing Warren for it, said Suffolk’s pollster, David Paleologos. “I’m not saying there was no damage from the Native American thing, but if you zoom out to see what the net effect was, it was minimal,” he said. “What we can conclude is people do not believe it is a significant story. It’s considered a nonstory.”

Former state treasurer and  major GOP player in Massachusetts, Joe Malone said, “This has been like a fender-bender on the side of the road. They’re slowing down to look, but it’s not changing where they’re heading.”

The Hill reports, “In Massachusetts — where Democrats outnumber Republicans 3 to 1 but independents make up more than half the electorate — voters have a history of shrugging off scandals that would in other states prove fatal. Brown’s predecessor, former Sen. Edward Kennedy (D), survived the Chappaquiddick incident to win reelection for another four decades. Rep. Barney Frank (D) survived a prostitution scandal, and Gov. Deval Patrick (D) outlived a $46,000 Cadillac he leased with taxpayer dollars during his first weeks in office.”

The Boston Globe also reports that Elizabeth Warren “could benefit from President Barack Obama’s strong standing in Massachusetts, and the surge of Democrats he could bring to the polls in November.  In the presidential race, Obama crushed former governor Mitt Romney by 25 points, 59 percent to 34 percent in Massachusetts, a reflection of how far Romney has fallen out of favor in the state he once governed.”

Here is an interesting spot which appeared on “Morning Joe” yesterday where even former Republican Congressman and Scott Brown supporter Joe Scarborough was gushing over Elizabeth Warren:


Elizabeth Warren can now get back to forcing the clothing-challenged Scott Brown to talk about the issues that are important to the Massachusetts electorate. One of those issues is why did the conservative Forbes magazine name Scott Brown as one of “Wall Street’s Favorite Congressmen”?

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 (sung to the Judy Collins song “Send In The Clowns”)

Claims he’s not rich
Poses while bare
Drives an old truck around town
Mitt Romney hair
This is Scott Brown

And with a kiss
Scott does approve
Of tearing Medicare down
He is a boob
This is Scott Brown
Yes. It’s Scott Brown

Made many stops on his book tour
But he refuses to reveal his child molester
Though he may molest again, Scott Brown does not care
Turns a blind eye
Brown does not care

Scott Brown’s a farce
His end is near
He’s not what the Tea Party wants…
Sorry, Scott dear!
He is just a clown
So Mr. Brown
Don’t bother next year

(plagiarism break)

Isn’t it rich?
Sometime next year
He will be unemployed late in his career
Yes, so long Scott Brown
We’re done with Scott Brown
Let’s stand up and cheer.