Romney’s “Bully” Pulpit (Updated: New Music Video)

This Mitt Romney gay bullying issue seems to have legs. As we all know by now, The Washington Post published a story about the Republican nominee’s youth that is extremely unflattering. According to five of Romney’s exclusive prep-school classmates, when Romney was 18 years old he rounded up a group of friends to pin down another student who happened to be gay and haphazardly hacked off his hair. During the incident, the boy was terrified and reduced to tears. By the way, the five witnesses were all eyewitnesses to the event. The Post also recounted another incident in which Romney shouted “atta girl” to a different student at the all-boys’ school who, years later, came out as being gay. Of course there is also the example of Romney bullying his dog, Seamus by means of strapping him to the roof of his care for a 12 hour trip to Canada during which time the terrified pet was reduced to defecating all over the vehicle (Seamus’ sexual orientation is unknown).

There is a particularly disturbing aspect to Romney’s reaction to the bullying incident in high school. During an interview on Fox News (where else?), Romney laughingly remarked, “I participated in a lot of hijinks and pranks during high school and some may have gone too far. And for that I apologize. If there was anything I said that was offensive to someone, I certainly am sorry about that. There was no harm intended.” He went on to say he did not remember the incidents from long ago, but didn’t dispute that they happened. He stressed that he didn’t know either student was gay. He said, “I had no idea what that individual’s sexual orientation might be.” So which one is it? If Romney is to be believed when he says he does not remember the incidents, then how can he remember that he had no idea of his victims’ sexual orientations? He cannot have it both ways. And making matters worse, he actually laughed while speaking about these incidents and referred to bullying as mere “hijinks and pranks”.

Also last week, Romney’s openly gay foreign policy spokesman, Richard Grenell, resigned, implying that social conservatives had driven him out of the job, which once again thrust the gay issue into the campaign. But we digress. As mentioned above, the Romney bullying story is gaining traction and is now finding its way on to late night television.

Last night Comedian Bill Maher was a guest on Conan O’Brien’s show and the topic was Romney’s bullying (BTW, who is the guy sitting to Maher’s right? He looks very familiar).

Here’s hoping the spotlight stays on Romney and this issue for quite some time leading up to the election.

UPDATE:  “Mitt Romney, the Demon Barber of Wall Street” video

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Mack The Knife” song link:


 (sung to the Bobby Darin song “Mack The Knife”)

Oh, that Mitt babe, has straight teeth, dear
And he shows them pearly white
And a jackknife plus a sharp switchblade
Romney keeps them out of sight

You know when that Mitt bites, with his teeth, babe
Bully stories start to spread
Cranebrook School though is just so preppy
So there’s never, never a long-haired head

On a sidewalk, blue Sunday mornin’, oh yeah
Lies a young lad, who fears for life
There’s someone sneakin’ ‘round a corner
Yes that someone is Mitt the Knife

There’s a “sissy”, down by the bubbler, don’t you know?
With a blond-dyed shag, just a droopin’ on down
Oh, Mitt Romney is just, he’s hiding in wait there
Five or maybe ten of Mitt’s boys circling round

Now d’ja hear ‘bout Richie Grenell? He disappeared babe
After bringin’ in, all that donor cash
But Mitt Romney says, “Rich is too gay”, yeah
So Romney dumped Grenell, in the trash

Ol’ Mitt’s a liar, ho, ho, yeah and he’s tawdry
Gay adoption oh yeah, upon that Romney frowns
There’s a hate storm on the right, babe
Now that Romney rules their town…

Ol’ Mitt’s a liar and he’s tawdry
Look out civil unions oh yeah, upon them Romney frowns
There’s a hate storm on the right, babe
Now that Romney’s………….. in our town…

Look out, ol’ Mitt he’s back!

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  1. Bully for Mitt

    Why wouldn’t the political party of unapologetic authoritarian bullies have a spoiled-brat bully as it’s presidential nominee? Under Bush/Cheney we became the world’s most unpopular outlaw nation, so it only makes sense that conservatives would want to increase military spending. We’ll convince the rest of the world of our exceptionalism even if we have to beat it into their thick skulls!

  2. Neocon bullying not a huge success in our back yard (the Middle East).

    • First of all, I notice that you left out the next sentence from Obama’s book which says, “For the rest of the afternoon I was haunted by the look on Coretta’s face.” You see, that is the difference between Obama and Romney.

      President Obama voluntarily gave this information. In his book, Obama comes clean about a lot of his past life experiences. There attacks only prove one thing about Obama, that he is a very truthful man while Mitt Romney is not.

      Mitt said he does not remember the assault. Second, he began laughing while discussing the assault. Ok, if you did assault another human being and do not remember, there is something wrong with you. Either you lack a sense of morality that a president shoud have. Or two, you are to senile to be President is you cannot remember an experience like that in your life.

  3. But Obama never apoligized, he merely used this incident to sell books and make money, much like Scott Brown

    • I would say that Obama’s statement, ““For the rest of the afternoon I was haunted by the look on Coretta’s face” was an acknowledgement of his regret of the incident that took place when he was in middle school. He then goes on to explain that regret. Also, the event was minor in comparison to Romney and gang holding down a young gay boy who was terrified and reduced to tears as they assaulted him. Also, Obama voluntarily confessed the story to explain the situation and show how he had grown. As for Romney’s bullying when he was an adult in high school, he hid that story and it took others to reveal it.

  4. Also, we have a clear contrast between the two candidates. Romney, the ruthless, mean, hurtful boy who will do anything, hurt anyone (even physically abusing his own pet dog), to get what he wants in life. And then, we have President Obama, who, like today, discusses and debates the ramifications with his actions and has a natural feeling of remorse that Romney does not have. While Obama was haunted with the face of “Coretta” after his shove, Romney went throughout his life not really caring about the tears he had caused poor Mr. Lauber. Character is everything in a presidential election and Romney’s seems to be rotten to the core.

  5. Well at least BO doesn’t lie about his heritage and his book is not plagerized, I’ll give him that

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