Calling All Rocketeers: Your Assistance Is Needed (UPDATED)

Dear Rocketeers:

Lynnrockets is seeking your assistance.

I run a non-profit charitable organization known as the Boston North Cancer Association, Inc. This cause is very dear to my heart because I believe all of us have been affected in some way by the insidious disease known as cancer. The mission of our organization is to fund or otherwise support  special projects for the prevention, research, control and treatment of cancer. Our Board of Directors is composed of volunteer (uncompensated) business and medical professionals, and private citizens who donate their time and expertise to fulfill the Association’s objectives. Every dollar raised by the Boston North Cancer Association, Inc. is donated directly to our cause without deduction for any middlemen such as public relations firms or solicitors.

Our gifts to hospitals and cancer treatment facilities have funded the purchase of cancer treatment equipment including:

  • sophisticated radiation therapy equipment,
  • mammogram and colonoscopy screening equipment, and
  • computerized Medical Literature Analysis and Retrieval Systems.

The Association also strives to support physicians and paramedical personnel by means of funding:

  • advanced medical education in the latest methods of cancer treatment,
  • travel to and attendance at medical conferences and treatment facilities to observe and study alternative and developing techniques and approaches to patient treatment, and
  • training designed to assist patients and family members in coping with the emotional and physical adjustments to cancer and its treatment.

Boston North Cancer Association, Inc. also sponsors free public education programs, support groups and workshops to:

  • alert citizens to the symptoms of cancer,
  • inform the community about methods of cancer prevention, and
  • encourage early cancer screening.

We also sponsor a scholastic Scholarship Program designed to assist promising  students from the North Shore of Boston in overcoming the challenges and hardships posed by cancer so they may achieve their dreams of higher education. The scholarship program also advances improved methods of cancer treatment and prevention by means of assisting medical school students.

Our organization holds one annual public event known as the Hope Begins Here Awards Reception and it will take place tonight. The Hope Begins Here Award is presented annually to an outstanding leader and advocate for cancer treatment and prevention on the North Shore of Boston. In conjunction with this award, we present two $2,500.00 college scholarships to  students who have been diagnosed with cancer or had a parent who perished as the result of cancer and one $ 2,500.00 medical school scholarship to a student who is dedicated to specializing in cancer research or treatment.


I thought that this might be an appropriate time to ask for your assistance. If the Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off  blog has ever entertained you, interested you or even led you to think about the world of politics in a different way and if you might be interested in giving a little back, would you please consider making a 100% tax deductible contribution to the Boston North Cancer Association, Inc.? I understand that all of us are being challenged by the present economic situation in our nation, so a donation in any amount would be appreciated. No donation is too small and every penny helps. Please remember that those suffering from cancer are facing the same economic challenges as the rest of us only with the additional burden of fighting their disease. Donations can be made online through our website at Donations can also be made by telephone and mail and that information is also provided on our website.

My sincere gratitude to any of you who can be of assistance.

I promise that we will get back to the politics, satire, parodies and fun in the next few days!

Thanks again,



Thank all of you so much for your more than generous donations to this worthy cause. If there is anything that I can do for those of you who contributed, please do not hesitate to ask!!!

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  1. Christine Melcher

    I wanted to add another great foundation. Don’t worry, be happy foundation: “Our purpose is to raise funds by selling Don’t Worry Be Happy shirts to help our struggling Cancer Warriors pay their bills.”

    • Terrific. I will contribute tomorrow.

      • Christine Melcher

        I’m not apart of them, but feel they do so much to help so many. I did, though, offer what I could to help today 🙂 Have a great evening/next morning. I have really enjoyed getting your posts.

  2. Will send in a check–found out one of my classmates from undergrad died of cancer and his memorial is on Saturday.

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