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Glenn Beck Is A Victim Of George Soros-Influenced Fox News!

Think about this for a moment. When was the last time that you heard anything at all about Glenn Beck?

For me, it was last week when during the Boston Bruins White House ceremony, it was revealed that goaltender Tim Thomas had skipped the event because he is a Tea Party member and big fan of Glenn Beck. Upon hearing mention of Beck it dawned on me that this once uber-popular crackpot has essentially evaporated and wafted away from the public consciousness.

Glenn Beck of course, was the one-time widely popular (with idiots) Fox News personality who quickly rose to stardom before flaming out of existence. During its run, Beck’s show focused primarily on criticizing President Barack Obama. It is interesting to note that the program debuted on Fox News the day before President Obama took office It is also ironic to note that Obama will retain his position at the very least through 2012 while Beck is long gone from Fox. That alone shows that Beck’s program was a massive “Mission Unaccomplished”. In fact, Glenn Beck’s steady fall from grace began in 2009 when he proclaimed that President Barack Obama has a “deep-seated hatred for white people”. That remark caused such a public backlash that over 300 advertisers pulled their commercials from his program.

Soon thereafter, Beck, the self-described rodeo clown, began to describe wacky conspiracies involving socialists, communists, leftists and Muslims all joining forces to infiltrate the Obama administration and then take down the world. Honestly, even Austin Powers’ arch enemy, the sinister Dr. Evil, could not come up with something that devilish. It appeared that he was having a mental breakdown on a nightly basis before our very eyes. He was reduced to tears more often than John Boehner. His television stage-set resembled the hidden-away attic classroom of an addle-minded professor who has been reduced to spewing unintelligible gibberish and writing inane code on a blackboard in a near empty classroom. His conspiracy theories were so wildly imaginative and unrealistic that even the other Fox hosts such as Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity steered well clear of all things Beckian. Simply stated, Glenn Beck had become a raving lunatic and a liability to Fox News.

Fox executives should have realized that Beck spelled trouble from the very beginning. He has no formal education or work experience in the world of politics. Glenn Beck’s college career consisted of ONE COURSE, not one semester mind you, but one course. His radio background consisted of merely a bunch of shock-jock jobs with a number of different stations. Add to that his history of alcohol and drug abuse, and you have a recipe for some kind of on-air nervous breakdown. That is exactly what we and Beck’s bosses and audience witnessed.

Consequently, Glenn Beck’s Fox News show was abruptly cancelled. On his last broadcast he said, “You will pray for the time when I was only on the air for one hour every day.” Apparently our prayers have been answered. Beck has been nowhere to be found since leaving Fox.

The tiny little audience that followed Beck to his new internet-based program must have also realized that he has become invisible. They are now trying to influence Fox News to put him back on the network. The means by which they are trying to accomplish their goal however, seems a bit…well…Beckian. You see, this group believes that the root of all evil, George Soros has actually infiltrated News Corp (the Fox News parent company) and orchestrated the demise of Glenn Beck. Really. I’m not making this stuff up.

Mediaite.com reports that conservative activist Cliff Kincaid of America’s Survival has launched a call for Fox News to bring back Glenn Beck. “Fox News has been disintegrating since Soros-funded groups forced Glenn Beck off the air,” declared Kincaid. “His show was replaced by a program featuring Democratic Party hack Bob Beckel, who regularly insults conservatives. It’s time for Glenn Beck, now on Internet TV, to return to the cable channel so that he can continue his investigative journalism into the rapidly expanding influence of the Soros network of organizations. We urge Fox News CEO Roger Ailes to negotiate Beck’s return at the earliest possible date.”

Fox News is a liberal arm of George Soros? Really? Sounds like something only Beck could come up with. Ah Glenn Beck, we hardly knew ye!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

The Fool On The Hill song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3KXrrh74wTs&feature=related


(sung to the Beatles song, “The Fool On The Hill”)

Day after day
He gives us a chill
Glenn Beck is crying again
Let’s watch his eyes start to fill

And nobody wants to know him
They can see that he’s just a fool
And he has not one good answer
Beck’s the fool who knows nil

George Soros stares him down
And Glenn’s face grows bright red
As his head spins around

Glenn’s head today,
Filled up with sound
Beck’s head hears a thousand voices
Screaming nonsense so loud

Everybody wants to jeer him
For the weeping that he does fake
Yet Glenn never seems to notice
Beck’s the fool who knows nil

He’s a dim-witted clown
In need of some strong meds
Beck’s off to crazy-town

(break with reality)

And nobody seems to like him
It looks like he’s back on the booze
Or maybe he’s back drug dealing
Beck’s the fool who knows nil

He’s beginning to drown
And his sponsors have fled
Soon he’ll be not around

Oh, round, an’ round, an’ round, an’ round, an’ round
Nobody listens to him
They know that he’s a fool
They don’t like him
The fool who knows nil

He’s beginning to drown
And his sponsors have fled
Soon he’ll be not around

Oh, round, an’ round, an’ round, an’ round
Oh …