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Is Romney Dishonest, Stupid or Both?

Mitt Romney is a man who is accustomed to having it both ways. He has flip-flopped on issue positions such as abortion, gun rights, immigration and personal mandates for health insurance so frequently that nobody knows what he believes. He is also one of the very privileged top 1% of this nation’s wealth hierarchy who makes substantially more money than 99% of Americans while he pays a tax rate commensurate with someone who earns less than $ 50,000 per year. Mitt(wit) Romney is truly a two-way street.

We got another dose of “Double-Talk Mitt” during last night’s Republican debate in Florida. Moderator Wolf Blitzer asked Romney, “You’ve had an ad running saying that Speaker Gingrich called Spanish – quote – ‘The language of the ghetto.’ What do you mean by that?”

Romney’s answer was one of the most confusing, convoluted, non-responsive bits of gibberish that we have heard in a long time. He said,

“I haven’t seen the ad, so I’m sorry, I don’t get to see all the TV ads. Did he say that? Did you say that? I doubt that’s my ad, but we’ll take a look and find out…Let me ask the speaker a question. Did you say what the ad says or not? I don’t know.”

Unfortunately for Romney, he was not given the opportunity to “take a look and find out”. Blitzer immediately performed a fact-check and informed Romney that “We did double check. It is one of your ads. it’s running here in Florida on the radio and at the end you say (in Spanish) ‘I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message'”. The crowd then immediately burst into a loud round of “booing” Mitt Romney.

Is Mitt Romney dishonest, stupid or both? Did he intentionally mislead the debate audience when he said, “I doubt that’s my ad”? This seems plausible inasmuch as he obviously took the time to learn how to say in Spanish, “I’m Mitt Romney and I approve this message”. He also had that approval inserted at the end of the ad. Maybe Mitt Romney is just stupid however. Perhaps he agreed to placing his stamp of approval on an ad which he never even took the time to review beforehand. Maybe Romney just has a very poor memory and could not recall producing the ad in question. Whatever the true answer may be, it does not reflect kindly upon a man who wants to be President of the United States of America. Our nation deserves much more from our Chief Executive.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody. Please enjoy!

The Great Pretender song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rwfmbXJEBtY&ob=av2n


(sung to The Platters song “The Great Pretender”)

Oh yes, Mitt’s the great pretender
Pretending that he is so swell
His needs are such; he pretends too much
The truth he simply cannot tell

Oh yes, Mitt’s the great pretender
Romney’s true beliefs are unknown
Mitt plays the game; flip-flops without shame
With no firm beliefs of his own

He was pro-choice he had us all believe
But when he faced strife, he switched up to pro-life

Oh yes, Mitt’s the great pretender
His opinion changes by town
Mitt claims to be what he’s not; you see
He wears his deceit like a crown
Romney is a flip-flopping clown

In Mass., health reform was what he achieved
He now says he feels health reform needs repeal

Yes, Mitt’s the great pretender
Just switching positions around
Ol’ Mitt Romney is not what you see
He wears his deceit like a crown
Romney is a flip-flopping clown