Military Hierarchy Belittles GOP Presidential Candidates’ Foreign Policy Views

It is being reported by CNN that retired Gen. Wesley Clark, former Navy Secretary Richard Danzig and Ret. Maj. Gen. Paul Eaton are publicly endorsing President Barack Obama’s military policies and actions while overtly criticizing the foreign policy positions of the field of Republican candidates as “shifting positions” and being “all over the place”. These positions were aired last night at the National Press Club on the eve of the CNN Republican National Security Debate in Washington.

Wesley Clark, the former supreme allied commander to NATO, took Mitt Romney to task when he said, “One (candidate) praised President Obama’s troop surge and concurred with the idea of later taking combat troops out of Afghanistan while criticizing setting a withdrawal date. Then he suggested U.S. troops should stay there. Then he said he’d like to see the troops come home as soon as possible.” He went on to say of Romney, “One veteran candidate’s position has evolved from needing to consult military lawyers about how to proceed against Iran in 2007 to an eagerness for military action now that gives many of us pause.”

Newt Gingrich was also singled out for criticism on the basis that his ideas for covert action in Iran are “cute”. Of Gingrich, Clark said, “Some candidates seem to be rattling the sabres for war with Iran. One candidate was placing heavy emphasis on covert action as though he had just invented the idea and nothing is happening now, which is a little bit cute since the definition of covert action is that it cannot be acknowledged.”

The trio of military brass apparently saw no reason to even comment upon Herman Cain. Cain’s blunders, including warning that China is trying to develop nuclear capability and his complete confusion about what transpired in Libya have been broadcast over the nation’s airwaves for the last few weeks. It would appear that those blunders have rendered Cain non-mention-worthy in the realm of foreign policy.

It will be interesting to see how the other GOP wannabes address foreign policy issues tonight at the Republican National Security Debate in Washington D.C. Tune in at 8:00 pm Eastern Time for what is surely to be a laugh-fest.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

“The Brady Bunch” theme song link:


 (sung to the theme song of “The Brady Bunch”)

Here’s the story of a man named Romney
He was governor of Mass. but made us hurl
Now his story has been told, like no other
Jobs lost in a swirl

Here’s the story of a man who’s shady
He cannot hold one position of his own
Changes his mind just like the weather
Still, he seeks the throne

His convictions are as strong and firm as Jello
What he knew wasn’t much more than a hunch
Just like Newt, he is not very manly
Mitt Romney and his campaign are out to lunch
The Romney Bunch
The Romney Bunch
Yeas they are all so lame, the Romney Bunch

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  1. Occupy Iraq

    “I believe that America is called to lead the cause of freedom in a new century. The liberty we prize is not America’s gift to the world, it is God’s gift to humanity.” – GW Bush pre-Iraq cake walk.

    “They’re opening their oil fields up to other companies all over the world … We’re entitled to it.” -Oil tycoon T. Boone Pickens complaining to Congress about Iraq’s public energy contract auctions.

    “That’s the thanks that the United States is getting after 4,400 lives were expended and over $800 billion? We’re being kicked out of the country? I think this is absolutely outrageous. I believe that Iraq should reimburse the United States fully for the amount of money that we have spent to liberate these people.” -Michele Bachmann post-Iraq withdrawal.

  2. Occupy Iran

    It’s been a while since millionaire “one per center” John McCain has valiantly urged the Iranian people to demonstrate against the local forces of law and order.

  3. Yeah, BigPete, you were the first person I thought of when I saw that picture. The whole incident of this abuse and others really has pissed me off in this post-9/11 hyper militarized, bankrupt country. Thank you George Bush, Cheney and pitiful Supreme Court for starting us down this path.

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