Elizabeth Warren Gets Under Scott Brown’s Exposed Skin

This is what Elizabeth Warren thinks of Scott Brown's centerfold.

The race for Ted Kennedy’s Massachusetts Senate seat is heating up. You might recall that after Kennedy passed away in 2009, a special election to fill his seat was held in January 2010. As the result of out of state Tea Party money and some local Democratic Party apathy, Republican Scott Brown won that election. The very next day, Massachusetts Democrats vowed to re-energize themselves so as not only to recapture Kennedy’s Senate seat in 2012 but to ensure that Democrats hold on to every elected position which they control in the bluest of blue states.

As the month’s passed, Scott Brown’s popularity began to wain both nationally and in Massachusetts. The radically conservative Tea Baggers were angered at Brown as the result of his siding with Democrats on some crucial Senate votes such as on an expensive jobs bill and he has repeatedly sided with Democrats on cloture votes which served to defeat Republican filibusters of Democratic bills. He has also lost luster amongst Bay Staters because he has been legislatively insignificant (as compared to Kennedy) and because he has been seen by many as a person who is willing to enable a child molester to continue offending. In his recently released memoir, Brown admitted that he was sexually molested as child at a local summer camp, but he has refused every request from law enforcement officials to identify the criminal so that he may be apprehended.

The strengthening wave of Democratic momentum and the ebbing tide of enthusiasm for Scott Brown became most evident last November during the national midterm elections. Brown’s seat was not up for election, but most every other statewide seat was in contest. The startling result was that in an election where Republican candidates won in a landslide of national elections and captured control of the US House of Representatives, the Brown-endorsed GOP candidates lost every single statewide race in Massachusetts. This made the Democratic party even stronger in that state than it was prior to Brown’s election. Suddenly Scott Brown’s formerly iron-clad grasp on the Senate seat was showing signs of weakness. What the Democrats needed however, was a strong challenger.

Enter Elizabeth Warren. The Harvard Law School professor and architect of the newly formed Consumer Financial Protection Bureau recently declared her candidacy. She brought instant momentum in the form of national support (and the out of state money which comes with that) and her high profile energized Massachusetts Democrats. In less than a month after announcing her candidacy, Warren vaulted ahead of Brown in the polls. Next, she gave an impromptu speech at the home of a local supporter which was captured by an attendee’s video camera.  Her impassioned delivery of the progressive message that government helps not only the needy but also the well to do became an instant viral YouTube hit.

Seizing upon her gaining momentum, Warren then had a little fun at last week’s Massachusetts Democratic Senate debate. She chided Scott Brown on at least two occasions. First she declared that unlike Brown, she would would not be named “Wall Street’s Favorite Senator”.

Next, when asked how she paid for her college education, Warren jokingly answered, “I didn’t take my clothes off.” This was a lighthearted jab at Scott Brown for his decision to pose nude in Cosmopolitan magazine to finance his law school tuition. Brown however, took offense. He appeared on a Boston radio station a few days later and when asked by the host what his response to Warren’s comment would be, he answered, “Thank God.” Brown then gaffed however, by saying that unlike Warren, “I didn’t go to Harvard, I went to the school of hard knocks and I did whatever I had to do to pay for school.” Problem is, Elizabeth Warren did not go to Harvard either. In fact, the schools attended by Brown (Tufts University and Boston College Law School) are both “expensive, private, liberal elitist East Coast schools” as compared to the schools (University of Houston and Rutgers School of Law) which Warren attended.

There is no question that Elizabeth Warren has gotten under the very exposed skin of Scott Brown.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody. Please enjoy!


(sung to the Beatles song “I’m Down”)

Scott’s tellin’ lies thinking I can’t see
That nude guy is so blind he can’t see
I’m down (I’m really down)
I’m down (Down on Scott Brown)
I’m down (I’m really down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

We’ll all sing when he’s voted away
Brown’s short fling will be over in days
I’m down (I’m really down)
I’m down (Down on Scott Brown)
I’m down (I’m really down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

Once he’s dethroned, he’ll be all by himself
Scott will moan: “They wanted somebody else!”
I’m down (I’m really down)
Let’s vote him down (Vote down Scott Brown)
Scott Brown (He’s goin’ down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

(Wow! Scott’s goin’ down!)

Whoo, baaby!

Oh Scott, you’re soon going down (He’s goin’ down)
I guess your down (He’s really down)
We’re down on Scott Brown (He’s goin’ down)
Scott! Brown! (He’s goin’ down)
Let’s hang him upside down
Oh yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, he’s down (He’s really down)
Scott baby you’re down (He’s really down)
Let’s hang him upside down (Let’s watch him frown)
Ooh, that Brown (He’s such a clown)
Scott baby you’re down, yeh
Scott baby you’re down, yeh
Scottie, you’re down (You’re really down)
Scott baby you’re down (You’re goin’ down)
Oh, Scottie, Scottie, Scottie! (You’re goin’ down)
Oh, Scottie you’re down (You’re goin’ down)
You’re down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down,  yeh, whoa!!!

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  1. Thank God

    Elizabeth Warren is absolutely brilliant. She should be congratulated for having the courage to get involved in our sleazy political system. Best of all, it seems she’ll manage just fine without the Koch brothers’ cash. Good luck!

  2. Panic of the Plutocrats

    But listening to the reliable defenders of the wealthy, you’d think that Ms. Warren was the second coming of Leon Trotsky. George Will declared that she has a “collectivist agenda,” that she believes that “individualism is a chimera.” And Rush Limbaugh called her “a parasite who hates her host. Willing to destroy the host while she sucks the life out of it.”


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