Lynnrockets Is Riding The Storm Out

Our beach early this morning.

Unfortunately there will be no substantive post today. As most of you Rocketeers know, we live on an island off the coast of Boston. Thankfully Hurricane Irene is predicted to be downgraded to a tropical storm. Nonetheless, wind is always a problem here and it will obviously become much more of a problem during this event. Also, the track of the storm has slowed down such that we are expecting 5 to 6 inches of rain and the almost always resultant flooding. Consequently, we will be busy today weatherproofing and making sure that our pumps are operational.

Because of our locale we often lose power and sometimes lose access to civilization. Provision-wise however, we seem fine. We have a few gas grills and plenty of Jameson’s. To be honest, it is sometimes even a little fun to breakout the candles and lanterns and the Scrabble game to pass time when we are not gazing at the raging storm surf. Sometimes these storms serve to remind of us of what it was like to live in New England back in the whaling days. A bit scary yet a lot of fun.

Talk to you soon.

In the meantime, please enjoy these stormy weather-related tunes:


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  1. It’s not all bad

    Being stuck inside during a storm is kind of like being on vacation: you don’t have to play by the normal dietary rules. You don’t have to eat healthy and skip dessert and count calories. In fact, you should do the opposite. This is a high-stress time, so go for the fattiest, cheesiest, least-healthy comfort food you can find in the house, then crush up some potato chips, sprinkle them all over that, and call that Irene Casserole. Anything you eat in 75 mph winds doesn’t count anyway.

  2. Be safe, Lynnrockets!

  3. Fingers and paws are crossed for you and your family. And make sure you follow BigPete’s recipe for Irene Casserole and report back to us. đŸ˜‰

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