Sarah Palin’s Journalism Degree Is Worthless

We now know why it took Sarah Palin 5 colleges and 6 years to finally attain a lowly bachelor’s degree in journalism. The degree is worthless.

Palin first attended Hawaii Pacific University in its business administration program, but left because, as her father Chuck Heath says, the presence of so many Asians and Pacific Islanders made her uncomfortable: “They were a minority type thing and it wasn’t glamorous, so she came home”.  She next went to a two-year school known as North Idaho College but lasted only two semesters as a “General Studies Major”. She then transferred for her first stint at the University of Idaho. She lasted one year before leaving and matriculating at another two-year school known as Matanuska-Susitna College in Alaska. She left and returned to the University of Idaho for her second stint. While finally majoring in “Journalism with an emphasis in Broadcast News, at the University of Idaho, it does not appear that she worked for either the college newspaper or television station. She earned her degree from that 153rd ranked (U.S. News and World Report) safety school which accepts nearly 80% of its applicants in 1987.

Sarah Palin’s journalistic ignorance was revealed (once again) this week. She made a lavish self-promoting appearance at the Iowa State Fair as a stop on her political action committee-funded sham of a private family vacation. By the way,  she actually gave her vacation a name: “The One Nation Tour”. She is also discreetly traveling in a luxury dreamliner-coach shrink-wrapped in a giant version of the U.S. Constitution. Although Palin claims that her vacation was pre-planned and has nothing to do with politics, she coincidentally showed up at the Iowa Fair at the same time that the GOP presidential candidates were in attendance and on the very weekend during which the Ames Straw Poll is conducted. This is very much like the strange coincidence which occurred during the first leg of her family vacation in May when she just happened to be in New Hampshire on the very day that Mitt Romney announced his bid for the Republican nomination in that state.

But we digress. While at the Fair, Palin took the opportunity to once again blast the “lamestream” media for misreporting. Politico reports, that while talking to many media members (as most of us do on our “private” family vacations) she called out a Daily Caller reporter to complain about a headline she felt suggested she was open to supporting Mitt Romney. Palin said,

“So you’re saying that I said that I support Mitt Romney?” she said to the reporter. “And what’s your headline? You need to be clear, otherwise people really lose faith in the state of journalists today and that is, I said ‘ABO’—anybody but Obama. And I would support the candidate who surfaces to take on Barack Obama. But no, your headline leads readers to believe that I’m supporting Mitt Romney at this time in this process, and no that’s not accurate.”

That would be a very fair criticism by Palin. If it were true. Unfortunately for Palin and our perception of her journalistic skills, it is not true. In fact, the Daily Caller responded as follows:

“Anyone who goes to our homepage will see a headline that has been up the whole time and reads: Palin’s Pick – ‘Anybody but Obama’ and the story itself has a headline that reads: Palin at Iowa State Fair: I’m still undecided on 2012. The headline Palin is referring to and so concerned about doesn’t actually exist on our site or on the story.”

The headline that irked Palin does however exist somewhere. Anybody care to guess where? Where else but on the Fox News online version of the story. Is anyone surprised  that Fox News would misinform its audience with a misleading headline? Is anyone surprised that rather than investigate the matter to determine actual facts, Sarah Palin simply elected to buy into the Fox News misinformation?

This is just another reason why Sarah Palin’s journalism degree is not worth the paper it is printed on.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Pump It Up song link:


(sung to the Elvis Costello song “Pump It Up”)

Palin’s losing her looks
She’s into banning books
Time to face the music
Shilling for “Arctic Cat”
She’s a moonbat
Blew the race for Johnny Mac
Was the Guv but then she quit
And left the state fast

Fudge it up. Too bad she couldn’t see it.
Fudge it up. Now she can’t conceal it.

She’s so far right of center
Hell bent, not Heaven sent
Listen to her propaganda
Listen to her latest slander
Palin don’t understand
All her moves are underhand

Fudge it up. Now she has revealed it.
Fudge it up. A wound but she can’t heal it.


She is a dumb girl
She makes us wanna hurl
Like Lorena Bobbitt
Sarah’s psychotic
When she’s on a book tour
She dresses like a whore
In those clothes Mac bought for her
A tea-bagging gal for sure

Fudge it up. Now she has revealed it.
Fudge it up. A wound but she can’t heal it.

In the “Party of No”
Palin will never win
Soon they will kick her out
With all her inbred kin
Her “Death Panel” mission
Beat into submission
Her conical hat is made out of tin

Fudge it up. Now she has revealed it.
Fudge it up. A wound but she can’t heal it.

Fudge it up. Now she has revealed it.
Fudge it up. A wound but she can’t heal it.

Fudge it up. Now she has revealed it.
Fudge it up. A wound but she can’t heal it.

Palin should beat it
Palin should beat it
Palin should beat it.

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  1. I’d be very surprised if her college-hopping resulted in any kind of degree at all. And didn’t she admit that on a job application in Wasilla. She wrote ‘none’ where it asked for post high school degrees. She certainly sounds like a high school kid, not a college-educated middle-aged woman. Heck, she sounds less educated than my 80 year old mother, who has a high school diploma from 1948. Compare that to Secretary Clinton’s ‘crescendo of condemnation” regarding Syria. I doubt Sarah knows what a crescendo even is.

  2. I thought Mutanuska-Susitna college wasn’t accredited until after she left- which would make any classes she took there worthless, insofar as getting a degree goes.

  3. Great work on the song and exposing her utterly stupid “bosses” as well as her utterly stupid supporters. Or maybe I should have said udderly, since she forgot her fake udders on this family vacation.

  4. Conscious at last!

    If you can prove that Sarah Palin actually earned a B.S. degree in Communications from the University of Idaho in the 1980’s, then I will agree, it’s a worthless degree.

    Until then, this B.S. is BS—- or merely a “fignewton” of her imagination.

  5. Stealing the spotlight

    Asked if she was “looking for votes,” in Iowa, Palin told CBS News: “Looking for votes? I’m looking for hands to shake, and I’m looking for fried butter on a stick and a fried Twinkie as soon as I can get there.”

    Poor Willard! Not only is he not part of the Fox galaxy of stars, but the relentless, and very public cross-country stalking by that awful little hillbilly with the huge head and the screechy voice is going to give him a persecution complex!

  6. Violence in the heartland

    From CNN- Worldwide Leader In News: CNN reporter Don Lemon says he tried to ask GOP presidential candidate Michele Bachmann some questions after she spoke to the corn dog-munching masses at the Iowa State Fair, but was shoved by Marcus Bachmann and two campaign aides. Not very nice!

  7. Yes, well Marcus and Michele were probably rushing to get to the corn dog stand….

    what’s that saying? A picture’s worth 1000 words?

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