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Mitt(wit) Romney’s Series Of Unfortunate Events

It is shaping up to be a very bad week for GOP Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.

First he faced the controversy surrounding the shady and potentially illegal $ 1 million donation to the Restore Our Future “super pac” formed by three of his former political aides for the express purpose of electing Romney in 2012. The pac received a $ 1 million donation from a corporation known as “W Spann LLC”. That is OK. The recent Citizens United case held that corporate donations are legal. But here is the catch. The Citizens United case did not alter federal elections law which makes it illegal to donate money in the name of someone else so as to hide the identity of the true donor. NBC News did some real investigative journalism and discovered that W Spann LLC was formed by a big Boston corporate law firm in March, made the donation in April, and then dissolved itself in July. Furthermore, the corporate documents did not identify the principal of the corporation but it did list a Manhattan address shared by the office of Bain Capital of which Romney himself was a former owner. The Boston Globe contacted Bain Capital for information but was told that “the entity in question is not affiliated with Bain Capital or any of our employees.”

The Bain Capital statement however, proved to be elusive at best. After it was speculated that an investigation would be conducted by the Justice Department, the true donor suddenly emerged from the shadows on his own volition. It turned out that the individual in question is a man known as Edward W. Conard. It was also revealed that Conard was employed by Bain Capital until 2007 and continued to list his affiliation with Bain Capital when making other sizeable campaign contributions to Romney and other Republicans in recent years thereafter. As the result of the investigation, Conard has now requested that his donation be publicly noted under his own name rather than the allegedly fictitious skeleton corporation. It is anybody’s guess as to why Conard wanted to hide his true identity in the first place. MSNBC however, reports that “campaign watchdog groups said Saturday that they will continue to press for a Justice Department investigation into the contribution, saying that unless such a probe is conducted, it will open the door for other donors to conceal their campaign contributions through shadowy “pop up” corporate fronts.”

That was not the only distressing news faced by Mitt Romney this week however. Politico reported that the Obama campaign is preparing an all out blitz of attacks against the Mitt(wit) if, as expected, he wins the GOP nomination. The report states that Obama’s campaign will unleash “a ferocious personal assault on Mitt Romney’s character and business background.”

Politico went on to state, “The onslaught would have two aspects. The first is personal: Obama’s reelection campaign will portray the public Romney as inauthentic, unprincipled and, in a word used repeatedly by Obama’s advisers in about a dozen interviews, ‘weird’.” And, “The second aspect of the campaign to define Romney is his record as CEO of Bain Capital, a venture capital firm that was responsible for both creating and eliminating jobs. Obama officials intend to frame Romney as the very picture of greed in the great recession — a sort of political Gordon Gekko.”

David Axelrod, the president’s chief strategist has said,
“He was very, very good at making a profit for himself and his partners but not nearly as good [at] saving jobs for communities. His is very much the profile of what we’ve seen in the last decade on Wall Street. He was about making money. And that’s fine. But often times, he made it at the expense of jobs in communities.”
Things got even worse for Romney yesterday when he was viciously heckled by attendees of his speech at the Iowa State Fair.  While defending corporations from increased taxes, Romney told an audience member who disagreed, “Corporations are people my friend. Everything a corporation earns ultimately goes to the people.” At that point a large number of the audience derisively laughed at the remark. At another point, when an audience member suggested that the cap after which wage earners no longer contribute to Social Security should be raised so that the wealthy would contribute more to the program, Romney shouted back, “You want to raise taxes? You want to raise taxes?”. Needless to say, Romney’s speech did not go as planned.

Of course Romney will also face much criticism for his policy flip-flops which seem to increase by the day. He was in favor of a woman’s right to choose before he was against it. He was in favor of strict hand-gun regulation before he was against it. He was in favor of a path to citizenship immigration policy before he was against it. Most striking of all, he was the author of the first comprehensive health care reform law which was spearheaded by a personal mandate to purchase health insurance before he was against the new national law which is a virtual clone.

Like Lucy Ricardo, Mitt Romney is going to have some ‘splainin’ to do!

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“The Brady Bunch” theme song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ou-FeOoKDq4


 (sung to the theme song of “The Brady Bunch”)

Here’s the story of a man named Romney
He was governor of Mass. but made us hurl
Now his story has been told, like no other
Jobs lost in a swirl

Here’s the story of a man who’s shady
He cannot hold one position of his own
Changes his mind just like the weather
Still, he seeks the throne

His convictions are as strong and firm as Jello
What he knew wasn’t much more than a hunch
Just like Newt, he is not very manly
Mitt Romney and his campaign are out to lunch
The Romney Bunch
The Romney Bunch
Yeas they are all so lame, the Romney Bunch