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The Palin PAC-Funded Hoax Of A Family Vacation Resumes

Here we go again!

The nation’s biggest self-promoter is up to her old tricks. After a two month break, Sarah Palin will back the shrink-wrapped Dreamliner out of her Wasilla, Alaska garage and resume her phoney family vacation bus tour this week. She has even given her faux family holiday a name: the “One Nation” tour. Honestly, what sane family shrinkwraps the minivan and gives their drive to the Poconos or Cape Cod a name of its very own?

So as to make it absolutely clear that the tour is really just a family vacation and not a politically-driven sideshow designed to highlight her profile, Sarah Palin has elected to steer well clear of political hotspots. Consequently, she is kicking off her tour in the sleepy heartland state of Iowa. What’s that? The Palins will be camping just south of where the Republican presidential candidates will be conducting a presidential debate on Thursday? Say again? The first in the nation Ames Straw Poll will be held in Iowa this weekend? Pure coincidence!

CNN reports that “it appears the bus will also take Palin to Missouri and Illinois to visit the respective hometowns of former presidents Harry Truman and Ronald Reagan”. Hmm, they were presidents too. There seems to be a theme developing here. Didn’t the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska contemplate running for president about a million times during every one of her Fox News political ads, er I mean guest appearances since 2008? Again, pure coincidence.

There is no reason to doubt Sarah Palin’s sincerity when she announced in a nationwide email to millions of her closest friends,

“The heartland is perfect territory for more of the One Nation Tour as we put forth efforts to revitalize the fundamental restoration of America by highlighting our nation’s heart, history, and founding principles.”

After all, don’t we all “put forth efforts to revitalize the fundamental restoration of America” when we pack-up Grandma and the dog and head to the beach house for a few weeks? Think of the Palin trip as a piece of Americana like that 1970s Brady Bunch episode in which the whole clan went to the Grand Canyon.

We can only hope.

Another positive to the vacation is that perhaps the under-educated Palin and her family will learn a little something about American history. The highlight of the opening act of The Palin Family Traveling Circus last May was undoubtedly when Sarah learned that Paul Revere was ringing bells and firing warning shots to the British to warn them that the British were coming during his famous “Midnight Ride.” You just cannot learn that stuff by reading those liberally-biased history books. Just ask Michele Bachmann who will tell you that the famous “Shot Heard Round The World” was fired from Concord, New Hampshire and not Concord, Massachusetts.

You must be thinking that this vacation will cost the poor Palins a fortune. Imagine the financial pressure of driving a huge luxury cruise-liner across the United States with gas prices being what they are and all. Well don’t worry. You see, Palin’s political action committee SarahPAC will foot the bill once again adding to the $20,000.00 it paid for the first leg of the vacation. The Palin family will not have to pay a penny. If you would like to contribute so as not to delete the pac’s precious resources, you can do so by means of the vacation fundraising drive taking place at SarahPAC’s website right now.

Will Sarah Palin actually have the guts on this tour to declare whether or not she intends to jump into the presidential race? Don’t count on it. She is too busy being a simple vacationing hockey-mom.

In honor of the troops, please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with the song parody.

On The Road Again song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1TD_pSeNelU


(sung to the Willie Nelson song “On The Road Again”)

On the road again –
Sarah can’t wait to get on the road again
The life she loves is taking money from her friends
Palin can’t wait to get on the road again

On the road again –
Goin’ places that she’s never been
She denies that she’s campaigning once again
But she’s stealing dough from all her brain-dead friends

On the road again –
Like a band of gypsies, Palins ride the highways
Grifting never ends
Persisting like a plague that’s coming our way, yes our way

On the road again –
She says its great to just “reload” again
Good Lord above will Palin’s grifting never end?
Sarah can’t wait to get on the road again

(Fox News love-in break)

On the road again –
Just those Palin pip-squeaks always talking sideways
Every word offends
Insisting that the world keep turning their way, yes their way

She’s on the road again –
Palin can’t wait to get on the road again
The life she loves is taking money from her friends
And she can’t wait to get on the road again
And she can’t wait to get on the road again