Run Along Now Sarah Palin, Adults Are Trying To Have A Debt Ceiling Discussion Here (Part 2)

Palin uses sign language to demonstrate what she knows about the debt ceiling.

On Wednesday Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off ran the first segment of this story.

We reported that as the August 2nd Debt Ceiling deadline looms and the President and members of Congress attempt to devise some sort of mutually acceptable legislation which will serve to increase the ceiling, cut future spending and raise revenues, America’s most famous unelected celebrity wanted to have her say. Her words and advice of course, had no positive effect on debt ceiling negotiations. They only served to fan the fires of acrimony and widen the divide between Democratic and Republican negotiators.

First she attacked President Obama by saying,

“Scaring the American people is exactly what President Obama is doing. The president’s getting pretty good at this fear mongering and trying to cram down the public’s throat this idea of bigger government, more spending.”

She then criticized Republican Speaker of the House John Boehner by saying,

“The internal problem that he has is reinventing the wheel here in the 11th hour, when we already have Cut, Cap and Balance that passed the House, and we don’t need to retreat now and wave a white flag. This August 2 deadline is looming, but it’s not Armageddon, it’s not life-or-death, so Boehner and the Republicans have got to make sure that they’ve got a good plan in front of those who will be voting on this plan.”

But the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska who managed to obtain a bachelor’s degree in communications with an emphasis in journalism only after attending 5 different colleges in 6 years, was not finished yet. Oh no. Palin was right back at it again yesterday. This time she directed her meritless comments at freshmen Teapublican members of Congress who signed the infamous Grover Norquist “No Tax Pledge”.  On her Facebook page (where else?) she posted, in pertinent part, this dribble,

“Republicans campaigned on a promise to rein in out-of-control government spending. These are promises that you must keep…I respectfully ask these GOP Freshman to … remember us ‘little people’ who believed in them, donated to their campaigns, spent hours tirelessly volunteering for them, and trusted them with our votes. This new wave of public servants may recall that they were sent to D.C. for such a time as this.”

Did Sarah Palin just refer to herself as a “little people”? Did she honestly spend “hours tirelessly volunteering for” all those Tea Party members? Really? Even with all those self-promoting book tours and reality television show travels and Fox News appearances on her busy schedule?  And just what in the wide, wide world of confusion was she actually telling the Tea Partiers to do? Was it intended to be an instruction from headquarters that they must reign in spending in the debt ceiling negotiations by refusing to raise the ceiling under any circumstances? The timing would suggest that. But if so, that makes no sense because the debt ceiling increase only allows our nation to pay its pre-existing debts. It does not authorize any new spending. What is this dimwit talking about?

Honestly, Ms. Palin, have you forgotten that inasmuch as you hold no elective office, you have no meaningful standing to inject yourself into the debate? Your voice is one that does not matter or have any positive effect.

So Sarah Palin we repeat, please take note that adults are trying to discuss the debt ceiling and it would be best for the country if you would just run along.

By the way, we are just wondering whether you plan to run for President? Any update or is that another matter on which you have nothing significant to say?

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Simon Says song link:


(sung to the 1910 Fruitgum Company song “Simon Says”)

She likes to play a game,
That is so much fun,
And it’s something even she can do,
The name of the game is “Simple Sarah Says”,
And she would like for you to play it too

Put style gel in your hair,
Simple Sarah says,
Lipstick on your mouth,
Simple Sarah says,
Do it when Palin says,
Simple Sarah says,
And they will vote you right out

Simple Sarah says,
Put glasses on your head,
Don some pants that stretch,
Sarah says,

Simple Sarah says,
Get Bristol out of bed,
That Levi is stiff,
Sarah says,

A beehive on your head,
Simple Sarah says,
The First Dude by your side,
Simple Sarah says,
Hate speech for the left,
Simple Sarah says,
Kind words for the right

(death panel lie break)

F-me pumps that are red,
Simple Sarah says,
A gun strapped to your side,
Simple Sarah says,
Diversity left,
Simple Sarah says,
Only whites on the right

Now that we have learned,
To play this game with she,
Sarah Palin has something to do,
Let’s try it once again,
We’ll mimic Sarah P.,
But let’s do it while we’re drinking too

Go kill a polar bear,
Simple Sarah says,
Now tell a big lie,
Simple Sarah says,
Dress yourself like a whore,
Simple Sarah says,
Ah, you’re looking fine,
Simple Sarah says,
Now, interview if you dare,
Simple Sarah says,
Mingle with the slime,
Simple Sarah says,
Get your ass out the door,
Simple Sarah says,
Make it double time


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  1. She’s still a retard. Trig still has Down Syndrome. McCain unleashed this horror on the world. Thanks a lot.

    • LOL at the comments on IM:
      Anonymous said…

      Concerned reader said:
      ” I work in a professional capacity with pregnant women and have had 2 children myself.”
      “I think you are off your mark here. Her face is very pregnant which gives it away. It is not uncommon to not get big until your late 7th month. Trig was a small baby.”

      Dear concerned reader @9:59, exactly where do you work because I am a physician and fat faces aren’t considered a sign of pregnancy. Breast and abdominal enlargement are universal in pregnancy and she does not have either. I also have not seen any women not get big until late in the 7th month and Trig was supposedly a 35 Week 6 lbs 2 oz baby which is a large for his gestational age. I think you should reconsider your choice of professions because you don’t seem to know anything about pregnancy.

      1:50 PM
      Anonymous Anonymous said…

      I really don’t want to have the sex talk with you, but are you aware that a baby is not in a woman’s face? Her face is a long way from where the action takes place. I am an old woman and have seen many many pregnancies and I have absolutely never seen a woman with a pregnant face.

      1:56 PM

      Too funny not to share!

  2. I’ve said it before and I’lll say it again – the wrong Alaskan ex-politician died in that crash on 9 August 2010.

  3. Constitutional Conservatives

    The minority faction of teabaggers in the house of reps (a third of our government) who are holding the country hostage are the same retards who are always carping on about democracy and the constitution. Maybe we should think of them as traitors. We could ship them off to Guantanamo to be tortured by Liz Cheney!

    And the only constitutional amendment we should be considering is a total ban on all this smug and pompous talk of American exceptionalism.

  4. I don’t understand why she has not been charged with treason; along time ago.

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