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Palin Flick A Flop !!!

Sarah Palin reviews her new film.

Despite what the Palinistas (few as they are) will tell you, the Sarah Palin self-promoted propaganda film “The Undefeated” is a monumental bust. Final figures are in for last weekend’s movie premieres and they do not reflect well upon the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska. The numbers for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hollows, Part II” revealed that it made $481.6 million. In contrast, the New York Post reports,

“At the other end of the tally, the Sarah Palin doc “Undefeated” did $65,132. Considering it was playing only at 10 cherry-picked locations with lots of her supporters, that’s a mediocre start at best — no matter what her fans at Big Hollywood are claiming. The per-screen average — about the same as the doc “Tabloid” — is only going to go down when the flick moves into wider release. Just like it did for “Atlas Shrugged, Part One.”’

Ouch! That is sure to leave a mark upon the ego of America’s biggest publicity hound.

The Palin disaster film’s true failure can be gauged by a comparison with Michael Moore’s “Fahrenheit 9/11” (2004). That film grossed $24,078,959.00 on its opening weekend. Moore’s film did 369% better than Palins at a time when box office prices were lower.

Here are some tidbits from reviews of the Palin film:

Roll Call:  “There’s little doubt Palin, who did not participate in production of “The Undefeated,” will be pleased with the final result. But it’s not a good film.”

RottenTomatoes.com:  “0% rating”

The Village Voice:  “a glowing two-hour infomercial for Sarah Palin, Presidential Candidate To-Be”

Los Angeles Times:  “a troop-rallying campaign infomercial as imagined by Michael Bay: hero-worshipping, crescendo-edited at a dizzying pace, thunderously repetitive and its own worst enemy as a two-hour, talking-points briefing”

New York Magazine:  “I swear I gave The Undefeated a chance, because who wants to writhe in agony for two hours? I hoped that director Stephen K. Bannon would show a side of Sarah Palin I’d never seen — I thought it would be so cool if I could give the movie a rave. But it’s a straight hagiography, without nuance or ambiguity or the admission of opposing viewpoints, even those meant to be dismantled. The orchestra never rests, delivering climax after climax as Palin’s triumphs are recounted by her remaining loyalists, each waist-high in the frame so we can see them rocking with excitement”

metacritic.com:  “score of 2.4 out of 10”, “Unfavorable”

Like Sarah Palin herself, her bio-pic “The Undefeated” is an unmitigated failure.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

I’m A Loser song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tXHO7hScOCA


(sung to the Beatles song “I’m A Loser”)

She’s a loser
She’s a loser
Palin’s just what she appears to be

Of the elections she’s won, more have lost
Tea Party honor has come at a cost
She called both Angle and Miller a friend
But her endorsement hurt them in the end

She’s a loser
And a victim of the Tea Party
She’s a loser
Now she’s hated by the G.O.P.

Sarah P. talks and she acts like a clown
She’s been rejected by nude-boy Scott Brown
The jeers are falling like rain from the sky
She can’t be saved by the wink of her eye

She’s a loser
Like the members of the Tea Party
She’s a loser
And she’s only out to make a fee

(Russia viewing break)

She loves to spread her politics of hate
When she got caught she just quit on her state
Oh yes it’s true, she is in a free fall
Palin is screwed like a fish to the wall

She’s a loser
And she lost again so recently
She’s a loser
For some proof just turn on Fox TV