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Marley’s Maine-Cation Review

Marley enjoys her first vacation.

Lynnrockets and Co. are back from their most recent vacation. This was the first time that our 3 year old dog Marley accompanied us. My wife, sister and brother-in-law also tagged along on our trip to Boothbay Harbor, Maine. This is how it all went down from Marley’s point of view.

Early last Tuesday morning they loaded up the station wagon. As usual, I was placed in back in the built-in kennel along with a few chew toys and some water. It was claustrophobic to say the least inasmuch as the other half of the way-back was filled with suitcases and at least 15 pairs of girls’ shoes. The car started and I prayed that we were not going to the vet.

I breathed a sigh of relief when we passed by the street that leads to the animal hospital and was finally able to relax a bit. We avoided the highways and traveled north up scenic Route 1A from Boston. I like the scenic route so much better than the highway. Not because I like scenery so much, but because it offers me the opportunity to bark loudly at every other dog I see walking on a leash. I am pretty sure that Lynnrockets and family also enjoyed my near constant exclamations because they seemed to yell right along with me. I’m not sure what “Shut-Up !!!” means, but they really got into it at times.

We drove up the coast and the smell of the salt air was so aromatic that I danced around and spilled my water all over the place. We made it as far as a place called Wells, Maine before we finally stopped so that I could relieve myself. The stop also offered my mother the opportunity to take off her jersey and put it on the correct way because it appears that she had been driving with it inside-out since we left. What a fool. I would never be caught dead with my collar inside-out. Anyway, they re-filled my water bowl, threw me back in the wagon and we were off once again.

I napped for awhile after that so I’m not sure what happened until we stopped in Freeport, Maine. By that time, Lynnrockets had discovered that he forgot to wear a belt and did not pack another one. I think he did that purposely so that he could stop at L.L. Bean to buy a new one and whatever else might suit his fancy like those 2 pair of pants and that shirt. What is it with people and those darn clothes? At least the stop offered me the opportunity to relieve myself yet again¬† and to bark at some small dogs that looked like Guinea pigs. What’s with those bows in their hair?

After about another hour or so, we finally rolled into Boothbay Harbor, Maine. Wow! What a spectacular view! Beautiful ocean, boats of all shapes and sizes, the wafting smell of lobster and fried clams. Exactly like home on the North Shore of Boston. Why the heck did we leave and come here?

Boothbay Harbor, Maine

The car (or as my family says it, “cahhh”) finally came to a stop at a place called the Spruce Point Inn. Now we’re talking! The Inn was a beautiful old New England building with a wrap-around porch overlooking the harbor and dog treats and a water bowl on the front steps. How’s that for a canine welcome? The Inn is situated on 57 acres of untouched shoreline and has 56 modern guestrooms in 8¬†traditional lodges, 16 classic cottage rooms, 9 guestrooms and suites in the historic Main Inn and 4 townhouses. There is a regular pool as well as an oceanfront salt-water pool, free bikes and kayaks and miles of hiking trails. Best yet, the whole place is dog-friendly (no crates or kennels necessary)!

We stayed in a cottage known as the Cardinal. It had 3 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a galley kitchen and a wonderful cathedral-ceiling living room with stone fireplace. It also had 3 porches for me to keep an eye on all the action. Management gave me (and the other dogs) free reign. We could lounge by the pools, swim in the ocean, go on boat tours and run wild on those wonderful hiking trails. My family also had a great time because there is a fine dining restaurant and a traditional New England pub (where I believe Lynnrockets slept one night) on the premises.

The town of Boothbay Harbor is also great because nearly everything there is dog-friendly too. The shops along Commercial Street and the wharf all have water bowls and treats at the entrance. I could roam not only in the stores, but also in the restaurants. Imagine that, I was allowed to sit on the deck of a number of restaurants while my family filled themselves with fresh lobster and other seafood. Trolleys carried us into town and home whenever we pleased.

Spruce Point Inn

Spruce Point Inn

I sure hated to leave that place after such a wonderful week. All in all, I had a great time. My Marley rating is a spectacular 5 “Woofs”! The ride home was uneventful however. My long nap was interrupted only by another stop at L.L.Bean a few antique shops and a few relief breaks. Now I’m home and back to my normal dog’s life. Guess I’ll have to turn this blog back over to Lynnrockets tomorrow.

Until next time, here is a song and some video which accurately captures Boothbay Harbor, Maine.