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New Yorkers Give Glenn Beck The Bronx Cheer

The print media has been abuzz today about Glenn Beck. You remember Glenn Beck don’t you? He is the self described “rodeo clown” who, when hired by Fox News some two years ago, promised to bring an end to Barack Obama’s presidency. Something funny happened on the way to the impeachment however. You see, It was Glenn Beck who found himself unemployed when Fox News failed to renew his contract while Barack Obama continues to occupy the Oval Office.

Beck appears to be such an afterthought lately that he felt he had to drum up his own drama. New York Magazine reports that on his radio show this Tuesday, Beck tearfully recounted an incident from Bryant Park last night when he and his wife and daughter turned up to see a showing of the Hitchcock classic The 39 Steps. Apparently some fellow picnickers began harassing the Becks, even at one point “accidentally” kicking a glass of wine onto his wife’s back. The famously paranoid Beck recounted the incident as follows:

“‘I swear to you, I think, if I had suggested, and I almost did, ‘Wow, does anybody have a rope? Because there’s trees here. You could just lynch me.’ And I think there would have been a couple in the crowd that would have. They have done everything they can to stalk me and my family. They’ve put my family in jeopardy in their own home.”

Who knew that Glenn Beck’s home is Bryant Park? Who knew that Beck’s family could be stalked by movie goers when it was he and his family that voluntarily appeared at the movie venue and set amongst the crowd? You learn something everyday from Glenn Beck.

Beck continued,

“I really feel sorry for you. Here you are, 25 years old, and you are so lost and so arrogant and so convinced that you are absolutely 100 percent right. And you are helping craft a system that is fueled by hate. You’re being used, and you don’t even know it. You’re building a system fueled by the very things you say you hate: special interests, the rich, the powerful, global corporations — that’s who’s pulling your string.”

Really? What is this crackpot talking about? Twenty-five year olds are “helping craft a system that is fueled by hate”? Isn’t it in fact Glenn Beck that is constantly saying he wants to kill people with shovels and isn’t it Beck that said Barack Obama “has a deep seated hared of white people”? Isn’t Beck the guy that is constantly comparing people to Hitler and the Nazis? He should look in a mirror to get a glimpse of who is really fueled by hate. Is it any wonder that Fox News no longer wants anything to do with him?

As for “the wine” incident, the alleged perpetrator actually took the time to write a letter to the editor of New York Magazine . Here it is:

To Whom It May Concern:

Just a quick FYI -saw your article on Mr. Beck and his numerous FALSE claims about the way that he was treated at Bryant Park last night. Myself and several of my friends were seated immediately behind Mr. Beck & co (have pictures) and I can tell you that while the crowd was certainly not *thrilled* that he had shown up, his family was left completely alone, and for the most part he was too. Conversely, it was his security detail (two body guards) that seemed to be unnecessarily prickly with the crowd, scolding myself and my friends for acrobatics and other harmless activities taking place well before the movie started, and contributing to a considerably less relaxed atmosphere than is typically experienced during BPMN (I’ve been going for about six years now).

It was my friend that spilled the glass of wine on Tanya -and I can assure you that it was a complete accident. A happy one, to be sure, but nonetheless a complete and utter accident. As soon as the wine spilled (and I question how Tanya became soaked from a half glass of wine) apologies were made and my friends pretty much scrambled to give Tanya & co napkins -no doubt aware that it would look terrible and that their actions could be perceived as purposeful. No words were exchanged after that, as I think that it became pretty clear to Beck & co that my friends and I were doing everything in our capacity to help clean the “mess”.

I’m sure it’s unnecessary to point out the hypocrisy in Glen’s statements that we were being hateful. I can assure him that we don’t need his sympathy. Incidentally, none of us have made a career of “spewing hate” on the radio, or any other media platform. We live our lives intolerant only of those who don’t tolerate: We have chosen New York as our city for that very reason. We do things like go to Bryant Park Movie Night, and vote to legalize gay marriage. We don’t taunt Glen, or his family. And we certainly don’t waste our wine, even on Tanya.

Thanks, and please let me know if you have further questions.

Lindsey Piscitell

Well played Ms. Piscitell. Very well played.

Please click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Beth song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uABnCLr4Pp0


(sung to the Kiss song “Beth”)

Beck we hear you calling
We can hear you droning now
We don’t care what you’re saying
You are simply background sound

Just a few more hours
And we’ll be all done with you
Boycotts have ratings falling
Oh, Beck what can you do?
Beck what can you do?

Your skull is so damn empty
A receding, balding dome
Soon you’ll be somewhere else
But you’re sure to be alone

The Fox Network powers
Will soon be all done with you
I think I hear them calling
Oh, Beck what can you do?
Beck what can you do?

(hate-speak break)

Beck, we know you’re lonely
And you’re really in a plight
‘Cuz your last show will be broadcasting tonight.