The Boston Bruins Crush The Vancouver Canucks In Boston!!!

Forget about Vancouver coming to the Cradle of Liberty and making a point. After taking a 2 games to 0 lead lead in Vancouver, the Canucks came to Boston and were crushed two games in a row.

After playing as dirty as a team could play in Game 3, the Canucks were demolished 8 to 1.  They followed that up with a demoralizing 4 to 0 loss in Game 4. The series now heads to Vancouver (the city of wussies) for game 5.

Here we go, Bruins, here we go!

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  1. Happy for you, but Vancouver is beautiful, if rainy. Now, irritated and rainy.

  2. Beautiful ,rainy and desperate. Go, Bruins !!!

  3. It is sad that you need the officials to help you win your games! You can’t win with your own hockey abilities!!! I guess Campbell needs his daddy’s help to get the Stanley’s Cup ring. Boo hooo!!!

    • Jeesh, with all the finger-biting, taunting, dirty hits, diving and embellishing, the Canucks should earn an Academy Award. Looks to be a good series. Bruins should even it up back in Boston after the Game 5, 1 to 0 loss. It seems the Canucks can only beat the Bruins by one goal while the Bruins can blow-out the Canucks.

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