Scott “Flip-Flop” Brown Doubles Down

Sen. Scott Brown (Teapublican-MA)

What is it with Massachusetts Republicans and their propensity to repeatedly switch positions on issues of political import? Inasmuch as the Bay State is situated on the stormy New England coast there are meteorological winds aplenty, but it is the winds of public opinion which effect members of the GOP.

The best example of a flip-flopping Massachusetts Republican of course, is former Governor Mitt Romney. In October 2002, while campaigning for governor of Massachusetts, Mitt Romney said he would “preserve and protect” a woman’s right to choose. He now describes himself as an abortion opponent. In a 1994 letter to the Log Cabin Republicans, who advocate gay rights, he said he was in favor of “gays and lesbians being able to serve openly and honestly” in the military. He now says it is a mistake to interfere with the “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy. While campaigning for the Senate in 1994, he said he favored strong gun laws and did not “line up with the NRA.” He then joined the National Rifle Association in 2006 while pondering a presidential run, and he praised the group for “doing good things” and “supporting the right to bear arms.” In a November 2005 interview with The Boston Globe, he described an immigration overhaul advanced by John McCain as “reasonable.” While running against McCain in 2008 he denounced it as an “amnesty plan.” Of course most notable of all his reversals, Romney pioneered a universal health care overhaul while Governor of Massachusetts which includes a personal mandate for residents to purchase health insurance, yet he now opposes the national health care law which is a virtual mirror image of his own law.

Not to be out flip-flopped by his elder however, there is the clothing-challenged Scott Brown. The junior Republican senator from Massachusetts voted in favor of a carbon cap and trade law while a state legislator but now opposes all manner of cap and trade legislation at the federal level. Also, while a Massachusetts state legislator, Scott Brown voted in favor of the very same personal mandate universal health plan which Governor Romney signed into law. When elected as a US Senator in 2010 however, Brown said, “I’ll be the 41st vote, not the 60th vote” when describing his opposition to the federal health care law which was virtually identical to the Massachusetts law which he supported.

Scott Brown is not finished just yet however. His most recent bout of “I Was For It Before I Was Against It” disease  just won’t seem to fade away. While commenting last week upon Teapublican Rep. Paul Ryan’s draconian budget plan which includes the elimination of the Medicare program for the elderly, Brown said,

“The leaders will bring forward (Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s) budget, and I will vote for it, and it will fail.”             

Two days later, after having heard a boatload of negative reaction from his constituents, Brown hedged his bet a little. His spokesman Colin Reed hastily released a clarifying statement which stated,

“Senator Scott Brown will not disclose whether he supports a GOP budget plan that includes sweeping changes to Medicare, despite saying to a business group last week that he will vote for the measure when it comes up in the US Senate….”

OK then, so Scott Brown elected at this point to refuse to state whether he agrees or disagrees with his first promise to vote in favor of the elimination of the Medicare program. He essentially elected to keep his constituents in the dark until he casts his actual vote on the bill.

Next, a few days after that non-clarification, Scott brown appeared as a guest on a local Boston radio program and this is what transpired:

appeared on a local Boston talk radio program Wednesday and here is what transpired:

Radio Host: This specific proposal, the Ryan proposal to privatize Medicare, if it came up, does it have your support or it doesn’t?

Brown: First of all, it’s very difficult to get into hypotheticals because it’s not coming up, but the way that the Medicare and Medicaid proposals and a lot of other proposals in that bill are right now, no, I can’t support it, and I’ve made that very clear.

At this point, Senate Democrats, realizing that the Ryan plan and its Medicare destruction feature is so unpopular with the American public, have elected to hold a vote on the bill so as to force Republican politicians to publicly show their hands and commit on the issue. CNN reports, “This vote will be a lose-lose for Republicans because there will be enough ‘yes’ votes to affirm that ending Medicare is the official party position, but enough ‘no’ votes to that even some Republicans think it is too extreme and are heading for the hills politically,” said a senior Democratic leadership aide.

So, what does Scott Brown say about the upcoming vote? He posted an article on yesterday in which he said,

“While I applaud Ryan for getting the conversation started, I cannot support his specific plan — and therefore will vote ‘no’ on his budget.”

Better yet still, Scott Brown has now gone full-fledged liberal Democrat by proclaiming in his article that,
“I fear that as health inflation rises, the cost of private plans will outgrow the government premium support- and the elderly will be forced to pay ever higher deductibles and co-pays. Protecting those who have been counting on the current system their entire adult lives should be the key principle of reform,”
I do not think it (i.e. Medicare reform) requires us to change Medicare as we know it.” Parenthesis added.
Wow! What will the Teabaggers now say about their former nudist BFF, Scott Brown?

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Send In The Clowns song link:


 (sung to the Judy Collins song “Send In The Clowns”)

Claims he’s not rich
Poses while bare
Drives an old truck around town
Mitt Romney hair
This is Scott Brown

And with a kiss
Scott does approve
Of tearing Medicare down
He is a boob
This is Scott Brown
Yes. It’s Scott Brown

Made many stops on his book tour
But he refuses to reveal his child molester
Though he may molest again, Scott Brown does not care
Turns a blind eye
Brown does not care

Scott Brown’s a farce
His end is near
He’s not what the Tea Party wants…
Sorry, Scott dear!
He is just a clown
So Mr. Brown
Don’t bother next year

(flip-flopping break)

Isn’t it rich?
Sometime next year
He will be unemployed late in his career
Yes, so long Scott Brown
We’re done with Scott Brown
Let’s stand up and cheer.

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  1. I still cannot believe that the House actually went on the record and VOTED for the Ryan plan! Talk about out of touch, what were they thinking? Where do they get their information on ‘what real American’s are thinking?’ They were stunned by the backlash at their town halls, trying to calm down irate constituents with ‘hey, if you’re over 55 nothing will change.’ Idiots. Whatever the reason, their true colors are out for all to see. A Democrat won last night in NY’s bright red 26th district – why? Medicare, Medicare, Medicare. Hopefully the Democrats won’t squander this monumental gift and continue hammering on this all the way to 2012. Medicare and Soc Sec are NOT on the table.

  2. What can Brown do for himself?

    It’s not necessary to applaud Ryan for getting the conversation started; it’s been going on for a while- the rich need more tax cuts. The Bush tax cuts created more deficits than jobs, so we need to get rid of Medicare to goad the Koch brothers into hiring more workers. And if we could only convince Big Oil to get more enthusiastic about the oil business!

    Brown, of course, isn’t really into Republican red state orthodoxy- he’s a true believer in ‘survival of the fittest’.

  3. BREAKING NEWS: Shameful, not very bold Republican politician slammed for selfishly worrying about his own hide:”Any Republican that doesn’t vote for this or doesn’t support this is purely being guided by political reasons.”

  4. jame doe seeker

    Why did the House vote for Ryan’s plan? What made them do it?

    Fear of Roger Ailes, the Koch brothers, and other powers-that-be, and the knowledge that they can not exist in the political arena without this propaganda, money, and power. Getting the money from special interest groups is, in the long-run, terribly expensive. Not having publicly-financed elections will eventually bankrupt America. JMO.

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