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Here We Go Bruins, Here We Go!!!

Congratulations to the Boston Bruins for their Game 3 Eastern Conference Finals victory over the Tampa Bay Lightning. The Bruins shut-out the Lightning by a score of 2 to 0 and lead the series 2 games to 1. Well played, Bruins. Well played.

Scott Brown Beats Elders Down!

The emperor wears no clothes!

Senator Scott Brown (R-MA) may have just alienated a large segment of his support base. Last Friday the clothing-challenged Republican announced that he would vote in favor of Teapublican Paul Ryan’s (R-WI) House-passed budget plan which calls for the dissolution of Medicare and replacement with a voucher system. “The leaders will bring forward (Budget Committee Chairman Paul Ryan’s) budget, and I will vote for it, and it will fail,” he said. The consensus opinion of most analysts is that such a change would hurt the elderly in at least two ways. It would not only force elders to make difficult decisions about choosing from a multitude of confusing private health insurance policies at a time in their lives when (as the result of advancing age) they are less capable of making such decisions, but it would also subject them to being personally responsible for increasing premium and medical costs.

The Boston Globe reports that after “the House passed the budget, Senate majority leader Harry Reid, Democrat of Nevada, vowed that his chamber will hold a vote on it, forcing Brown and other potentially vulnerable Republicans in the 2012 elections to take a stance on the cuts. A vote is expected before Memorial Day.” It is the Democrats’ intent to force GOP Senators to either vote in favor of curtailing benefits to senior citizens (which may cause a voter backlash from this ever-growing voting bloc) or to vote against the Ryan plan as passed in the House (which will highlight a fracturing of Republican unity on the issue). It is a win/win situation for the Party of Roosevelt.

Of course Massachusetts Democrats are also determined to win back Edward M. Kennedy’s senate seat and Brown’s rejection of senior citizens may be the spark they need to accomplish that goal. Democrats were complacent in the special election of January 2010 and consequently, Scott Brown surprisingly won with the assistance of out of state Tea Party support and money. But a re-dedicated Democratic voting base re-emerged in the November mid-term elections and Democrats were victorious in every state-wide election. Furthermore, inasmuch as Brown has voted against the Tea Party on such issues as the financial regulatory overhaul and the repeal of the military’s “don’t ask, don’t tell” policy, his support from the group is in question.

Christen Varley, president of the Greater Boston Tea Party, told the Boston Herald that Brown may not be able to count on the Tea Party support in 2012. “I’m looking at the ‘Scott Brown’ bumper sticker on the back of my car and having serious doubts (about him),” Varley said. “We’ll all have to independently make a decision in 2012 about whether we’ll support him again.”

Scott Brown is now vulnerable to defeat in 2012. His decision not to assist law enforcement by means of identifying his alleged sexual molester and thereby potentially allowing a child molester to remain at large does not sit well with Massachusetts residents regardless of party affiliation. Now his lack of support for senior citizens gives potential Democratic opponents another point of attack. One confirmed challenger, Newton mayor Setti Warren said,

“If he indeed does plan to vote for the Ryan budget, that is an affront to workers, families, and seniors across Massachusetts. There are approximately 1 million Medicare beneficiaries in our state, yet the Ryan budget would gut and privatize that program.’’

The Boston Globe also reports that David Certner, legislative policy director of the AARP, the nation’s largest group representing retired Americans, said that the elderly are protective of Medicare because it plays such a huge role in their lives and well-being.

“They certainly perceive attacks on the program as something that is very much something they’re not interested in,’’ he said.

This Medicare vote could spell the end for Scott Brown’s US Senate tenure. Let’s hope so.


This just in!!! Scott Brown has suddenly pulled a Mitt Romney-sized flip-flop regarding his support for the Republicans’ Medicare Destruction Act. He appeared on a local Boston talk radio program yesterday and here is what transpired:

Radio Host: This specific proposal, the Ryan proposal to privatize Medicare, if it came up, does it have your support or it doesn’t?

Brown: First of all, it’s very difficult to get into hypotheticals because it’s not coming up, but the way that the Medicare and Medicaid proposals and a lot of other proposals in that bill are right now, no, I can’t support it, and I’ve made that very clear.

Wow, talk about reversing yourself. Does Scott brown have any firmly held convictions or beliefs?

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Downtown song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sku-1hqA5xw


(sung to the Petula Clark song “Downtown”)

If Mass. is your home
And you are full of baloney,
You must surely be – Scott Brown
You have your worries,
With no clothes in snow flurries
You’re a nudist boy – Scott Brown

You’re popular in the woods but were voteless in the city
Your term is only two years Scott, and isn’t that a pity?
You’re sure to lose

You’ve got some Mitt Romney hair
But it grows down on your buttocks, we’ve seen when you’re bare, and so
Scott Brown – politics of hate when you’re
Scott Brown – voted right out the door
Scott Brown – private life’s waiting for you
(Scott Brown, Scott Brown)

Don’t wear a frown
As the Tea-Baggers surround you
They are friends not foes – Scott Brown
The “Party of No”
Is just the place that they go to
Where their hatred grows – Scott Brown

Just charm them with the rhythm of your naked bossanova
They’ll be bare-assed with you too before the night is over
Happy again

They’ll take off their underwear
Then they’ll forget all their troubles, forget all their cares like you,
Scott Brown – not erudite or bright
Scott Brown – every nudist’s delight
Scott Brown – you’re gonna be alright now
(Scott Brown, Scott Brown, Scott Brown)

(Scott Brown, Scott Brown)

And you might find that your behind will help ingratiate you
With Larry Craig who loves the view and has a gentle hand to
Guide you along

You two would make quite a pair
You can forget all your troubles, forget all your cares dear bro
Scott Brown – you’ll get kicked out the door
Scott Brown – Won’t take a minute more
Scott Brown – Private life’s waiting for you

Scott Brown (Scott Brown) Scott Brown (Scott Brown)
Scott Brown (Scott Brown) Scott Brown (Scott Brown)
(repeat and fade out)