Scott Brown And His Child Molester: A Hot Topic Once Again

Scott Brown has some 'splainin to do.

As mentioned in this blog earlier in the week, Teapublican Senator Scott Brown of Massachusetts injected himself into the spotlight last February when he issued a press release for his yet unreleased autobiography titled “Against All Odds: My Life of Hardship, Fast Breaks, and Second Chances”. That press release revealed for the first time that the clothing-challenged Brown had been a victim of childhood sexual abuse on at least three occasions and by two different deviants. Two of those molestations occurred at a Massachusetts summer camp and the other happened at an unidentified location. By including that bit of personal red meat in the pre-publication release, there is no denying that the revelation was intended to launch sales of his book.

Brown however, refused to identify his molester and also refused to assist law enforcement agencies in investigating the matter. When asked by local television station WBZ if he would pursue his alleged sexual abuser, Brown said, “I have more important things to do… he’s probably in his 70s today.” By means of his investigation obstruction, Scott Brown has painted himself into a corner.

The Senator had every right to keep his sexual abuse to himself as a matter of personal privacy. Indeed, he recently admitted that until the release of his book, he never mentioned the molestation to anyone including his mother and wife. That was his prerogative, but as soon as Brown publicized the abuse in his memoir, the rules changed. The criminal allegations have now been made public by Brown and there are resultant ramifications and obligations which must be addressed. Scott Brown now has a moral duty to reveal the identity of his abuser if for no other reason than to prevent this sexual predator from hurting more children. It makes no difference that the criminal is “probably in his 70′s” because there are numerous examples of convicted sexual predators in that age range. Additionally, inasmuch as sex offenders tend to repeat their crimes, it is likely that an identification made by a victim with Brown’s stature would urge any other past victims to come forward. Scott Brown’s silence is enabling an alleged child molester to remain on the loose. In short, Brown is personally profiting from his revelations of sexual molestation while doing nothing to prevent other children from suffering the same sexual abuse by the same deviant.

That reality became painfully clear just this week when an unidentified man came forward and claimed that he was molested at a Massachusetts summer camp where it has been confirmed that Brown also stayed. Indeed, this second victim said he came forward as the result of Brown’s confession. The difference between this victim and the Senator however, is that this man had the guts and moral fortitude to assist law enforcement in its attempts to capture a child molester on the loose. In fact, the victim’s lawyer said that his client would “fully cooperate” with any investigation because “he wants to make the world a safer place for children.”

We learned last night that the man identified as a molester by the unidentified victim took his own life when he learned that he was being investigated. If this person was indeed a child abusing sexual deviant, then his reign of terror has ended and he will never violate a child again. The suicide occurred so quickly on the heels of the identification that it would appear that the person either felt that his capture was imminent or he suffered from an uncontrollable level of guilt.

This is not the end of the story however. Although it is strangely coincidental that this second adult abuse victim was violated at the same camp that the Senator once attended, Brown still refuses to name the camp where he was violated and he denies that he ever knew this particular alleged molester. ABC News reports that Brown’s spokeswoman Gail Gitcho released a statement saying, “Senator Brown is aware of the reported suicide at Camp Good News, but he wants to emphasize that he does not know the deceased and has never met him.” Consequently, Senator Brown continues to enable his molester to continue to roam freely with the potential to defile again.

Brown’s continued obstruction is inexcusable. It is morally abhorrent for him to profit by means of publicizing his own childhood sexual molestation and then to claim that he wants to keep the identity of the perpetrator a private matter. His book made this a public matter, and victims may be mounting as Scott Brown selfishly protects a child molester by refusing to identify him. The second unidentified and therefore unheralded abuse victim did the brave thing and not only came forward, but assisted in bringing a child molester to justice. In the meantime, Scott Brown cowardly sits on the sidelines counting his book sale royalties while a child molester may remain on the prowl.

As I said yesterday, Scott Brown will need more than the Tea Party to win re-election in 2012. Massachusetts Republicans and Democrats may disagree on many issues, but protecting sexual offenders is not one of them.

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Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Bad, Bad Leroy Brown song link:


(sung to the Jim Croce song “Bad, Bad Leroy Brown”)

Well its nuthin’ like Chicago
We’re talkin’ ‘bout Boston Town
And if you like men bare
You’re gonna love it there
With Senator Scottie Brown

Now Scottie’s talkin’ double
He loved the Mass. health reform law
He voted for it like the flip-flopping Guvnor
Yet now he has declared war

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Now Scottie he’s a rambler
And he likes to strip his clothes
And he shows the world his private things
Most everywhere he goes
His senate seat is just a rental
Leased by the Tea Party crew
He better have some fun cuz he’s soon to be done
Massachusetts is too damn Blue

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Well Friday ‘bout a week ago
Scottie was not nice
He just shouted near and far
About all the horrors
Of health care and the price
Well he blasted dear Obama
That’s when Brown’s trouble began
Scottie Brown learned a lesson
‘Bout messin’ with the likes of a smarter man

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

You see, Scott Brown needs enlightening
He don’t give a damn ‘bout the poor
Scottie Brown’s big mouth should be muzzled
As he’s voted off of the floor

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

And he’s nude, dude Scottie Brown
The nudist man in the whole damn town
On the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long

Yeah, on the issues he’s wrong
He won’t be in office long


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  1. Many people agree that Mr. Brown can’t have it both ways. Putting this in his book and actually putting it out there to introduce the book but refusing to bring the culprit to justice is not acceptable. He is an officer of the court to boot.
    Two of my sons were molested when they were young and did not talk about it until they were adults like Mr. Brown and as soon as I knew I wanted to find the bastards and in fact did find one who was a priest and is dead now.
    He is being selfish and disingenuous.
    Thanks for your blog!

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