Jay “The Man of a Thousand Lies” Severin Is Fired By Boston Radio Station

Finally Silenced!

The obnoxious liar is dead! Long live the liar!

Radio listeners in greater Boston were rewarded today with the news that racist, lying right wing talk radio host Jay Severin has been fired. Jay Severin was a long-time conservative talk show host who’s program aired on a Boston, MA radio station, known to progressives as WKKK. Severin’s show however, was indefinitely suspended by the station on March 30th as the result of the overwhelmingly negative response to his recent misogynistic on-air rantings about workplace sexual harassment.

While defending American Apparel executive Dov Charney, who is being sued by many of his former female employees for sexual harassment, Severin referred to the female plaintiffs as “whores” and “liars”. He then went on to boast about his personal sexual conquests in the workplace. He said that when he owned his own company, he hired “mostly attractive young women” and had sex with nearly all of them. He went on to say,

“I slept with virtually every young college girl I hired to be an intern or an employee for my firm. All I was, was a young man who was the boss and I did it because I could. Those girls that got to sleep with me got to know their boss better, they got to go on trips, they got to travel in some cases to various parts of the world, to see things and meet people that they never would have seen or done…These were not whores. These were Ivy League graduates, young women or interns from Ivy League institutions who were interested in politics and government. We’d have drinks together at the end of the day and we’d spend the night together. I should feel badly about that?”

How’s that for reasoned radio conversation. As a lifelong Bostonian who has listened to many many Severin broadcasts over the years, I must admit that there was rarely a time when I did not feel as if I needed an immediate germ-killing shower immediately thereafter.

As mentioned in last Saturday’s post, this was certainly not the first time that Severin has “crossed the line” on air. He was suspended for a month by the same station in 2009 after having referred to Mexicans as “primitives” and “leading exporters of VD and swine flu”. He also has a history of blatantly lying in an attempt to bolster his own credentials. For example, he lied about having received a master’s degree from Boston University and also about receiving a Pulitzer Prize. For a more in depth look at how Severin also lies about his lying, please read this wonderful column by The Boston Globe‘s Scot Lehigh here.

This description of his possibly illegal sexual indiscretions however, was the final straw for his employer. Jay Severin was fired today. His station’s owner released this statement:

“Greater Media today ended its relationship with Jay Severin. Our company has always encouraged a free and open dialogue on a variety of issues and topics, and we will continue to be guided by that principle. But we also demand that our on-air talent maintain an appropriate level of civility, and adhere to a standard that respects our listeners and the public at large.”

Jay Severin’s firing is not the only good news for progressives however. it was also announced today that Glenn Beck is losing his television show on Fox News. That however, is a story for a later posting. Until then let’s just bask in the warm cuddly feelings caused by the termination of these two misinforming miscreants.

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Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

That’s Amore song link: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=69O4PXzAQ5Y


(sung to the Dean Martin song “That’s Amoré”)

In Old Beantown on the air-waves
When ratings fall here’s what they say

When the shit hits the fan and they give you the can
You’re so boring
When you become racist and then cease to exist
You’re so boring
Phones don’t ring ding-a-ling-a-ling, ding-a-ling-a-ling
And you’re no happy fella
Listeners cheer have another beer, have another beer
Like a gay acappella

When you are such a fool that your words incite drool
That’s abhorring
When the “Best and the Brightest” are the dumb and the whitest
You’re alone
When you’re name’s Severino but you drop the letter “O”
That’s deceiving
Scuzza me, but you see, you’ve no masters degree
That’s abhorring

(When the shit hits the fan and they give you the can
That’s abhorring) That’s abhorring
(When you become racist and then cease to exist
That’s abhorring) That’s abhorring
(Phones don’t ring ding-a-ling-a-ling, ding-a-ling-a-ling
And you’re no happy fella) Happy fel Happy fella
(Listeners cheer have another beer, have another beer
Like a gay acappella) Sorry fella

When your mouth’s spouting lies of a Pulitzer Prize
That’s abhorring (That’s abhorring)
When you no longer play on W-K-K-K
That’s real love
When you’re talking the talk but have nowhere to walk
Cuz you’re boring
Scuzza me, racist pig, but we hardly knew ye
You’re so boring, (So boring)
You’re so boring

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  1. certainly good news, and same with Beck also too.

    “Those girls that got to sleep with me got to know their boss better, they got to go on trips, they got to travel in some cases to various parts of the world, to see things and meet people that they never would have seen or done…”

    what he left out of his comment …. those girls that got to sleep with him GOT TO KEEP THEIR JOBS….


  2. Where are all you lefty “women’s rights” advocates when attacking Sarah Palin and her family mercilessly for ages? I guess it only applies when convenient…such hippocrites!!

    • What are you talking about? Sarah Palin and her family deserve every bit of discredit they receive. To respect “women’s rights” is not to allow them to lie and misinform without criticism. Nor, is it to condone a person (woman or man) who rails against a woman’s right to choose or to be entitled to equal pay in the workplace. You are comapring apples to oranges in your comment.

      • Where was the moral outcry over John Edwards? Didn’t he qualify as a “cretin”? No, just another pitiful liberal. Take your apples & oranges and make yourself a fruit salad. Don’t worry, “hope & change is coming”, just not the way you would like it.

      • As I recall, John Edwards was roundly criticized by everyone and deservedly so. He was forced to resign his race for the Presidency and is now persona non grata in the Democratic Party. You see, we progressives are equal opportunity critics.

        Despite Sarah Palin’s many failings however, crazy Teapublicans still support her. Thankfully, mainstream Republicans have fled the sinking Good Ship Palin faster than rats.

  3. Latin Lover

    There’s something gay republican-fishy about this whole story!

  4. Dear “equal opportunity critic”: The original Tea Party was the spark that ignited the whole experiment known as the USA and allows us the freedom to disagree so vehemently. Please don’t tarnish the reputation of those brave patriots. You can call us whatever you like…seems amusing that we cause you so much discomfort. Me thinks you doth protest too much. Hang onto you tricorn hat in November!

    • I happen to be a lifelong Bostonian and I know a little bit about the original Tea Party and those brave Patriots (and I don’t mean our football team). You should take note however, that the non-erudite Tea Baggers of today have absolutely nothing in common with the founders of our nation. You cannot become an incisive thinking statesman merely by dressing-up like George Washington at public events. By the way, to what are you referring when you say, “Hang on to you (sic) tricorn (sic) hat in November!”? Is there something happening this November that I am unaware of? Please, do tell.

      • New to twitter here so please have patience. Firs rockets you are an ass. If you don’t like Jay then don’t listen. Unless you are just looking for something to whine about. Second you talk about Jay calling girls whores and sluts and how bad that is then I see you calling tea party members tea baggers I don’t see much difference between the 2 of you with your comments. You might know a bit about Jay from listening but you are calling tea party members without knowing anything about them.

      • Dear bill:

        You are absolutely priceless. I hope to have many more commenting readers like you. First, I must inform you that this is not Twitter, so I have no idea what you are talking about.

        Next, you said, “If you don’t like Jay then don’t listen.” Obviously I won’t listen and neither will you or anybody else inasmuch as he has been fired and is no longer on the air.

        Finally, you criticize me for referring to members of the Tea Party as Tea Baggers. Well, you should take note that the label began with some of the movement’s own members – before they found out that “teabagger” also refers to a vulgar sexual practice, as conservative writer Jay Nordlinger concedes in his recent National Review article. http://nrd.nationalreview.com/article/?q=Mjk1YmRjNzIxNmUwMTI0ZWYxZWU4OWU2MzFiOWJmNDE=

        Once again bill, you are priceless. Please stop by and comment again.

  5. Love of country, the desire to keep our hard earned money, distrust of big government, no taxation without representation…I guess you’re right, nothing in common. Your insulting use of the term “teabagger” belies your ignorance and your insistence on trying to minimize the movement. November 2012. Stay tuned. (why so irked?…if it really is insignificant?) Because you know that the true leftists are the minority. You don’t speak for everyone, shocking but true.
    p.s. How’t that 8% unemployment prediction coming?

    • Oh, so I should hold on to my hat not this November but the one coming up in in almost 2 years? Just wondering, but when have you ever suffered from taxation without representation? I don’t have to minimize the Tea Bagging movement, all polls indicate that at least 47% of American have an “unfavorable” opinion of the Tea Party and only 32% view it favorably. The link is here: http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/2011/03/30/cnn-poll-unfavorable-view-of-tea-party-on-the-rise/

      Also, the unemployment rate is less than what it was when Bush left office. Most of the stimulus programs have not even kicked in yet and unemployment has fallen for the last 4 consecutive months. Indeed, it has dropped a full percentage point this year. Change we can believe in. We are really not that worried. The Teapublicans do not have a credible candidate for President and in the meantime the Democrats still control the Executive branch and the Senate.

  6. Here is a great example of the ignorance of Tea Partiers:

    • This is sad. I’m a little embarassed by it too. Who would of thought that radio and one tilted news station(Fox) would get this many people out protesting about the same government teat that they themselves suck off to live.

  7. Yes, we are in such good shape as a country. Shall I list all the “fulfilled promises”.
    How far into this pitiful sham of a presidency will you still blame past administration? The last day? Can’t come soon enough for me. (and check your sources for all your “data”…not an accurate read.) There are plenty of people out there who are disgusted and feel betrayed. This is boring…. some of us have real jobs to do.

    • I stand by the sources that I have linked to. Please inform me specifically as to which “data…not an accurate read” and explain why. If you can, that is.

      As for “fulfilled promises”, there were some real biggies such as health-care reform, financial regulatory reform, the creation of the Consumer Protection Agency, the stimulus package, the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and the ending of combat operations in Iraq. That’s a whopping big dose of whopping big actions.

      • ah yes, ‘boring’ as in “I’m losing this argument, have only Faux “News” talking points in my arsenal, so I’ll take my ball and go home.” Well done lynnrockets, another dining room table dealt with..

        I do agree many people are disgusted and should be – weren’t the 2010 midterms were all about jobs, jobs, jobs? Instead House Republicans have

        Passed a repeal of the Affordable Care Act that was doomed to failure
        Attempted to restrict abortion and redefine rape
        Changed the budget rules to allow for unlimited, unfinanced tax cuts
        Proposed a spending plan that could cause the loss of 600,000 jobs

      • Yes Pat, you are correct. Where is all the Teapublican sponsored job creating legislation that they promised?

  8. Speaking of jobs, do any of you losers even have one? What a bunch of pompous asses. Have some more brie & wine and tell yourselves how fabulous you are. Don’t come crying to us when gas is $10 a gallon and you have bombs exploding over Cambridge. Just spend some more taxpayer money & blame Bush for everything. Open your eyes you idiots. I, for one, am tired of apologizing to the world for being an American. Strange that people are streaming across our (unprotected )borders every day. (why would that be if we are so horrible as a people?) And I suppose you call yourself “tolerant”, now that is “priceless”.

    • You are just the type of employee that I am glad I do not have at one of my businesses. You seem to lack the ability to carry a coherent argument. If, as you suggest, I am unemployed, then how would I be able to afford that brie and wine that you accuse me of ingesting? I cannot even comprehend what point you attempt to make when you speak of “bombs exploding over Cambridge”. As for your two sentences about people crossing the border, I fail to understand what you are trying to say.

      You see, progressives love this country as much as anyone and yet we are realists. We understand that nothing touched by man is perfect and that includes our nation. We bask in pride when America performs admirably in any endeavor and yet we have the humility to understand that we must sometimes amend for our mistakes. Consequently, we do not feel the need to apologize to the world for being American. We simply apologize for our mistakes.

    • You, apoliogizing to the world, for us? Ha Ha Ha That’s rich!

  9. The Left is intolerant of free speech that doesn’t conform to their PC standards. They are hypocrites.

  10. It’s so funny. Jimmy Severino was so shy around women at Vassar. He mostly hung around with his male friends. I got the feeling that he was intimidated by those from WASPy backgrounds. Jimmy was from Poughkeepsie and always seemed insecure about it

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