Boston Shock-Jock Jay Severin May Have Finally “Screwed” Himself Out Of A Job

Would you have sex with this man?

Tick, tick, tick… (waiting for the bomb to explode), or thud… (waiting for the other shoe to drop). The anticipation is overwhelming. Will Boston radio’s most racist, hate infused, name changing (his birth name is James Severino), pedigree embellishing (he falsely boasted on air to taking a master’s degree at Boston University and to having been awarded a Pulitzer prize), and obnoxious shock jock finally be fired by his employer station?

Jay Severin is a reich-wing conservative talk show host who’s program airs on a Boston, MA radio station, known to us progressives as WKKK. Severin’s show however, was indefinitely suspended by the station on March 30th as the result of the overwhelmingly negative response to his recent misogynistic on-air rantings about workplace sexual harassment. This was certainly not the first time that Severin has “crossed the line” on air. He was suspended for a month by the same station in 2009 after having referred to Mexicans as “primitives” and “leading exporters of VD and swine flu”.  When coupled however,  with his recent decline in ratings from 3rd place to 16th place in the coveted age 25 to 54 age bracket, this suspension may have sounded the death knell for his show.

Severin’s most recent suspension came about while he was defending American Apparel executive Dov Charney, who is being sued by many of his former female employees for sexual harassment. First, he referred to the female plaintiffs as “whores” and “liars”. Severin then went on to boast about his personal sexual conquests in the workplace. He said that when he owned his own company, he hired “mostly attractive young women” and had sex with nearly all of them. He went on to say, “I slept with virtually every young college girl I hired to be an intern or an employee for my firm. All I was, was a young man who was the boss and I did it because I could.”

All New England progressives within earshot of Jay Severin are hoping that this latest transgression will end his career on Boston radio.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Nowhere Man song link:


(sung to the The Beatles song “Nowhere Man”)

Jay’s a real radio man
Member of the Ku Klux Klan
Preaching to his nowhere fans
For nobody

Has a sexist point of view
Changed his name to Severin too
Hasn’t got a friggin’ clue, does he?

Radio man please listen
We laugh so hard we’re pissin’
Radio man, open your mouth and get canned

(nooner break)

He’s blind like the G.O.P.
Just sees what a racist sees
Radio man you can’t see me at all?

Radio man we’re sorry
We don’t buy your story
We can’t wait till somebody else
Relieves your command

Has a sexist point of view
Changed his name to Severin too
Hasn’t got a friggin’ clue, does he?

Radio man just face it
You’ve little time, don’t waste it
Radio man, we cannot wait till you’re banned

Jay’s a real radio man
Member of the Ku Klux Klan
Preaching to his nowhere fans
For nobody
Preaching to his nowhere fans
For nobody
Preaching to his nowhere fans
For nobody

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  1. Thank you! This nut has got to go! I hope the fact that he is losing some of his audience is a good sign that people are waking up to the divisive hate speech that has overwhelmed the air from the right wing.

  2. BTW, wanted to add:

    The lyrics are perfect!

  3. WKKK – good one, hadn’t heard that! Wouldn’t be surprised if he turns up on Fox somehow.

  4. No, no indeed. I most definitely would NOT have sex with this man.

  5. locked up abroad

    as a Bostonian currently in a 3rd world country for the past 14 months. I saw this article about jay on a friends page.and it amazed me to learn these things about him,,i have not listened to him in the 14 months here..BUT I was subjected to have listen to his show along with my sister as she had it on in her car as we shared rides..I always found his point of view dead least he had the balls to say what pretty much everyone else knows.does,or has done.i always found him fair and insightful not a racist at all. just making analogy on the topic of the story at hand on that day..what he may have said about the mexicans…is it racist or fact? IF and i mean IF it is a fact that he was reporting about VD and swine flu exporters..does it make him a racist..and if he tells about his sexual romps with girls he hired as a young boss..where is the problem in saying that? it happens.its fact that happens in workplaces…those women had choices,,and Iam sure there are a few CEO’s out there that embellished on their resume to look good…hey its just one mans point and sharing what he experienced right or wrong..its life and he is a SHOCK JOCK..what do you want him to talk about,,milk and cookies,,i found him entertaining..didnt agree with him all the time,,BUT liked his way he made you look at things,,Lighten up is what it is he didnt invent it,,only pointing it out….too bad for jay,,,he had a intelligent audience ,me excluded..he will end up on a mexican radio playing wall of voodoo…..oh and when i was in mexico…those girls were a walking death sentance if you partaked in their services,,dirty dirty dirty,,

    • The fact is that he does not deal in facts. Mexicans did not send swine flu here. Mexicans are not the “world’s chief exporters of VD” The problem with his sexual romps is that inasmuch as he was their employer, his actions may have constituted illegal sexual harassment in the workplace. Such was not the case with Clinton because Lewinsky testified under oath that it was consensual. It is not a “fact” that the women plaintiffs in the American Apparel case are “whores”.

      He is also a liar because he has claimed falsely on air and in print that he took a master’s degree at BU and that he won a Pulitzer Prize. He also lied when saying that 80% of Justice Sotomayor’s appellate decisions were overturned by the Supreme Court and he never mentioned that in fact, 100% of Justice Alito’s decisions were overturned by the Supreme Court.

      He is racist because he called all Mexicans “primitives”. He is also racist because when he asked a caller if we should befriend Muslims living in the United States, Severin then said, “I have an alternative viewpoint. It’s slightly different than yours. You think we should befriend them; I think we should kill them.”
      Bottom line, Jay Severin is a vile, lying, racist misogynist and his employers have every reason to suspend and/or terminate him if his presence reflects poorly upon the radio station. They have chosen to do so.

  6. Twinkle, Twinkle, all you liberals, how I wonder how out of touch you are….
    Up upon your soap boxes so high…
    Like imploding time bombs in the sky….
    Twinkle, twinkle, ludicrous liberals….
    How I wonder WHAT YOU ARE?!

    Jay Severin does not lie. You are just afraid of the truth. He was taken off the radio because the conservative gone liberal radio station 96.9 station he was employed by violated their contract with him by not allowing him freedom of speech and then pulled their censorship bullcrap! Because of the ACLU and Liberal media, anyone in this country who is offended by freedom of speech and opinion somehow now has a right to sue someone or get them fired!? Isn’t that contradictory to the Constiution of the United States of America? What happened to Freedom of Speech? Whether or not words are offensive, they are a freedom this country was founded on! How can you call yourself Americans when we have a President you follow like a God who is nothing more than a wolf in sheep’s clothing? He is nothing more than an Anti-American Muslim, and what further proves it to me, is how he just DIDNT handle the Crisis’ going on in the MIddle East right now even though he knew three weeks ago there was trouble brewing in Libya! He turned a blind eye and then APOLOGIZED FOR US! Are you kidding me??? We give them billions of dollars in tax payer dollars every year and we get four of our Diplomats assassinated and the President APOLOGIZES? Proof enough that he is part of the Muslim Brotherhood he is covering up for! And what about those AMERICANS who were trying to keep the peace in our Embassy? Shame on all of you! Wake up and smell the coffee. Kudos to Jay for standing up for the United States, uncovering LIBERAL lies, Liberal media, and Liberals like all of you who hate him. YOU make me sick!

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