Palin v. Griffin – MEOW!!!

The ever-pesky Sarah Palin has managed to get herself into another cat-fight. This time she has challenged comedian Kathy Griffin to “bring it on”. You might recall that over the last few years, Griffin has poked a lot of fun at the Palin family. First she ridiculed the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska. After that, she tore into the born-again virgin daughter Bristol. Then, this winter, she promised to take down daughter willow. Now it has been announced that Griffin will play a Palin-esque Tea Party type in a guest spot on the hit television series “Glee”.

Sarah Palin was asked what she thinks of Griffin’s new role while appearing as a guest on Fox News (where else?). Her response included calling Griffin a “has-been comedienne.” She then went on to say,

“You know, Kathy Griffin can do anything to me or say anything about me, because you know, she’s kind of this – she’s a 50-year-old adult bully. I just ask for respect of my children. When she said on CNN that her New Year’s resolution is to destroy my 16-year-old daughter, that takes it a little far.Kathy… pick on me, come on up to Alaska and pick on me, but leave my kids alone.”

Them sounds like fightin’ words to Lynnrockets. It could be billed as “The Thrilla in Wasiila” featuring Kathy “The Has-Been Comedienne” Griffin versus Sarah “The Has-Been Politician” Palin. Stay tuned, because this is a bout in which the fur will be flying.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Kung Fu Fighting song link:


(sung to the Carl Douglas song “Kung Fu Fighting”)

Oh – oh – oh – oh…

Sarah Palin was kung fu fighting
Her words were crude and biting
In fact she is a little bit frightening
And she has the best of timing

One day funky Griffin-gal put Sarah Palin down
She was chopping her up and she was talking her down
Her words gave Sarah a start and then she tore Kathy apart
She was shooting from the hip; when she gave Griffin some lip

Griff and Sarah were kung fu fighting
Their words were tear-inciting
We wish they had put them in writing
Boy, they had the best of timing

She said, “knuckle dragging Griff, you better bite your tongue”
Kath said “Why don’t you get lost, you best be gone”
She said, “this crib-note on my hand says I’m worth one-hundred grand”
Kath said, “when you see my Glee clip, you will just have to bite your lip”

Rick and Sarah were kung fu fighting
Their words were crude and biting
We wish they had put them in writing
Boy, they had the worst of timing

Oh – oh – oh – oh…

Griff and Sarah were kung fu fighting
Their words were crude and biting
We wish they had put them in writing
Boy, they had the best of timing

Oh – oh – oh – oh…
Keep on fighting
Those cats are frightening

Oh – oh – oh – oh…(to fade)

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  1. Leave my kids alone? WTF? She pimps her kids out every chance she gets. She still doesn’t get “you reap what you sow.” Go KG, go!

    • Snowbilly Grifter, her kids, and anyone remotely attached to the Snowbilly Grifter, are absolutely FAIR GAME – Snowbilly Grifter makes sure of that each and every time she ventures into the FauxNoise Hole that is her mouthpiece.

      I read somewhere yesterday, that Jeanne Pirro simply had not been told to NOT let the Snowbilly Grifter ramble on – because this is the shyte we get when she gets off-script.

      Go to C4P to see the DELUDED WONDERS’ take on the Snowbilly’s VAST foreign travel and her ability to represent America better than anyone, ever and her TLC show is going to be the most popular POS shyte ever seen by the Indian People.

      Those Moronic Imbeciles are so deluded they act like Snowbilly Grifter is going on her speaking trip on behalf of America, with a government sponsored agenda.

      YIKES, KathyG, please take this Wytch Down~and her nasty little offspring with her.

  2. 50-year-old adult bully

    Why would any comedienne have to “come on up to Alaska” in order to have a few laughs at cable tv’s notorious trailer-trash Palin Bunch?

    It would be easier to have respect for the children if any of them attended school!

  3. Sarah Palin calling someone a bully. Oh, that’s rich. Thin skinned, much? They’re pickin’ on my kids that I parade out as political props. Jeez, call the WHAAAmbulance already. You’d think she’d take her own advice and work on that ‘still spine’ (really what does that mean?) instead of tweaking and tweeting at every remark. SO Presidential.

  4. 47 the new 50

    It’s rather sad that Sarah Palin took the time to look up Kathy Griffin’s precise age on Wikipedia. It’s sadder that she can’t realize she’s also almost 50 and is also acting childish (victimized and relevant).

  5. Lynnrockets,Kathy Griffin has nothing on you! The two of of you should collaborate on a Book ” Palin’s joke collection” I bet it would be a best seller.

  6. Koch Whore

    Scott Brown, banging away, molests one of the Koch brothers!
    Brown, who doesn’t care for estate taxes, needs money to keep his Senate seat.

    • If Scott could get his nose any further -up Koch’s behind, it too would be “Brown”.

      • It might help if the Kochtopus wasn’t causing cancer in the first place. Greenwashing isn’t going to help now. Cat’s out of the bag, thanks to The New Yorker.

  7. I’m from NJ and I was infuriated today after listening to a NJ radio station~~ NJ101.5 ~~(A lot like fox ‘s propaganda network)Another hate spewer on the Republican payroll,His name is Casey Bartholemew he explained that (As he put it )Obama care killed 3 people with its death panels because the healthcare industry was forced to raise its costs and deny people treatment. I’m still hardly able to breath after listening to this total waste of skin.He is the type of “Host” If you can call him one ,who shouts at callers who irritate him,talks over their heads and acts generally obnoxious.He fits the profile of your run of the mill smug and ignorant, Repugnant GOP operative.It didn’t do me much good to vent I would like to see his ignorance go viral to the rest of the Country . Any Advice

    • Let’s see what we can find out about this Bartholemew guy. I see that you’ve already mentioned him on your blog. Keep it up. Look on Youtube for any clips of his and post them often. In Boston we have a guy like this named Jay Severin (he changed it from Severino). He has been suspended for hateful racial references and has been as exposed by the Boston Globe for lying about receiving a Pulitzer prize. Nonetheless, he continues to hold on to his audience much like your Bartholemew guy. Just keep stinging him on your blog with stories and clips whenenever possible. Who knows, he may die the death of a thousand cuts.

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