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Mitt “Personal Mandate” Romney Avoids “Health Reform” Topic At CPAC

The man who is the author of the nation’s new health care reform law and the creator of the “personal mandate” which requires all persons to purchase health insurance was silent on that topic at the CPAC conference last weekend. Mitt(wit) Romney, the former Governor of Massachusetts and presently one of the front-runners for the GOP 2012 nomination for President, gave a lengthy speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference last weekend which was heavy in criticism of President Obama, but failed to address the rallying-cry of all conservatives – health care reform repeal. Nobody in attendance could help but notice the 8oo pound gorilla in the room.

Romney stressed the economy in his speech. He thumped his chest and said, “Let me make this very clear. If I decide to run for president, it won’t take me two years to wake up to the job crisis threatening America. And I won’t be asking Timothy Geithner how the economy works or Larry Summers how to start a business. I know.’’ He mentioned the word “organic” twice in reference to Michelle Obama’s diet initiatives and he compared the Obama administration to those of European nations. Still he failed to mention that topic that every other conservative speaker highlighted. Indeed, Tim (Good ‘n) Pawlenty mentioned the personal mandate twice in the first four minutes of his speech. Each time he received a standing ovation.

You see, Mitt Romney has a lot of ‘splainin’ to do with conservatives when it comes to health care reform and he is not prepared for it. He was the nation’s biggest supporter of the personal mandate when he signed it into law as the Governor of Massachusetts back in 2006. Let’s watch him applaud its virtues shortly after it became law:

Let’s watch Romney defend the personal mandate once again while running for President in 2008:

Salon.com summed things up nicely when they said:

When it comes to healthcare, his hypocrisy is particularly galling. Romney is actually the only governor in American history ever to impose an individual health insurance mandate on his citizens. And an individual mandate, of course, is at the heart of Obama’s reform package. Nor is the mandate the only common ground between RomneyCare and ObamaCare; the Massachusetts plan that Romney signed into law in 2006 is essentially the blueprint for Obama’s plan. Both rely on the same basic formula: a requirement that everyone purchase insurance and government assistance for those who can’t afford it.

Indeed, Romney often went so far as to suggest that the Massachusetts health reform law with personal mandate should be the model for a nationwide health reform law. That is however, before he flip-flopped and changed his mind as he has on almost every issue he has ever campaigned on. Now that President Obama has enacted just such a law (which is the mirror image of the Massachusetts law), Romney claims that it is “an unconscionable abuse of power”. He claims such a law is good for the states, but not for the nation. Yet, he offers no support for such a contention. In fact, inasmuch as the federal government actually pays half the costs incurred by the Massachusetts law, it appears that Romney’s new take is that Romney/Obama/Care is great at the state level so long as the federal government pays for it. His is a foolish argument in favor of the sanctity of state’s rights and conservatives are not likely to drink Romney’s Kool-Aid.

Mitt Romney will continue to be a front-runner for the GOP nomination for President in 2012 until the primary debate season. At that time the other Republican candidates, in an attempt to ride the Tea Party wave, will hammer him on the issue of health care. Romney will be forced to either defend his Massachusetts law and alienate conservatives or embrace health care repeal and reinforce the argument that he is a flip-flopper on important issues. Neither choice is very attractive.

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(sung to the TV theme of “Flipper)

They call him Flip-Mitt, Flip-Mitt, his change of mind, frightening,
That Mitt Romney;  No veracity,
And we know Flip-Mitt, just loves to steal his own thunder,
Mind gone asunder; flip-flop does he!

Everyone knows, dear ol’ Mitt Romney
Changes his mind oh, so frequently,
Changes his views to impress his peers,
Says anything to induce cheers

They call him Flip-Mitt, Flip-Mitt, in need of enlightening,
No one you see, is impressed with he,
And we know Flip-Mitt and his cronies must all wonder,
Just how he blunders effortlessly.