Sarah Palin Joins “Palin-Free February” Movement

Palin reacts when Piper informs her that McCain will not endorse her

Last month, Washington Post columnist Dana Milbank wrote that he would not report anything about Sarah Palin for the month of February. He admitted that he has “a Sarah Palin problem” as is evidenced by his “42 columns since Sen. John McCain picked her as his vice-presidential running mate” and the  “dozens more blog posts, Web chats, and TV and radio appearances” in which he has mentioned her. He believes that the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska is too trivial a figure to report on so frequently and therefore he has begun his boycott of all things Palin through February 28, 2011. Milbank has also called upon other members of the media to join his month-long pledge. Many have done so. Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off has not because, frankly speaking, Sarah Palin is too good a source of ridicule to ignore.

Surprisingly, it appears that Sarah Palin may have also taken the pledge. As of today’s post, it has now been nine (9) days since Palin has tweeted on Twitter. What-up with that? Palin has never gone this long before without vomiting out some sort of indecipherable word-salad about something in the news. It cannot be that she is unable find something to say something stupid about. After all, during this period we have had the Egyptian uprising, the Super Bowl and husband Todd’s sore back and cramped muscles, all making headlines nationwide.

Moreover, everybody knows that Sarah Palin cannot go more than a few days before tweeting a sarcastic response to some actual or perceived criticism of her by anyone. And she has received a lot of criticism in the last week or so. In an interview on the Christian Broadcasting Network over the weekend, Palin said the unrest in Egypt was Obama’s 3 a.m. phone call, a reference to a line then-presidential candidate Hillary Clinton used during the 2008 election against Obama. Palin said the “call went right to the answering machine.” Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) disagrees with Palin however, and claims that she is wrong. CNN reports that Graham said, “I really have no fault with the president, Obama, the way he’s handled this process. I disagree with Governor Palin over this particular issue.” How can the Queen of Quit possibly fail to respond to “them there fightin’ words?” Additionally, the Sharon K. Pacheco Foundation (to raise funds for military families and at-risk youth) announced Tuesday that it is canceling a May fundraising appearance by Palin  due to “an onslaught of negative feedback”. How dare they? Wouldn’t this be the perfect time for Palin to tweet about how the Foundation has caved to those on the left and censored her right to free speech?

Palin has also just lost her two biggest fans. Last week, former running-mate John McCain announced that he would not endorse her (or anyone else) for the 2012 presidency. Then yesterday, Bill Kristol, the influential Weekly Standard editor, gave up on her. Kristol has undeniably been Palin’s most prominent supporter for the last few years. Yet, while appearing as a guest on MSNBC‘s “Morning Joe” program Kristol said,

I have a high regard for Sarah Palin, but I will say I’ve been disappointed since she resigned as governor,” Kristol said on “Morning Joe.” “I thought she had a real chance to take the lead on a few policy issues, do a little more in terms of framing the policy agenda. I don’t think she’s done that. But she’s a shrewd woman and I wouldn’t underestimate her.

Sarah Palin’s tweeted response to McCain and Kristol? Nothing. Nada. Not one single misspelled or made-up word. This can only mean that Sarah Palin also, too has joined the “Palin-Free February” movement. Good for her. Let’s hope she extends it into March.


It has just come to the attention of Lynnrockets’ Blast-Off that Sarah Palin has not only pledged not to tweet about herself in February, but she has pledged not to write or sign anything of any kind whatsoever for an unspecified duration. Evidence of this was revealed yesterday by USA Today when it reported that her application to trademark the name “Sarah Palin” has been rejected by the federal government because the former Alaska governor did not sign the form. Palin’s writing ban will not prohibit her from releasing new books because those have each been “ghost-written”.  It remains to be determined however, whether Palin’s ban on writing will extend to palm-written crib notes to herself. Stay tuned.

In honor of the troops, please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with tonight’s song parody.

I’m A Believer song link:


(sung to the Monkees song “I’m A Believer”)

She tells about as much truth as fairy tails
She considers herself “mavericky”
Russia she claims to see
So say’s Sarah P.
She and Bristol were both pregnant teens

Nose grows on her face, cuz she’s a deceiver
Not a trace, of truth in her lines
Lord above, she’s a deceiver
Couldn’t believe her if I tried

She walked out the door cuz she’s a quittin’ thing
Palin up and caved when things got hot
She never stopped lyin’
Sarah sounds insane
Even though there’s sunshine, she says rain

When I see her face, I see a deceiver
Not a trace of truth in her lines
Lord above, she’s a deceiver
Couldn’t believe her if I tried

(Todd’s massage break)

Ohhh, McCain didn’t vet she
When he formed his team
Then Palin went and blew his dreams

When I see her face, I see a deceiver
Not a trace of truth in her lines
Lord above, she’s a deceiver
Couldn’t believe her if I tried

When I see her face, I see a deceiver
Not a trace of truth in her lines
She’s a deceiver
She’s a deceiver
She’s a deceiver

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  1. “Liar” should be tattooed on her forehead. Nice work on the song, lynnrockets.

  2. your musical breaks kill me…. ‘massage break’ LOL Dreaming of all this snow finally melting, sitting out on my back deck soaking up the sun with a cool beverage in hand and enjoying what is sure to be some fine summer reading:

  3. Glad she is taking a rest & others are recognizing that she has no talent, brains, class, etc. etc. etc.

    Looking forward to your WRKO BLOG!

  4. Glad alot of people in the Lower 48 are FINALLY seeing the real Palin for who she truly is. She rode on her national “politically unknown” and “celebrity status” for over two years, but the media, The People and other politicians are now forcing her to answer tough foreign policy questions–without notes on her hand. Most Alaskans are too polite to say how they really feel about her publicly. It is a “small” big state afterall.

  5. Diva

    Rick Santorum also disappointed and of the opinion that Mama Grifter is a very shrewd woman! He’s mustered the courage to suggest (politely) she’s skipping the CPAC this weekend because her priorities are focused on “engagements” that promise more “financial benefit.”

    The CPAC will be Palin-Free because, well, she was expected to appear for free.

  6. Palin-Free February (Apocalypse Now)

  7. Sarah Palin and the Edge: Nonsense in two different guises

    Sarah Palin is as clueless about the real Ronald Reagan as U2 guitarist David ‘the Edge’ Evans is about environmental sensitivity in Malibu.,0,5286317.column

  8. LaTimes Letters to Ed / Feb 8

    Only one Reagan / “Palin casts self in Reagan mold,”

    Sarah Palin’s attempt to cast herself in the Reagan mold is laughable at best. Her anti-intellectual position is nothing more than another of the ad hominem, bandwagon, emotive arguments for which she is so famous, stirring up “mob mentality” by attacking the present administration.

    The “small government” Palin advocates would be far more authoritarian than anything proffered by the Obama administration. Indeed, a Republican (or “tea party”) government would basically annihilate Social Security, Medicare and the Environmental Protection Agency, remove a woman’s right to choose and promote some extremist brand of Christianity, autocratically removing more and more of the freedoms we currently enjoy.

    Palin stands for nothing more than promotion of Sarah Palin. The fact that so many people are actually convinced by her brand of argumentation is truly frightening. She is most definitely not Ronald Reagan.”

  9. I was at my Neo-Con Hardware store and I picked up this informative flyer.

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