Sarah Palin’s Tuesday Night Bad News Boob-Tube Byte

Just when you thought that there could not possibly be another poor poll showing by Sarah Palin, up pops today’s Rasmussen poll. The poll revealed that the former ex-quitting half-term Governor of Alaska trails former full-term Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney and former full-term Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee. This is  another troubling sign for Palin as she continues to ponder a presidential campaign run.

In a potential 2012 presidential showdown, Mr. Huckabee and Mr. Obama currently poll at 43 percent, while Mr. Romney leads Mr. Obama by 2 percent. Meanwhile, Ms. Palin trails Mr. Obama 49 percent to 38 percent. The poll was conducted through all of January 2011.

This is just one more nail in the Palin presidential hopes coffin.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

Daniel Boone theme song link:


(sung to the theme of “Daniel Boone”)

Sarah P. was a guv Lord above
Lord above

Sarah P. was a guv.
She was a lame guv.
But McCain was even lamer,
so should we really blame her, golly gee

Sarah P. was a guv.
She was a dumb guv.
But the First Dude was dumber,
so she summoned “Joe the Plumber” to the scene.

From the beehive do on the top of her head
To the spike of her high heeled shoes;
Like a zombie from “Night of the Living Dead”,
She looked so damn confused.

Sarah P. was a guv.
She was a slick guv.
In an attempt to win her hicks back;
Her speeches addressed “Joe Sixpack’ all the time.

Drivin’ demons out with prayer!
A one-time Wasilla mayor, was she!

(book banning break)

Sarah P. was a guv.
She was a big guv.
But her quitting nature’s bigger;
So she pulled the quitting trigger, did she.

She said, “Thanks But No Thanks” and “Drill Baby Drill”
But beyond that had nothin’ to say;
During interviews, she just should have sat still,
Was upstaged by Tina Fey

Sarah P. was a guv.
Was a poor guv.
And she won’t lead our country;
We can all now be Palin-free, can’t we

(Thank goodness we’re free)

What a goon, what a loser
Sarah soon will be a boozer won’t she?

What a goon, what a loser
Palin soon will be a boozer won’t she?

Sarah P. was a guv!

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  1. I’ll bet she wants to burn these polls.

  2. She’d be more inclined to burn the pollsters. Mama Grifter does not like bad news.

  3. Please sign and pass this petition around. It is a petition to indict Sarah Palin for inciting violence. I think it is time to stop politicians from telling the public to kill people.

  4. She’s not running – she just loves to feel as if everyone is looking to her for an anwser. She’s got a snowballs chance in hell!

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