Winter In Boston – Open Thread

This is what it looks like on our little island just north of Boston at 8:30 this morning, before it starts to snow. As if we haven’t had enough of the fluffy white stuff already, we are about to get walloped in the next few days with two more storms. We are running out of places to put the stuff, but admittedly it is nice to look at. New England winters can be beautiful. As for the photos, the top one is our Weimaraner pal, Marley and the lower is the front of our house. I can only imagine what it will look like after these next snowstorms.

Until I can get back with a more substantive post, please enjoy this video clip of the Steve Miller Band’s “Wintertime”.


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  1. I do wish some of it would melt, it’s getting pretty treacherous trying to navigate out of driveways, around corners, merging on roads, etc. But it you’re safe and secure inside with a roaring fire and a good book or even better an entertaining blog to read đŸ˜‰ it is a beautiful winter wonderland.

  2. I just returned from taking the dog out for a walk/run through the snowstorm. It is beautiful. A bit windy, but beautiful just the same. Boy, I can’t wait to get that snow-thrower revved-up and ready to go again (he said sarcastically).

  3. I just have to say…
    It’s BEAUTIFUL THERE with the snow! Love your puppy dog at the gate.
    But seriously, I know how dangerous it must be, so much snow and hazardous conditions. Stay safe…this is over YOU right now:
    Major Winter Storm Takes Aim at Central U.S.

    • Thanks for the photo. It looks like it is over just about everyone right now! It’s time to light one of the fireplaces and read a book. “Drood” by Dan Simmons.

    • It looks like Marley the dog is saying, “I’m ready for my close up!”

      Won’t tell you what it looks like here, but that’s part of why I live here….

  4. It’s time to light one of the fireplaces and read a book.

    Not interested in Egypt? Freedom’s on the march….or maybe not!

    • So let’s get this straight, the Weather Underground is responsible for the Egyptian uprising? Ireland becomes Muslim? It is humorous to see Beck tell his audience that the explanation will take a few days of viewing his program. That is clearly an attempt to prevent even more of his audience from fleeing at least for a few days. His ratings are plummeting.

      • Never mind the Chinese-dominated caliphate! Our biggest worry has to be the British Islamicist/Marxist alliance- everybody knows how unruly those Brits get after they’ve knocked back a few pints!

    • China pushes in this direction and just says “Knock it off guys!”

  5. Huckabee: First dibs on the rapture vote

    Freedom’s on the march: Palestinian Arabs free to clear out of the Occupied Territories.

  6. Hope you have power and are enjoying a book by a fireplace.

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