Sarah Palin Says, “It’s All About Me” (Again)

It is becoming obvious that Sarah Palin actually believes that every world event somehow is affected by or affects her. She is undoubtedly the center of her own alternative universe. The universe known as “It’s All About Me”.

We first noticed this mental condition way back in 2008 during her ill-fated candidacy with John McCain. Shortly after Palin was named as McCain’s running mate she took-over the show. She stirred up the less than gentlemanly side of the audiences at her campaign appearances with rhetoric such as “Obama’s been palling around with terrorists”. When her audiences began to shout things like “Treason!”, “He’s a terrorist!” and “Kill him!”, Palin said nothing to restore order. In fact, she relished the idea that she could stir such emotion. It finally took an admonishment from both McCain and the Secret Service for Palin to lighten-up on her rhetoric, but by that time her audiences were larger than those of her running mate.

Though members of the far-right may have loved Palin for her no holds barred type of campaigning, Americans in general did not. The McCain/Palin ticket was soundly renounced on election day. Palin was not finished however. In an unprecedented display of chutzpah, she decided to give her own speech prior to John McCain’s consolation speech. In essence, Palin was proclaiming to the nation that the Vice Presidential candidate was as important if not more than the Presidential candidate. When word of her impudence made its way to McCain, he stopped Palin in her tracks.

It was not too long after that that Sarah Palin made it all about herself once again when on July 3, 2009 she abruptly quit her position as Governor of Alaska. Never mind her implied promise to Alaskans to finish the term to which she was elected, Palin now had bigger and better things to do. In her “I Am Not A Quitter” speech, she essentially said that she was “taking one for the team”. That “team” allegedly was all Alaskans, because Palin said she was quitting to save the people the time and expense of responding to the ever-increasing number of ethics complaints filed against her. Indeed, she was so blind to reality that after the earlier Branchflower report found that she “abused her power” and violated an Alaska ethics statute in getting a trooper fired, Palin announced that she was exonerated.  In quitting, she said she was in a special position to help Alaskans even more if she were to venture outside the state and into the national sphere. She never really told them how that could be done however. They just needed to trust her, for Sarah knows best. Apparently personally earning millions while starring in a reality television show filmed in Alaska was the type of help she promised.

Since quitting it became even more all about Sarah. Obviously one’s memoir would be “all about me” (even if it was ghost-written), but in her book, Palin would have readers believe that if McCain’s handlers had only set her free to do as she pleased, she personally would have won the election. Palin also announced that she was so important that she would no longer speak to members of what she coined the “lamestream” media (except Fox News of course). As 2010 rolled around, Palin took it upon herself to identify radically conservative female candidates and bestow upon them the most coveted title of “Mama Grizzly”. Then following the January 8, 2011 Tucson massacre in which Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and 19 others were gunned down by a raving lunatic, she really made it all about herself. In an attempt to rehabilitate her image after having released an ad which identified Giggords by name and placed a sniper-sight over her district, Palin released a self-produced video. Rather than emphasizing the tragedy and its victims, Palin chose to attack those that criticized her violent rhetoric. In what is now known as her “I Was The Real Victim Of The Tucson Massacre” speech, Sarah Palin made herself the true focus of the tragedy.

Now Sarah Palin has just made herself the celestial sphere around which all things orbit yet again. This weekend, while addressing members of the Safari Club (an international hunting organization) in Reno, Nevada, she connected herself to the Egyptian uprising. Seriously, while commenting on the recently discussed media boycott of all things Palin during the Month of February, she said, “sounds good, because there’s a lot of chaos in Cairo, and I can’t wait to not get blamed for it–at least for a month.” Talk about a victimization complex. But that was not all. She once again placed herself squarely in the boundaries of a presidential run in 2012 without actually saying so. She said, “that’s why I think every president should have a run at gaining experience by being a councilmember, a mayor, a governor, a VP candidate, a commercial fisherman, a hockey mom.” She then said she was “kidding”. But was she? Once again it was all about Sarah.

In honor of the troops’ please click on the song link below to have more fun singing along with today’s song parody.

It Had To Be You song link:


(sung to the Harry Connick Jr. version of the song “It Had to Be You”)

It’s all about me
Who cares about you?
Palin is a clown yet she sports a frown
Oh, what will she do?
Palin and her crew
Say things so untrue
Health reform is bad, just ask her dad
They haven’t a clue

Is Sarah just mean?
Brain small like a bean?
She’s always so cross
But nobody’s boss
What’s with that hairdo?
Won’t have health reform if there’s a bill
You can shove your damn living will
It’s all about me, who cares about you?
She hasn’t a clue

(ego- stroking break)

Obama it seems
Might fulfill our dreams
It comes with a cost
An NRA loss
What will Palin do?
She’ll do her best to stop any bill
That may save a child from the kill
That’s just what she’ll do, it’s nothing new
That’s just what she’ll do.

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  1. Love the crazy pic accompanying this post, plus the song and its break in the lyrics. Good intro, also, too!

  2. Whoa, had to scroll down and get that photo out of my view, captures the crazy for sure. Oh how clever she is yet again with her list of “experience.” Prerequisites for the presidency apparently are quitting jobs and of course it really goes without saying that a critical skill needed for someone to lead the US is the ability to bash halibut with a club.

  3. Delusions of Grandeur unchecked is not pretty.

  4. Victim of Circumstance

    The lame Mainstream Media! They tire quickly of cable tv scammers and their favorite donuts and they move on to other, more pressing topics.

    Never mind any blame- Palin should be touting herself as an inspiration for democracy. If an uneducated, dishonest, hillbilly bimbo could run for VP here, why not free elections in the cradle of civilization?

  5. Great post as always, Lynnrockets. The graphic is particularly suitable.

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