All Things Palin Are In Decline

Oh, where do we begin? Things have been going so poorly for the Palin clan of late that it is difficult to find a suitable starting point to chronicle all of their misfortune and bad publicity.

Sarah Palin appeared to be at the apex of her popularity sometime during the summer months of 2010. She was at the forefront of the Tea Party ascension as she bestowed endorsements like blessings upon a plethora of “Mama Grizzlies” in anticipation of the mid-term elections. By the end of the summer, she was all the rage as her very own reality television series was being endlessly promoted. The Queen of Quit was also teasing everyone with the possibility that she might run for President in 2012. Her guest host appearances on Fox News (where else) were increasing. Soon thereafter, daughter Bristol also, too was appearing in a reality television series known as “Dancing With The Stars”. Let’s face it folks, in the latter half of 2010 it was “all Palins, all the time.”

Suddenly however, Palin power and influence took a turn for the worse. Most of Sarah’s  more prominent and controversial “Mama Grizzlies” such as Christine “Witchy Woman” O’Donnell, Sharron “2nd Amendment Remedies” Angle, Linda “Women Are Sex Objects” McMahon, Carly “Worst CEO in History” Fiorina and Meg “Illegal Housekeeper” Whitman lost in the mid-term general elections. Her more prominent and controversial male “Papa Grizzlies” such as John “Lasers In The Sky” Raese, Tom “Bomb Mecca” Tancredo, Ken “No Abortion For Rape Victims” Buck and Dino “Repeal Wall Street Reform” Rossi also lost. Perhaps the biggest blow to Palin however, was that she could not influence the voters of her home state of Alaska to vote for Joe “Dump Social Security” Miller. He lost to a write in candidate of all things. In short, the nation’s voters “refudiated” Sarah Palin.

After the mid-term elections, Sarah Palin began to suffer a steady decline in national polls. The one-time “most popular Governor” began to witness her “approval” numbers drop more quickly than the snow in Alaska. Indeed, as of January 19, 2011 her approval rating descended to an all-time low of 19% according to a CBS/New York Times poll of registered voters.

Worse yet, prominent members of her own Republican Party began to publicly criticize her. Karl Rove stated that Palin lacked the “gravitas” to be President. Newt Gingrich said, “she keeps lowering the bar for herself.” Former First Lady Barbara Bush said she hopes Palin stays in Alaska. Her very first “Baby Grizzly”, Senator Scott Brown (D-MA) said he would not vote for her for president. Even co-worker Mort Kondracke over at uber-friendly Fox News said, “She’s a joke even within her own party. The idea that she would be the presidential nominee is unthinkable.”

In the meantime, Bristol Palin got caught up in a controversy of her own. It was alleged by many that despite the fact that she lacked the dancing skills of many other contestants on DWTS, she continued to survive only because of Palinbot robo-voting. Of course Bristol ultimately lost.

Palin popularity took its worst hit on January 8, 2011 when Democratic Rep. Gabrielle Giffords and several others were gunned down in Tucson, Arizona when a deranged lunatic exercised his “2nd Amendment remedies.” The previous March Sarah Palin used a sniper-sight symbol-laden ad which targeted Giffords’ district and  identified Giffords by name on what is now universally considered to be an ill-conceived campaign prop. It was obvious that Palin would now be linked (fairly or unfairly) to that tragedy forever. She made things worse when she attempted to rehabilitate her image via a self-produced video which is now known as her “I Was The Real Victim Of The Tucson Massacre” speech. That video resonated so poorly with Americans that Fox News‘ Sean Hannity unsuccessfully attempted to have Palin talk her way out of it on his program a few nights thereafter.

The Palin family’s bad news continues. First Sarah Palin was crushed by potential rival Mitt Romney in a New Hampshire straw poll which was heavily attended by Tea Partiers. Next, it was Michele Bachmann (R-MN) and not Palin (Q-AK) that was selected to provide the official Tea Party response to the President’s State of the Union Address. Then, last week the National Enquirer reported that husband Todd Palin was a frequent recipient of massages and possibly more from an Alaskan prostitute. Daughter Bristol was then invited and then rejected by Washington University in St. Louis to discuss sexual abstinence at an event scheduled for next month. University students were outraged that student union funds were to be paid to a non-college educated unwed pregnant teen in an effort to “teach” college students about abstinence. Sarah Palin then elected to provide her own response to the State of the Union Address, but in an attempt to cleverly mock the President’s “win the future” tagline, she resorted to refer to it by means of her potty-mouthed “WTF” (gee, I wonder what she meant by that) acronym. Once again, she has been roundly criticized for her vocabulary.

Finally, and potentially most damaging of all is the news that Alaska officials must release by May 31, 2011 an estimated 26,500 pages of personal emails exchanged between the former ex-quitting half-term Governor and her aides. The records release comes after nearly three years. The initial request was made by news entities back when Ms. Palin was running for vice president with Arizona U.S. Senator John McCain. The request includes emails between Ms. Palin and her husband, Todd, who was accused of wielding inappropriate governmental powers. MSNBC (the initial plaintiff in the lawsuit which sought the email release) plans to “post the e-mails online in a searchable archive” in effect, WikiLeaking Sarah Palin. It has been alleged and/or hinted by some Alaskan bloggers that the emails may just be the tip of the iceberg which sinks the good ship Palin as well as her dream of a political future.

The year 2011 is not shaping-up well for Team Palin. Will there be more bad news arising? I bet you Rocketeers can guess where this is leading!

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.
“Bad Moon Rising” song link:


(sung to the Creedence Clearwater Revival song “Bad Moon Rising”)

Palin sees bad news arising
She sees trouble on the way
She will stick to her lyin’
Emails are on the way

Sarah’s in a plight
And it’s bound to cause her strife
There’s some bad news on the rise

Palin’s secrets will be showin’
We know her end is coming soon
Soon all of us will be knowin’
Palin is a disgrace and ruined

Sarah’s in a plight
And it’s bound to cause her strife
There’s some bad news on the rise

(email scrubbing break)

We will be thrilled to forget her
Palin will have tears in her eyes
Looks like she’s in for nasty weather
She’ll be exposed by all her lies

Well, Sarah’s in a plight
And it’s bound to cause her strife
There’s some bad news on the rise

Sarah’s in a plight
And it’s bound to cause her strife
There’s some bad news on the rise

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  1. This post should be bronzed. Excellent round up, song lyrics and email scrubbing break. Bravo!

  2. Looks like the Queen of WTFux News is getting dethroned.

    Well at least she’s good for something:

    • “WTFux News”! I love it!

      • It would be difficult to top and I am amazed nobody has written WTFuxNews before. Terrific description.

        Love it, love it, love it that the Snowbilly Grifter is rapidly declining and being dethroned by CrazeeChelley.

        Gotta love the stoopidity that anyone would think that Barstool PayMe would be a speaker on abstinence to a university – she probably cannot even spell abstinence.

        Kinda like having Dubya’s Institute of Stoopidity on the campus of Southern Methodist University (my family’s school for 3 generations plus it is in “the hood”). When you see something on the Faux Noise channel promoting Saddam’s gun or whatever else they placed in that awful place – when they show the gray-haired protesters outside – that is my 80 yro Mom and her buddies who actually GRADUATED from SMU and are the Real SMu alumni, Real Dallasites, Real Texans who are LIBERAL.

        Cannot wait for the emails – although word is they will be “redacted” – the redaction is just further evidence of the Snowbilly Grifter’s attempts to silence anyone who thinks she is an overdone POS and should be left out of all media very soon.

        The End of The Snowbilly Grifter Klan cannot come soon enough – kind of like Dubya saying he was “done with politics”. That is good because we are done with Dubya – all they ever mention in the Dallas Morning News is which restaurant the Dubya’s ate at last night. They are hated in Big D and should move to Midland or somewhere where they would not garner media attention. Nobody wants to hear from the Dubya’s or the Snowbilly Grifter Klan anymore.

  3. Girls gone wild

    Bad enough that Bachmann would go rogue with a teabagger rebuttal on CNN; the Fox teabagger rebuttal featured Palin frantically dropping F-bombs like a slutty flight attendant on speed. No, she didn’t use any oversized colored charts.

    Hard not to feel sorry for Bristol missing out on a nice payday. Who better than her as guest speaker for “Sex Week”? The organizers could hardly invite Charlie Sheen’s girlfriends.

  4. “It was obvious that Palin would now be linked (fairly or unfairly) to that tragedy forever.”

    I think it is very fair to link Palin to the Tuscon Tragedy, since it is Palin who irresponsibly put up that horrendous cross-hairs map in the first place. She knew exactly what she was doing with that map.

    Now, if someone else had put up such a cross-hairs map and then connected Palin with said map after the Tuscon Tragedy, then that would be unfair to Palin.

    Speaking of maps, if a non-Republican or a non-white or a non-Christian person had produced such a map with Republican/Teabagger targets, (especially if Palin was also listed on the map as a target), you can bet you bottom dollar that Palin would be screaming a completely different tune. (And I also bet Faux Spews and LSM would have severly called out that person as well.)

    No, I think it is completely fair to link “Cross-hairs” Palin to the Tuscon Tragedy.

    • You are preaching to the choir my friend.

    • Agreed. The Snowbilly Grifter DESERVES complete blame for the Tucson shooting – the rest of the idiots who made campaign commercials using guns and rifles DESERVE blame as well. Snowbilly Grifter is absolutely to blame, no matter how many times that moronic imbecile Stupannity suggests that the shooter was not political and did not listen to Hate Radio or Faux Noise – when the actual evidence comes out about JLL, I think it will show he COULD NOT AVOID the Reich-Wing Hate Machine anymore than anybody with internet access or access to any street in America can avoid it. It was definitely POLITICAL, as Congresswoman Giffords was targeted as a POLITICIAN.

  5. REFUDIATE THIS SARAH what it\’s meaning? my english still so bad…………….

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