Palin Crushed By Romney In NH Straw Poll

With every passing day Sarah Palin is assaulted by more bad news. Today, CNN reports Mitt(wit) Romney claimed victory Saturday in a 2012 presidential straw poll conducted by the New Hampshire Republican Party, more than one year before the former Massachusetts governor is expected to be on a real ballot in the state’s all-important presidential primary. Not only did Romney win going away, but he crushed Palin in the process. Romney captured 35 percent of the vote, which surveyed nearly 300 members of the New Hampshire State Republican Committee who gathered in Derry for the organization’s annual meeting. Palin came in a distant fourth with only 7% of the vote.

Not only did he win overwhelmingly, but Romney managed to beat back the conventional wisdom that he has problems connecting with Tea Party activists. He won a vote that canvassed a Tea Party-heavy crowd, which elected one of their own as state GOP chairman – businessman Jack Kimball – on the same day. It would appear that all the recent polls which showed Sarah Palin losing influence with Republicans and Independents alike, were correct.

Spread the butter because Sarah Palin is toast.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

I’m A Loser song link:


(sung to the Beatles song “I’m A Loser”)

She’s a loser
She’s a loser
Palin’s just what she appears to be

Of the elections she’s won, more have lost
Tea Party honor has come at a cost
She called both Angle and Miller a friend
But her endorsement hurt them in the end

She’s a loser
And a victim of the Tea Party
She’s a loser
Now she’s hated by the G.O.P.

Sarah P. talks and she acts like a clown
She’s been rejected by nude-boy Scott Brown
The jeers are falling like rain from the sky
She can’t be saved by the wink of her eye

She’s a loser
Like the members of the Tea Party
She’s a loser
And she’s only out to make a fee

(Russia viewing break)

She loves to spread her politics of hate
When she got caught she just quit on her state
Oh yes it’s true, she is in a free fall
Palin is screwed like a fish to the wall

She’s a loser
And she lost again so recently
She’s a loser
For some proof just turn on Fox TV

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  1. Best with a thick layer of NUTella

  2. Sorry…Sarah Who?……

  3. Russia viewing break – LOL!

    She’s been awfully quiet since the tawdry news about Todd’s extracurricular activities lit up the interwebs… Still, I want her to stick around to continue to be a thorn in the sides of the republicans

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