Packers – Super Bowl Bound!!!

The team with the most NFL championships will be competing once again for the championship trophy which bears their legendary coach’s name. The twelve-time champion Green Bay Packers will return to the Super Bowl in a quest to bring the Lombardi Trophy home once again. It was a nail-biter, but the Packers managed to hold on long enough to hold off their arch-rival Chicago Bears. The winning touchdown was scored by Boston College’s very own B.J. Raji. The Packers are now the first ever NFC 6th playoff seed to advance to the Super Bowl. To add insult to injury, the NFC championship win today sent the Halas Trophy to Green Bay where it will be displayed for the next year. George Halas of course, was the longtime coach of the Bears.

The Packers will meet the Pittsburgh Steelers in the Super Bowl.  Lynnrockets is hoping and praying that the Packers win their lucky 13th championship.


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  1. Things are looking up!

  2. Halas trophy and next the Lombardi… I do wish Rogers would lose the ‘championship belt’ move – I think it’s annoying, but I’ll root for them anyway. In the meantime, I’m enjoying the NY Post sports page today.

    • The belt thing may in fact, antagonize players on the opposing team, but it has a rather modest origin story. Rodgers says, “A lot of times, on the scout team, you’ve got guys who wish they were starters, or older guys who aren’t playing, or important backups who might not want to put as much effort into the scout team as you do as a quarterback trying to make that your whole game. So, I just tried to make it fun. So, the celebrating kind of grew and the guys enjoyed it. The whole title-belt thing is never meant to be toward anybody. It started at practice, and it’s not meant to show up people.”

      In some ways I found myself actually rooting for the Jets last night. My reasoning was that I think the Packers would have an easier time defeating the Jets than the Steelers. Those Steelers are tough, talented and championship tested.

  3. found this cheesy clip on Daily KOS:

    also someone made the point that everything is much warmer if you convert to Kelvin. -1oF, hey that’s 250 Kelvin!

  4. I hope Rodgers is OK- he didn’t seem quite the same after the thwack to the head. Super Bowl game looks pretty even- teams are mirror images of each other, down to their “unis”.

    • Me too. He has already had two concussions this season and the league does not allow teams to mess around concussions any longer. You sit until you are medically cleared by a team physician and a league physician. On the plus side however, he seemed fine in all of the post-game interviews and he does have two weeks off before the big game. Still, I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

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