Teapublicans Pass Doomed Health Care Law Repeal Bill

It may be the only promise that the Teapublican House majority has kept, but they voted to repeal the recently enacted Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, or what the G.O.P. calls “Obama Care”, last night. The G.O.P. bill, dubbed the “Repealing the Job-Killing Health Care Law Act,” passed 245-189. Three turn-coat Democrats joined a unanimous Republican caucus on the vote.

CNN reports, the legislation is unlikely to make it past the Democratic-controlled Senate, where Majority Leader Harry Reid has said he won’t bring it to the floor for a vote. And even if it did, it would face a certain veto by President Barack Obama. Indeed, most Teapublicans have acknowledged the virtual impossibility of an outright repeal More importantly however, the Teapublicans have not presented an alternative bill to replace the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act. In essence, their move is akin to removing a patient’s vital organ without first obtaining a replacement organ. In other words, it is a foolish action.

The nearly $900 billion health-care law passed Congress in 2010 over unanimous Republican opposition. It is estimated to extend health coverage to 32 million Americans when fully implemented — the biggest expansion of federal health care guarantees since the creation of Medicare and Medicaid.

It bars health insurers from denying coverage for pre-existing conditions, eliminates lifetime caps on coverage and allows families to keep children on their policies until age 26.

It requires Americans to obtain health insurance, but also provides subsidies for small businesses and individuals to obtain that coverage. It requires insurers to cover preventive care, and sets up an independent appeals process for people who feel their claims were unfairly denied.

Rep. Peter DeFazio, D-Oregon said, “Let’s talk about the insurance industry pre-reform. They could cancel your policy if you got sick, even though you had been paying the premiums for years. They could refuse to sell you a policy if they don’t like the way you look or you had a minor health problem. We changed that.”

And the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) says repealing the measure would cost up to $230 billion by 2021. Teapublicans of course, dispute that figure, but they have no real figure of their own and  they have conspicuously exempted their bill from their new House promise that forbids legislation from adding to the federal debt. How’s that for implicitly admitting that their action would add substantially to the federal deficit?

Today’s Boston Globe provides an interesting “fact check” regarding the G.O.P.’s attempts to undermine the health care reform law:


‘This is a “government takeover’’ of the health care system’
Republicans repeatedly use this snappy talking point to bash Obama’s crowning legislative achievement — but it is simply not true. In many ways, the health care law resembles the reform legislation that Massachusetts enacted in 2006 under Governor Mitt Romney, a Republican and potential presidential rival of Obama in 2012. It builds on the existing private insurance system, adding requirements and incentives to ensure that most people have some form of health insurance. Under the nation’s new law, the private system has no government alternative — this was a potential provision that was dropped during the congressional tussle. The number of people who qualify for the existing federal-state Medicaid program for the poor will be expanded. States, or the federal government, will run “exchanges,’’ or marketplaces, in which private insurers will sell coverage to individuals and small businesses. But this should mean that more people, not fewer, will get private insurance. Tax credits will also be offered to people who have trouble buying private insurance. The law does bolster government regulation of the system, for example by forcing insurance companies to no longer deny coverage to people who have existing medical conditions. People who do not have insurance will be required to buy it. But the core of the health care system in the United States will remain the private insurance market.
Medicare benefits will be cut — and payments will be cut to Medicare doctors’
This was another GOP attack line during the 2010 midterm campaign, though in many ways it was payback for the Democrats’ effective use of the same charge against Republicans in 1994, when the GOP sought to restrain growth in Medicare spending. The politically radioactive word cut is a misnomer. Under the health care law, Medicare spending will continue to increase year after year, but at a slower pace than anticipated. Both parties, in theory, agree that this is a good thing. Medicare, the venerable government-run health care plan for Americans older than 65, is one of the fastest-growing parts of the federal budget. The health care law will cut projected Medicare spending by $575 billion over 10 years, primarily by lowering projected fees paid to hospitals and other providers and by reducing payments to private Medicare Advantage insurance plans. Benefits have also been added, eating into the overall projected savings, and the effect on the Medicare Advantage plans is unclear.
‘A secretive government committee [‘death panels’] will be created to make end-of-life decisions about people on Medicare’

This claim, first made by former Alaska governor Sarah Palin, has been thoroughly debunked. Yet it persists. A Kaiser Family Foundation poll in September found that 30 percent of seniors still believed it was true and that 22 percent were not sure — meaning that fewer than half those surveyed knew the claim was false. The charge stemmed from a proposed amendment to the bill that would have covered the cost of end-of-life planning discussions. Democrats quickly dropped the provision after the firestorm created by Palin’s assertion, even after it was proved incorrect.

Welcome to the new House of Representatives reality. Republicans passing bills that are ill advised and doomed to failure.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Cecilia song link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a5_QV97eYqM


(sung to the Simon and Garfunkel song “Cecilia”)

Repeal, yeah, they’ll tear it apart
Terrible consequences daily
Oh, repeal, yeah, it’s like a disease
We’re begging them leave it alone

Repeal, yeah, they all have no heart
Tea-Baggers show ignorance daily
Oh, repeal, yeah, it’s just a big tease
A big bunch of sleaze that they’ll own
Yes, they’ll own

Speaking of our health care reform they’ll repeal, yeah
But their move is doomed (they lack love)
Their repeal is a big disgrace
After it’s pronounced dead
They’ll be slapped in the face

Repeal, yeah, it’s no work of art
It screeches like a ukulele
Oh, repeal, yeah, it’s meant to appease
The big business sleaze on their thrones
Throw a bone

(Misspelled sign making break)

Cancellation would surely offend
Only the Tea-Baggers are laughing
Medication would come to an end
Their lack of forethought is quite baffling

Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh…

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  1. Great lyrics! What a colossal waste of time. I watched some of the “debate” on c-span yesterday, it was ridiculous, no scratch that – it was infuriating. Quite an eye opener for me. Any other issues they could be dealing with? Oh I don’t know, maybe Jobs? Unemployment? Education? Gun Control? No… let’s waste everyone’s time posturing about a bill that will never see the light of day. And the process of the debate? I yield 15 seconds to the gentleman from such and such. Thank you Mr. Speaker, 15 seconds worth of blah blah blah. I yield 30 seconds to the gentle lady from wherever. Mr Speaker, how much time do I have remaining? The gentleman has 10 and 3/4 minutes remaining. They get paid for this? Amazing. What a joke. If anyone in business ran meetings like that their company would be bankrupt! I’m all for rules of order and such, but what I saw was just blathering many people that wouldn’t survive 10 seconds in the private sector.

    (end of rant)

  2. Mendacity worthy of Goebbels

    “Republicans say it’s a government takeover of health care – a big lie, just like Goebbels. You say it enough, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, you repeat the lie, and eventually people believe it. Like blood libel. That’s the same kind of thing. The Germans said enough about the Jews and the people believed it and you had the Holocaust.”- Congressman Steve Cohen (D-TN). He doesn’t think calling out liars is “uncivil”!

    • They should put their money where their mouths are and give-up their taxpayer-funded health plans.

      • Don’t count on it. One elected official last fall wanted to know why his insurance hadn’t started. He hadn’t even been sworn in yet and wasn’t eligible for his government health insurance.

      • I remember that. He was newly elected Republican (and physician) Andy Harris of Maryland. “He stood up and asked the two ladies who were answering questions why it had to take so long, what he would do without 28 days of health care,” said a congressional staffer who saw the exchange. He then asked if he could purchase insurance from the government to cover the gap.

        Looks like this health care reform hater couldn’t wait to get his hands on that free govt. provided health care, could he?

  3. Lynnrockets!

    A potty-mouthed country singer is muscling-in on the action!
    (From Immoral Minority)

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