Lynnrockets salutes the Green Bay Packers for their 10 to 3 victory over the divisional rival Chicago Bears on the frozen tundra of Lambeau Field this afternoon. The win gave the Packers a playoff spot and eliminated both the New York Giants and Tampa Bay Buccaneers from playoff contention. Next week the Packers travel to Philadelphia to face the Eagles and their convicted felon and dog-killing quarterback, Michael Vick. Hope he doesn’t kill their mascot prior to the game. Can you guess who Lynnrockets is rooting for?

Here’s a hint…

Let’s hope Vick watches this during the week…


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  1. Glad they won and hope they beat the convicted felon’s team.

  2. The Eagles v. Packers is a really intriguing match-up, but holding off Vick, D Jax, and Maclin will be hard.

  3. I’m used to snark on your blog, most of it is funny. But the Vick comments today are way off base.

    • I’m sorry if my remarks offended you, but what I said about Vick was simply fact. He is a killer of defenseless dogs and he is a convicted felon. My feelings for a killer of innocent animals go well beyond contempt. I am not alone. By enacting the laws that Vick violated, society has deemed Vick’s actions to be criminal. He served his time but his criminal record and behavior remains a matter of public record.

  4. I wasn’t offended so much as surprised that you felt it necessary to include that fact in your piece. I stand with you in regard to the treatment of helpless animals. But when do those in charge of blogs and other sources linked to public awarenesswe start treating humans with the care and consideration we advocate for our pets?

    I’m not forgetting Vick’s cruelty and viciousness, few animal lovers could. I’m attempting to move beyond it–until and unless he revisits his old ways.

    Vick will forever drag his disgrace in his wake. I’m a tad disheartened that you’re dragging it in yours.

    I still like your blog. You’d be surprised at how many times I voted for you. Congratulations on your win.

    • Thank you for your support. It really means a lot to me, but as I have said before “reasonable people may differ”. As for Vick having to “drag his disgrace in his own wake”, I do not believe that is happening at all. He is now richer and more famous than at any time prior to his conviction and stands to earn even more in the future inasmuch as he will be a free agent after this season. In other words, his despicable acts have not adversely affected him at all. Furthermore, I was appalled in December when Vick said, “I would love to get another dog in the future. I think it would be a big step for me in the rehabilitation process.” I would like to see Vick have another dog as much as I would like to see a convicted child molester be responsible for the health and welfare of an innocent child or for OJ Simpson to marry again.

      I fully understand that we all have a varying ability to forgive and forget. I am an attorney after all, and I subscribe to the theory that a person has the right to continue his life after serving his debt to society. I do however differentiate between the criminal that commits his act out of greed or perceived necessity (i.e. stealing the loaf of bread to avoid starvation, or stealing that television to pay the rent) from the vicious person that takes a life for no reason other than to satisfy his own will. That is what Vick did when he electrocuted and drowned those dogs. He gained nothing from his act other than revenge against animals that did not win a dog-fight. He punished them for losing a fight that he forced them to engage in. Imagine if Eagles owner Jeff Laurie punished Vick for losing a football game by tasing him or waterboarding him. Once convicted and after serving time, would we support him in the future or condone him owning another football team?

      Once again, I do not intend to be argumentative or to annoy. I am simply stating my very strong feelings on this matter (of course my fanatical support of the Green Bay Packers and my dog must be considered also, too). I never hold ill feelings against a person solely because they disagree with me so long as they have a rational or truly emotional reason for doing so. You do indeed have a rational reason for disagreeing with me and I support your voicing it here. In my opinion, it is conversations like these that are productive to a true public discourse. I thank you for engaging me.

      Now, tell me why you like the Eagles so much!

  5. Whoa! An attorney? It would seem my end of our conversational see-saw just bottomed out, so I’ll conclude by saying that I suspect we measure success by different yardsticks. Earning vast amounts of money seldom builds character, nor does it increase the internal values I most admire. An idealistic way to look at life? Probably, but I like to think what matters most are those intangible qualities within that money simply cannot build nor buy. I’ll say it for you. . .Vick may truly come up short in that regard, too.

    Now maybe you can help me understand why I’m hopeful for Vick’s renewal and yet long to see you skewer Palin forever more. Never mind. I’m an Alaskan, and all of the above apply, so that’s reason enough.

    • Susie, don’t be impressed by the attorney thing. I’m only a lawyer because I was a failed hockey player who wasn’t qualified for medical school. I’m sure you could battle me toe to toe on most any subject.

      As for your question, I don’t have an answer. After all, why do I crucify Palin and Vick while I supported Ted Kennedy despite Chappaquiddick? “Only the Shadow knows”.

      Please continue to comment here. Your contributions are valuable.

  6. As a Bears fan it is always hard to lose to the hated packers.
    I console myself with the memory of the last play of Brett Farve’s career will be a somewhat brutal Bears sack which ended the streak. I know that this is not a nice thought but i do have a truly emotional if not a reasonable reason for feeling this way.
    I hope the Bears meet the packers again in the playoffs for the rubber match that really counts.
    Give Vick a break. He did pay a price. He did time and lost 2 years of his short career.
    Really enjoy your blog and the incredible song parodies.

    • The Packers/Bears rivalry is a great one and ranks right up there with Red Sox/Yankees, Celtics/Lakers and Bruins/Canadiens. I too hope they meet again in the playoffs. BTW, right back at ya. This was one of my favorite memories of Jim McMahon.

      As for Vick, he gets no sympathy from me. He lost two years in jail while his victims lost their lives. I bet each and every one of those dogs would rather have it be the other way around. Vick is a barbarian.

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