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Scott “Nudist” Brown (R-MA) Is Evicted

Brown yuks it up for last time in "Kennedy's seat"

Last January, Republican candidate Scott Brown famously proclaimed that he was not running to fill “Ted Kennedy’s Senate seat”, but what he referred to as “the Peoples’ seat”. His campaign coffers were stuffed with money from out of state Tea-Bagger donations. He was endorsed by Sarah Palin. He won the election. He became the poster-child for defeat of Health Care Reform and was considered a potential 2012 GOP candidate for President.

A lot has changed since last January 25th. First, the clothing-challenged freshman senator never had that opportunity to cast his oft-referenced 41st vote against Health Care Reform. The Democrats outmaneuvered Brown and denied him the chance to become a Republican hero when they passed the law via the reconciliation and modification procedure which required only 51 Senate votes. Strike one. Next, the former nude centerfold model realized that in order to be re-elected in the dark blue Commonwealth of Massachusetts in 2012, he would need to legislate from the center. Consequently, Brown began casting votes with the Democrats on bills that were vehemently opposed by the conservative right. Strike Two. Brown then quite publicly avoided Sarah Palin’s Tea Party rally on Boston Common last April and then added insult to injury by proclaiming that he would not endorse the ex-quitting former half-term Governor of Alaska if she chose to run for President. Strike three.

And now Scott Brown is out. Not out of public office (yet). But he is out of “Ted Kennedy’s seat”. Little did Brown imagine back in January when he symbolically said he would not occupy “Kennedy’s seat” that his prediction would become a literal fact. You see, yesterday Brown was punished for his disloyalty by the Republican leadership. The Boston Globe reports that in a barely publicized power-play, Senate Republican Leader Mitch McConnell decided to take over the prime Capitol Hill office of the late Senator Kennedy. McConnell is effectively evicting Scott Brown, who inherited the office after winning the election. The office, on the third floor of the Senate’s Russell Office Building, boasts an outdoor patio and a stunning view of the Capitol building. Brown, as a freshman senator with little seniority, now could be forced to move to the virtual Siberia of Capitol Hill offices.

Scott Brown, we hardly knew ye!


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Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.


(sung to the Beatles song “I’m Down”)

Scott’s tellin’ lies thinking I can’t see
That nude guy is so blind he can’t see
I’m down (I’m really down)
I’m down (Down on Scott Brown)
I’m down (I’m really down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

We’ll all sing when he’s voted away
Brown’s short fling will be over in days
I’m down (I’m really down)
I’m down (Down on Scott Brown)
I’m down (I’m really down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

Once he’s dethroned, he’ll be all by himself
Scott will moan: “They wanted someone else!”
I’m down (I’m really down)
Let’s vote him down (Vote down Scott Brown)
Scott Brown (He’s goin’ down)
Watch as I laugh at that nude Scott Brown
(Watch as I laugh) When we vote him down

(Wow! Scott’s goin’ down!)

Whoo, baaby!

Oh Scott, you’re soon going down (He’s goin’ down)
I guess your down (He’s really down)
We’re down on Scott Brown (He’s goin’ down)
Scott! Brown! (He’s goin’ down)
Let’s hang him upside down
Oh yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, yeh, he’s down (He’s really down)
Scott baby you’re down (He’s really down)
Let’s hang him upside down (Let’s watch him frown)
Ooh, that Brown (He’s such a clown)
Scott baby you’re down, yeh
Scott baby you’re down, yeh
Scottie, you’re down (You’re really down)
Scott baby you’re down (You’re goin’ down)
Oh, Scottie, Scottie, Scottie! (You’re goin’ down)
Oh, Scottie you’re down (You’re goin’ down)
You’re down, down, down, down, down, down, down, down,  yeh, whoa!!!