Boycott Of Racist Arizona Is Succeeding

The Associated Press reports that a boycott of Arizona following a controversial immigration law has cost the state more than $140 million in lost meeting and convention business. “The economic impact analysis commissioned by the Center for American Progress put hotel industry losses during the first four months after the signing at about $45 million. Visitors would have spent an additional $96 million during their stays, said Angela Kelley, the group’s vice president for immigration and advocacy.” The report conducted by the respected Scottsdale-based economic firm Elliot D. Pollack & Co. also says that lost bookings will probably continue for more than a year, multiplying the effect of the boycott called by immigrant-rights activists after Republican Governor Jan Brewer signed the state’s new racist profiling law last April. That law required police-in enforcing other laws-to question the immigration status of those suspected of being in the country illegally. Portions of the law have already been struck down by the courts.

The success of this boycott is a strong indication of the power of community action. It proves that the community as a whole can right the wrongs of an insensitive governmental action. In short, the state of Arizona is being financially punished for its insensitive law by the citizens and businesses of other states that are refusing to vacation and conduct business in Arizona until the law is modified or abolished. A similar tactic was used against Arizona 20 years ago over its refusal to honor the Rev. Martin Luther King Jr. with a holiday.

Good work people. Keep it up until this racist law is repealed.

Please remember to click on the song link below to familiarize yourselves with the tune and to have more fun singing along with today’s topical song parody.

Arizona song link:


(sung to the Mark Lindsay song “Arizona”)

I sure do long for San Francisco
This Arizona day
They just pulled over ol’ Pedro and Cisco
Racism has its way
Police don’t believe in brotherhood or neighborhood
If your skin is brown, you’re prey
And Jan Brewer we all laugh at her
As she initiates the neo-Nazi ways

Arizona – take off your racist shades
Arizona – have another look at the world
My, my
Arizona – don’t follow John McCain
Arizona – hey, put down that Kool-Aid

Mmmm try as you might, you’ll never solve your problems by deporting a child
Coat them in red paint as you place them in shackled restraints
Arizona – you’ve made the evening news
Arizona – You’ll have pure white highways

Lock them both up, Pedro and Cisco
Make them sit there and wait
As the wheels of justice turn so slow
Just stare at them with hate
And you can tell them that brotherhood and neighborhood
Is the Arizonan way
But you and they know it’s an untrue fable
To justify locking them away

Arizona – now you resemble Hades
Arizona – you’ll soon be cut off from the world
My, my
Arizona – don’t follow John McCain
Arizona – wake up and use your brain

Hey, Arizona – discard your racist views
Arizona – you’ll soon be cut off from the world
My, my
Arizona – next will it be the Jews?
Arizona – wake up and use your brain

Come on, hey, Arizona – cast off your racist ways.

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  1. We’ve got to make this GO VIRAL!!!!!!!!!!!

    Huffington Post: Stop Promoting Palin

  2. I like the Arizona law, at least we have somone in charge who wants to keep America free from the people who would take over America and turn it back it back in time. This country is an english speaking country, the mexicans would have every one talking jibber jaber , all other countries know that english is the international language except the spanish speaking people. This is America, Not old mexico. We need leadership in this country, Like the Arizona leaders. Thank God we have leaders in one state. I would also like to see all of the foreign signs taken down, like Europe, Our country is English speaking and reading, nothing else. I read/heard somewhere that the State of Georgia was changing their signs all to English, if so Congratulations, we need to take America back so we can again be a great nation.

    • Wow, “keep America free from the people who would take over America and turn it back in time.” Could that also have been the Italians, Germans and Irish who came here in the millions and took over such things as the restaurant industry and politics at every level? As for the English language, your post indicates that you would benefit from a few remedial lessons as well.

    • You sir, are an idiot. Let me guess, you don’t like anyone that doesn’t LOOK LIKE YOU. Scared of brown people? You do know the REAL Americans are the Native Americans, right? Perhaps we should change the signs back to represent THEIR language. We became a great nation because of our diversity. The roots of all others besides the natives trace back to a foreign country, places like Ireland, England, Italy, China, Japan, Canada, Greece, Latin America, Russia (oooh, communists). Have you ever BEEN to Europe or do you just get your information from Fox? There are lots of countries with bilingual signs.

    • State of Georgia? Just want Caucasians?

      You might want to go to a library if they still have such things in AZ. Get out and travel a little maybe.

      I, on the other hand, have been to AZ quite a few times and have been personally boycotting it since your Governor signed the “law.” Sorry, Sedona, Tempe, Phoenix, etc., my money won’t be spent there.

      • Mark Sanchez, Quarterback of the NFL’s New York Jets is “a Mexican” who isn’t capable of speaking a lick of jibber-jabber: he was born in California and was too careless, embarrassingly, to learn a second language. What a pendejo!

        Similarly, Tom Tancredo probably can’t understand Sicilian dialect.

      • We took one of our best ever family vacations a couple of years ago to Arizona – Phoenix, Sedona, Grand Canyon, rafted on the Colorado River. It was amazing, and at the time I thought I had found my new favorite place to retire. Not any more. I think I’ll stay put in nice blue Massachusetts, though not without its faults, but suits me just fine.

      • I too had trouble mastering Jibber Jabber in high school.

  3. Dreaming of a White Christmas

    Brewer probably scared off a lot of suspicious-looking Mexican tourists who were more interested in shopping than in low-paying jobs cleaning hotel rooms. And maybe more than a few international visitors who aren’t quite as pale and sickly-looking as John McCain.

  4. Robert, you are a moron. Go troll some other site that will make you feel better.

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